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  1. Nick Winter added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell '37 ford pickup bed
    After a horrific accident, I'm in need of the bed sides, front piece and tail gate for a Revell '37 Ford pickup.
    Happy to trade or buy or what have you for it.
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  2. Nick Winter added a post in a topic Rockford Files trailer   

    The Real trailer still exists in it's original form.
  3. Nick Winter added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for Revell Ford F150 XLT Supercab Flareside kit
    Looking for one of these kits, have lots to trade
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  4. Nick Winter added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for Revell Ford Expedition kit
    Looking for this kit, which ever version, police preferred.
    Have quite a bit to trade.
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  5. Nick Winter added a post in a topic 454 Ss truck   

    I'm sending a PM Dan.
  6. Nick Winter added a post in a topic Anyone heard from Nick Winter?   

    I've been extremely busy this past week, the post office knocked on the door while my better half was home, before she could even come down the stairs the postie had left, taking the package back to the post office, to add insult to injury the slip I need to go pickup the package has vanished, my plan is tomorrow afterwork to go over and see how much fighting it will take for me to get my package. What a week.
  7. Nick Winter added a post in a topic Some stuff for trade   

    Updated again, Thank you folks!
  8. Nick Winter added a post in a topic Some stuff for trade   

    PM sent.
  9. Nick Winter added a post in a topic Some stuff for trade   

    List updated.
  10. Nick Winter added a post in a topic 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner COMPLETE 2-19-2017   

    Just thought I would correct some info for you........Also Mopars didn't use return lines until much later, just a single 5/16th supply line.
    Your build is looking very nice so far.
  11. Nick Winter added a post in a topic '68 Roadrunner Coupe   

    I casted some copies for myself, the wheels are from the Revell '68 Charger and the centers are modified '68 Charger units also.
    That was the day I carved the pumpkins........I like my Mopars.......

  12. Nick Winter added a post in a topic '68 Roadrunner Coupe   

    Yeah, I need to fix them, I'd like to replace them with the Missing link units.
    Something tell me if you would of ordered one in spring '69 that it would of been around March and came with Open black steelies and a fiberglass lift off hood
    Yes I did use Keith Marks '68-'70 Roadrunner sheet.
    Yes, a set of Missing Link's Tail lights are on route actually.
    Thank you everyone, it's my first finished model in over a year, I've been too busy playing with my 1:1 Mopar's to seem to ever get bench time.

  13. Nick Winter added a topic in Under Glass   

    '68 Roadrunner Coupe
    Built this one exactly as I would of ordered it in 1968 (well fall of '67), although the white lettered tires were not an option until 1970. I'm sure the original rubber wouldn't have lased very long behind a 3.54 Geared Dana in a Hemi car. The color is PP1 Matador Red that I got my local jobber to mix, wheels and center caps are resin I cast, as is the proper "Hemi Head" Air cleaner, I've tried to finish the car in all correct finishes, I just noticed the blemish on the trunk lid after I took the photo's and will polish it to remove it. The Car is very much me, steel wheels with poverty caps, two door sedan body style (21 Body), bench seat with rubber floors (Vinyl floor covering), radio delete, but Rallye Pack gauges with a tac, Manual everything. HD everything. I truly love the Plymouth's of this era.
    Will dig out photos of the interior tomorrow.

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  14. Nick Winter added a post in a topic My "New" workbench-current projects   

    Steve, the color is PP1 Matador Red. I saw a Belvedere in this color a few years ago and fell in love with the color, I do believe production in this color was fairly low.
    Charlie, if it wasn't for learning skills on the 1:1 toys, the little ones may not look as good. I'm not sure I'll be down to NNL east this year as we are planning to go to NC this spring. But I'm sure we'll be down that way at some point.