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  1. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    No such thing as a stupid question, Harry. That's the gas tank. The instructions called for it to be painted aluminum although some of the photos I saw on the net showed that many had the tank painted the same color as the wing.
    The instructions for the air show version don't call for the tank to be painted separately. 
  2. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    This one was so much fun I decided to do another. 

    This is the air show version we mentioned above. I just happened to see it on the shelf at a local hobby shop and couldn't resist it.
    Paint is Testors Model Master Light Ivory and all the scallops are kit decals. 
    You can see the main differences between this one and the military version, the full cowling around the engine and the wheel pants.
    The wings are different too. The military version has large ailerons on the lower wing only while this version has smaller ailerons on both wings.
  3. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Everything previously said about this kit is true. But for guys like me who built these when it was new and I was in that 12-15 year old group, I'm willing to overlook it's short comings and just take it for it is and have fun with it. I built this one just a couple of years ago.



  4. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    I'm calling it done!

    You may notice one wire missing from the tail above. I noticed after I shot these photos. It was laying on the workbench right where it fell off and it's back on now.


    Well, it will never make the grade at an IPMS show but that's okay with me. It was a nice change of pace from cars and it was fun. 
  5. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    More progress. Well, it certainly is colorful.

    Still got a ways to go. The biggest problem right now is that the top wing has a very slight upward bend and so those outboard struts don't reach. I'm letting the central struts dry and then I'll try to figure out some way to pull the wings and struts together.  I knew things were going too easy!  
  6. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    Kind of a long story but many years ago I built a multi-media model that had wire wheels that had to laced by hand. The kit included miles more wire than was needed to do the wheels. It's .010" diameter and looks like stainless steel but is much softer and cuts easily. I've been using it for detail stuff for years. 
  7. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    It actually does. I was in a local Hobbytown USA the other day and there was an "airshow" version. Full cowl over the engine and a nice color scheme. 
    Search on-line sources and you might be able to find it.
  8. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    Matt, be sure to look at Caracal decals when you get your kit. 
  9. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    The double wires in front of the cockpit aren't mentioned in the instructions but after looking at several photos of the real plane, they are definitely there.

  10. 2002p51 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Revell Stearman PT-17
    I saw this kit in Hobby Lobby last week and couldn't resist it.  

    That marvelous wooden look propeller is done with the kit decals and a little touch up with paint.

    Those wire braces are not included in the kit and I wasn't sure how hard it would be to add them but they add so much to the model that they are worth the effort. Turns out these weren't that hard to do but the ones for the wings will be much longer.  
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  11. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Monogram '30 Ford hemi coupe   

    Simply amazing, the most realistic hot rod model I've ever seen. The lead photos look to be straight from the pages of the Rodder's Journal!
  12. 2002p51 added a post in a topic New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!   

    It's perfect, the chrome wheels set it off.
  13. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Dodge Demon   

    Read my original post, Geno. The body is an original MPC Demon from the early '70s, the chassis and interior are form the more recent AMT '71 Duster 340.
  14. 2002p51 added a post in a topic Take another Car Test   

  15. 2002p51 added a post in a topic 1954 Chevy 210 Sedan   

    Nice job on a kit that's no picnic to work with.
    And I echo what someone else said about your restraint on the rust, very well done without going too far.
    I had a '54 Chevy in high school. It was a 150, even plainer than your 210. Only cost $50, those were the days.