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  1. Bought this in May and have been working on it since..it is out of box which was a change for me.. Nick
  2. Purchased this well worn MPC '78 Monaco promo at Moparfest in August, ended up rebuilding it and detailing it a bit using some parts from the AMT '71 Charger.......MPC actually painted the bodies of these in the OEM color (which happens to be Sherwood green on this one).......I was able to polish out the original paint.... Nick
  3. Thank you guys.......this one got me back into the hobby after a nearly 2 year slump.
  4. Like all of my 1:1's, they come to be as gluebombs LOL.......today was some reconstructive surgery on it...
  5. A few things I've got in the last month, including another truck..
  6. This is going to be long winded, for that I'll apologize now folks... For me, the Mopar Community is something that is a large part of my life and has been for 5 years now, It has brought me experiences and friends I wouldn't have otherwise. Some of the best people I've ever met have have the Blue "M" on a piece of clothing they own. At the moment, I own 3 Mopars, my beloved 1969 Plymouth Fury III Convertible which I have owned since 2013, my 1973 Plymouth Fury I sedan which i have owned since March of 2015 and my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 4x4 which I bought In February, in between I have also owned another '69 Fury III Convertible and a '69 Fury I sedan. I have bought and sold 12 Mopar engines, 3 Mopar transmissions, 7 Mopar rear diffs, 14 sets of Mopar rims, and countless other parts, the vast majority of what has been mentioned I still have......yes I hoard Mopar parts... I attend 4 Mopar only shows a year, this year I've made arrangements to go to Pa in July for Chrysler at Carlisle, next year I'd like to go to the Chrysler Nationals as well... I drove 2500 miles to NC and back, 6 states in 5 days for a set of fenders for one of my Mopars....during that trip my Fiance and I spent time with 8 different Mopar friends I have made, most of which were kind enough to show us some form of hospitality during our journey... In my years of being a part of that community I've seen so many acts of kindness to help out your fellow Mopar owner (a few examples I can think of are seeing guys broken down on the side of the highway on our way to Moparfest, and stopping to see if we could help only to find out someone else had stopped already and had gone back to get their truck and trailer to load the guys car and haul it for him, two guys that before that had never met, another time we were at Mopar Day and a fellow blew out the U joint straps on his Dart, someone had a set and they worked on it in the pits and got him back ready to go so he could drive home). The people I've met have always been very kind and willing to help one another, whether it be with parts, knowledge, support, or even just by being there. Now onto the cars themselves.......why I truly love them.. Somewhere deep down in my sub conscious the love existed long before I knew it........these cars just give off vibes for me.... When I was 5 I first saw the 73 Fury I would own a mere 15 years later, I saw it and those lines and shapes just instantly stuck with me deep in my memory........Mopars have always had some of the most beautiful character lines and body stylings of the big 3 IMHO.....when I bought the '69 convertibles in 2013 the first time I saw them I fell in love, the shapes, the character, the stance, the width, it just hit me right, the first time I slid in behind that curved low windshield and saw those cascading fenders and beveled hood lines I was sold.......over the years I've grown to love those lines more and more.... The way they run..and drive...those T bars.......that thumpy sound that they all have, even when stock.......theres just something special.....different..............they handle and ride like no other..... Everytime I drive my '73 I have a permanent smile, its just so raw and unrefined, its tough, its rugged, yet its comfortable and confident, its strong yet gentle, and its just plain bold..... Chrysler engineers created some of the coolest and best engineered features during the automobiles development..... Those drivelines........225, 273, 318, 340, 360, 361, 383, 392, 400, 413, 426, 440.......need I say more? Gear reduction starters.....a sound like no other........ Elastometric bumpers, Thermoquad carburetors, Pentastar keys, MaxWedge, Sonoramic, Sure-Grip, Track Pak, Tic-Toc-Tac, Six-Pak, Scat-pack, Rallye, Left hand thread studs, Rapid Transit System, Tuff Wheel.......... its hard to explain......you either get the feeling or you don't... Thats my 2 cents worth.... Nick I forgot, when we heard that the Walter P. Chrysler museum was closing, we drove down the day before and spent a few hours seeing it all, its an experience I'm BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH glad I got to have..
  7. The Real trailer still exists in it's original form. Nick
  8. I've been extremely busy this past week, the post office knocked on the door while my better half was home, before she could even come down the stairs the postie had left, taking the package back to the post office, to add insult to injury the slip I need to go pickup the package has vanished, my plan is tomorrow afterwork to go over and see how much fighting it will take for me to get my package. What a week. Nick
  9. Just thought I would correct some info for you........Also Mopars didn't use return lines until much later, just a single 5/16th supply line. Your build is looking very nice so far. Nick
  10. I casted some copies for myself, the wheels are from the Revell '68 Charger and the centers are modified '68 Charger units also. That was the day I carved the pumpkins........I like my Mopars.......
  11. Yeah, I need to fix them, I'd like to replace them with the Missing link units. Something tell me if you would of ordered one in spring '69 that it would of been around March and came with Open black steelies and a fiberglass lift off hood Yes I did use Keith Marks '68-'70 Roadrunner sheet. Yes, a set of Missing Link's Tail lights are on route actually. Thank you everyone, it's my first finished model in over a year, I've been too busy playing with my 1:1 Mopar's to seem to ever get bench time. Nick
  12. Built this one exactly as I would of ordered it in 1968 (well fall of '67), although the white lettered tires were not an option until 1970. I'm sure the original rubber wouldn't have lased very long behind a 3.54 Geared Dana in a Hemi car. The color is PP1 Matador Red that I got my local jobber to mix, wheels and center caps are resin I cast, as is the proper "Hemi Head" Air cleaner, I've tried to finish the car in all correct finishes, I just noticed the blemish on the trunk lid after I took the photo's and will polish it to remove it. The Car is very much me, steel wheels with poverty caps, two door sedan body style (21 Body), bench seat with rubber floors (Vinyl floor covering), radio delete, but Rallye Pack gauges with a tac, Manual everything. HD everything. I truly love the Plymouth's of this era. Will dig out photos of the interior tomorrow. Nick
  13. Steve, the color is PP1 Matador Red. I saw a Belvedere in this color a few years ago and fell in love with the color, I do believe production in this color was fairly low. Charlie, if it wasn't for learning skills on the 1:1 toys, the little ones may not look as good. I'm not sure I'll be down to NNL east this year as we are planning to go to NC this spring. But I'm sure we'll be down that way at some point. Nick
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