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  1. Hey there. Nice work is that suspension functional? The engine look's like one of those that could almost start up and run! I guess we won't be seeing this in ROM will we? LOL! Nice job though, sweet details......................
  2. I'll say real. Reflections on the paint, window details, look's good.
  3. And if the whole system fails they blame the other guy! LOL! Good one!
  4. Okay, read this one out-loud. Knock-knock! Who's there? cash.......... cash who? gazoon-tight!
  5. I think that's about how long Dad and I saw Mr. Bean's Holiday! LOL! That had to have been Rowan Akitson's worst movie by far.
  6. What kind of a peanut get's a cold? Ha, ha, ha, CASHEW! It's funnier when said out loud!
  7. Um, I say model. A car like that would be a lot more shinier if a real one. Maybe Harry want's us to weight till Thursday for voting?
  8. Fan's of Top Gear got a question for you. Who the "heck" is The Stig? Anybody know? Is the same person every episode, or different people? I hear there are different Stig's all over the world. Other colored Stig's? Read somewhere and seen pictures of a black Stig, at least a person in black "Stig" outfits. Were/are there other colors as well? Share your thought's of whom you think the Stig is.
  9. HA! I knew there was a reason for blocking out the license plate! I see that done a lot on the internet.
  10. It must suck being a bird. Your either scrambled and put in an omelet for breakfast, or you grow up only to be stuffed and eaten as a turkey. Happy gobble gobble day! Remember to take a nice long walk afterwards!
  11. Cinco Dnano! Number five has arrived! This is my fifth 1/43 scale Kyosho Dnano RC car. This time, a gorgeous yellow Ferrari F-40! Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy!
  12. All the ones I never finish because I put too much putty, bondo, thick paint, or plastic on it. Glue smudges over windshields really suck too!
  13. If a license plate is blocked out, I'm saying real to this one. Usually you wouldn't care about license plate on a model. Mentioning something being obvious or not, usually means it is. I say real on this one!
  14. HA! I was right, I was right, I was right, ha, ha, la dee da! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa me! I thought thing's looked too thin on the inside to be real deal.
  15. I'm still sticking with model on this one. While it look's very detailed and what not, everything look's pretty thin, like plastic parts. If it was real, I'd suspect thing's would look a little thicker like a real steering wheel. I'll stay with model! Don't look at all the details and think real. Think of it as a really detailed model.
  16. Got my Porsche 928 today. 1/43 scale of coarse. However, the roof pilars were bent and the roof out of alignment.
  17. Nice kit, wonder how bright they are and how they look when mounted. Reasonably priced. Great find! I'd go for those instead of the other suggestions!
  18. Geeee, my cat didn't help me with my decision! LOL!
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