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  1. showbuilder added a post in a topic Derby City Shootout   

    that was my first time attending the Louisville show also. very good turnout and a well run show, there were many great builds on the tables, congrats to all who entered. I was lucky enough to bring home two first, two second, a third and best gm along with best in show.
  2. showbuilder added a post in a topic Derby City Shootout   

    I updated my original post with a fotki link...............................
  3. showbuilder added a post in a topic Derby City Shootout   

    here are some pics from the show. this was our first time attending the show, lots of very nice builds on the tables.

  4. showbuilder added a post in a topic El Camino Abomination   

    i like it, looks better than my 1980 elky in the garage. modern styling, performance and fuel mileage is much better than any of the older stuff.........and i like the old stuff. like in a previous post.......this is 2012 and styling from the 50s through the 90s is gone and will not be back, get used to it.
  5. showbuilder added a post in a topic Anybody know the real deal on Tenax7R and Ambroid Pro-Weld?   

    i buy proweld from ebay in bulk and the shipping is reasonable that way.
  6. showbuilder added a post in a topic whats your model building resolution for 2013   

    i will hopefully finish the four projects i have going now and bring home my first ipms "best in show" trophy from at least one show.
  7. showbuilder added a post in a topic KFS Cat excavator   

    very nice build as yours always are.............i wouldn't even think about putting it in that sand pile though. i can't even stand a little dust on my stuff. lol
  8. showbuilder added a post in a topic 1/16th Cat 657G scraper Scratch build   

    you need help........................................lol
  9. showbuilder added a post in a topic The not so secret , secret build (police w/ working LEDs)   

    bmf will work for the leds, the corvette i built is done with bmf.
  10. showbuilder added a post in a topic 3 scratch built rigs   

    i might be interested in some of your models if you're looking to get rid of them. i will message you about that. you like dirt and i like clean......we will have both ends of the spectrum covered. lol.
  11. showbuilder added a post in a topic 3 scratch built rigs   

    i hear you.......it would be great to see all shows have a heavy commercial class along with all the others.............most of them up this way do. i guess it comes down to participation in the categories whether they have a commercial class or not. if the class on average is not filled with entries then the club has to decide whether it is in the budget to have awards that they might not hand out. i went to a show last year that had 22 entries for heavy commercial, we went this year and there was two.......both mine. i build to compete so it's great to see the commercial class well attended......helps me build each model better than the last, without the competition i find myself saying "well it's good enough" way to early in the build stage.

    i have been invited to the cookeville show, we might come down next year. it's a 9hr drive for us one way. it would be great to see your work and meet you in person.
  12. showbuilder added a post in a topic 3 scratch built rigs   

    it would have been great if they had a seperate heavy commercial category for your builds. very nice work indeed. if your work looks as good on the table as it does in the pics then you would do well up here in this ipms region. i would love to see them in person one day at a show......again, great work.

    you would be totally wrong in saying that an ipms show is all about military. i happen to compete in six different states throughout each year and the majority are ipms shows.......i have yet to walk out of one of those shows without an award. in fact i've been up for best in show at several of them.........

    i build a little of everything but my main builds are heavy commercial and automotive, so this blows your theory away that ipms is military only. just because something is scratchbuilt or loaded with aftermarket does not mean it will win.....ipms or not.

    if you are going to bad mouth the ipms then maybe you should start competing and learn what makes a winning model. i don't agree with your comment about the judges being "dumb" either............if the judging was done by armor, aircraft or ship builders then trust me.....they know what makes a winning model. those guys eat, sleep and breathe how to build great models.

    sorry for the rant but it's offensive to us ipms members when all we hear is how bad the ipms shows are......especially from people who don't even compete.
  13. showbuilder added a post in a topic Alclad for Lexan on plastic?   

    it will work, the only difference between the two is the lexan type has a flex agent in it. my local hobby shop only stocks the kind for lexan and i use it for all my alclad work.
  14. showbuilder added a post in a topic is my 1/16 math right   

    you might want to check your math roy.......in a previous post someone said that 1/16th scale is 7/8" to a foot. :rolleyes: i deleted my replies in this thread because i don't want to give false information. ;) we may want to contact monogram and let them know that the kit is 1/18th scale and not 1/16th as advertised. :lol:
  15. showbuilder added a post in a topic 1/16 peterbilt condo project   

    thanks roy, this one is on hold for awhile. i have the customer build to finish up and be delivered in november. i also want to finish my prostreet ferrari testarossa before i get back into this build. i will be sure to update when work starts up on this one again.