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  1. Tallchevy added a post in a topic Weird smell from kit parts   

    It's lead Darn Chinese knock off's
  2. Tallchevy added a post in a topic Just joined   

    This is perfect, now I feel right at home

    My background is heavy duty trucks & trailers so if anyone has questions feel free to hit me up.
  3. Tallchevy added a post in a topic Just joined   

    Thanks, I'm just like everyone else I'm sure. I have a bunch of stuff that I had collected during the time I was building & still have it, some never opened. The hardest part is to decide what to build.
  4. Tallchevy added a post in a topic The Raptor Hauler and Trailer   

    I saw this today at the show. Pic's don't do these any justice. Sweet set up!
  5. Tallchevy added a topic in General   

    Just joined
    Hi everyone. I've been lurking as a guest & decided to sign up. I haven't built anything for about 10 years & the stuff I have built isn't all that detailed. I'm here to learn more tricks of the hobbie.
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