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  1. Not on a 4 spd car. The inspection cover is black just like the one in the pic. And the trans pan on an auto is steel, different color from the aluminum case.
  2. Not on a 4 spd car. The inspection cover is black just like the one in his pic. And the trans pan on an auto is steel, different color from the aluminum case.
  3. Anyone know where I can find pics of an antique floor jack like the one in the pics? I searched google and came up empty. There's a link below to the movie I saw this jack in and what time you can find it. I know the pics I took are not very good or detailed. It goes with my 36 Ford tow truck build. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0l2WEW2mlo&t=2s Go to 1:11:28 and look at the jack he carries in and tosses under the car.
  4. Yep, your hp figures are a little off. A Stock 10.25 compression ratio 426 Hemi makes around 511 to 528 horse, not 426 as advertised. A NASCAR or drag race, race Hemi at 12.5 to 1 cr made almost 700 hp. Roughly 685 or so. So for sake with modern times it makes only 700. A pair would be 1400. Supercharge em and make 2k. lol
  5. I have one of those in my stash to build one day. If I could get the decals, I'd do a Hughes 500 to match TC's bird. That one is no longer with us. The original owner of the 500 was doing a job for the power company. I think it had a generator hung from a cable underneath, it had a failure banked sharply and he let the cable go and it went down. The pilot and one of the ground crew were both vets from Nam. The 500 crashed into a creek and was deep enough that the pinned pilot was drowning. This huge Nam vet grabbed the frame around the nose of the 500 and picked up up out of the water. They found out the pilots arm was trapped under that frame anyways. They got him and he survived, but the 500 did not. You can find a news story on you tube about it if you want.
  6. Any 69 1/2 Road Runner kit should have it since the 68 did not come with a 6 pack. Plus you can find them on e bay too.
  7. Nice build. I have some bodies that I'm going to scratch build a chassis for them. I'm going to save a couple to make a drag car out of with a custom chassis too. Did that hood go one something else? Asking cause it has that notch in it. Turn your air filter around, the shield goes in front. IT does two things, it keeps the dirt or something heavy from hitting the filter. It also helps air flow. IT's proven that air through a filter stuck in the air like that actually reduces hp cause it disrupts air flow into the carb. Sorry, the real racer jumped out this morning. I need to go turn some laps. lol
  8. Hey now. I took pride in my paint jobs on my real circle track cars ..... lol !!! They never stayed that way, it is a contact sport after all. lol
  9. dwc43


    Great. Glad to hear it. He does have some good stuff on his site. I plan to buy more from him soon. He's really good at making what you want. If you can describe it, get a pic or draw it he can come up with it. Always got back to me real fast no matter if it was by e mail or fb pm. I found him through a friend of mine when I was asking about a decal I needed. Glad I found him.
  10. dwc43


    More than welcome.
  11. dwc43


    Kenny Terry. Water Slide Decals. https://www.facebook.com/ScaleModeldecals/ Also sells on e bay. I think he has a site as well. He made my Indian from scratch and he made the hood stripe for my 70 Road Runner that I could not seem to find anywhere else. He had the stripe figured out to scale from looking at a factory stripe service manual before I could get the hood measurements for him. He even sent me one long enough to do two hoods. Good stuff and reasonably priced too. Hope that helps.
  12. Yours looks great. I'm working on one too. Kind of a street strip car with no spoilers. Sorry for the bad pic. Best I could do with that phone.
  13. Make a great demo derby car. Big heavy gas guzzling tank.
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