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  1. Same story here. I didn't have the skills to build this when I was 14 so I took another shot at it about 13 years ago. This was the version with the resin hood. Click this link to see the photos: Orange Crate built in 2006
  2. This one languished, partially built, in it's box for so long I don't even remember when I started it. Finally got it done. The real car raced in the 1999 24 Hours of Le Mans, (20 Years ago) the model took almost that long to complete! As usual, comments, critique, hare brained opinions are welcome!
  3. Follow up number two. The five bottles of X-22 clear gloss that I ordered from an eBay source in Taiwan on March 9th arrived today, April 1st. Not bad I suppose and I now have plenty in stock. I'm happy.
  4. The the poor visibility through that split window on the '63 Corvette hurt sales to the point that it was changed for '64. That prompted most of the car magazines of the day printing articles showing how to cut out that center piece and replace the glass with a '64 window. Now way to know how many got that treatment. Now today, an unmolested split window is one of the most sought after and valuable Corvettes. Go figure.
  5. This is from the venerable old Revell BRE Datsun kit. I've had the kit forever and finally decided to build it. But the decals were ruined and replacements could not be found without buying another, now very expensive kit, on eBay. So I decided to go this way. A lot of 510s are being raced in SCCA and other club type events all over the country so I thought, why not? I upgraded to roll cage by adding some additional bar made from Evergreen rod. I also added a more modern seat from an AMT NASCAR car. Shaved the "Goodyear" off the tires and stenciled them as Hoosiers. There were some frustrations with this project. I had intended to replace the gray vinyl tubing with steel braided lines but that proved to be way to tricky in the tight little engine compartment. And nothing I did could get the front valence to fit right but. other than that, I'm happy with it. Tell me what y'all think. I tried to embed a short video without success so just click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fuhSQ2e3Ho video-1552693032.mp4
  6. It seems as if nobody on this side of the Pacific ocean has any!
  7. By way of follow up, I got a confirmation of the order I mentioned above. They said it has been shipped and I can expect delivery; "March 28 - May 08" !! What? Ha ha
  8. Well, at my wife's insistence, I just ordered five bottles of X-22 clear from an eBay source in Taiwan. We'll see how long it takes to get here.
  9. So, I found the black panel liner I wanted on eBay and bought it. All of the bottles of X22 clear were either in Hong Cong or Taiwan. Most had free shipping but are saying four to six weeks for delivery. Not good. Oh yea, and one was $2.50 for the paint, $3.81 for shipping!!!! Ridiculous.
  10. I am the opposite, never use spray cans.
  11. Thanks everybody. I've checked most of these out. Sprue Brothers seems to have the highest prices. But everybody else is out of stock on X22 Clear Gloss and Black Panel Liner. So I guess it's off to eBay for me.
  12. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good, REALIABLE on-line source for Tamiya paints? I've been to websites that "carry" the entire line but seem to always be out of stock on most colors. I've been to websites that are annoying and inconvenient to navigate and can't easily find what I want. Micro Mark seems to only carry the 23 ml bottles, not the 10 ml ones I want. I'm not interested in spray cans. The nearest Hobbytown to me has a big rack for them but can't seem to keep it any where near stocked. Help! #frustrated
  13. So, as a sort of a follow up, it's been over a month now since the makeover and I have to say how much nicer and easier it is to to build models here now. Even makes me want to be a better modeler You may also notice a minor change. I moved the tool rack to the center position to make everything easier to reach. And yes, the paints are sorted, flats on the left, gloss colors on the right.
  14. Well, that would be most convenient for me since I've used lacquer thinner for years cleaning enamel out of my airbrush. Interesting, thanks.
  15. I've decided to transition from Model Master solvent based paints to Tamiya acrylics. For those of you who airbrush this stuff, what do y'all use to clean your airbrush? Thanks in advance.
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