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  1. dwc43 added a post in a topic Newbie Question - 1/25 MPC Brooks Dodge Daytona   

    All of those MPC kits have a generic wheel base adjustable chassis that looks nothing like what they ran in those cars back then. They used that same chassis in Dodges, Fords, and Chebby race cars.  Best to find a stock Daytona and use some of the MPC race parts and body on the stock chassis.
    You have to remember when they ran those cars in the 70's they were still stock frame cars with reinforcements and roll cages and beefed up stock engines.
    That link will have some interior cage shots for Daytona's.
    There's some decent chassis pics at this link.
    Hope that helps.
  2. dwc43 added a post in a topic Dodge Lil Red Wagon   

    Builders Jim Schaeffer and John Collier performed extensive modifications to the A100 in order to fit a 426 Hemi engine and TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Since the A100 was a cabover design, Schaeffer and Collier opted to install the drivetrain in a roughly amidships configuration behind the rear of the cab, in the pickup bed, within a welded steel subframe.
    Parts deemed unnecessary were removed from the body, among them the heater, dashboard, front bumper and all body sealer. The passenger doors were replaced with fiberglass units. The Little Red Wagon's first dragstrip run netted a mid-11 second quarter mile at 120 mph (193 km/h).[1]
    The vehicle was not originally intended to perform wheelstands; the slight rearward bias caused the nose to lift in the air for nearly the entire quarter-mile run.
    Golden soon purchased the truck from Dodge for use as an exhibition racer. The Little Red Wagon debuted in the 1965 season opener at Lions Drag Strip in Wilmington, California in front of 10,000 fans and reporters from major newspapers and automotive publications.
    The vehicle suffered three wrecks in 1969, 1971 and again in 1975. After the 1975 wreck, Golden converted a non-operable show truck and campaigned it for the next thirty years.
    Golden entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977 with a 4230' (1289m) wheelstand, approximately the length of three quarter-mile dragstrips.
    In 2009, the Little Red Wagon was sold at RM Auctions Icons of Speed and Style Auction. The vehicle was expected to fetch US$300,000; it was instead the auction's top seller at $550,000.[2]
    It is also the subject of a 1/25 scale model kit from IMC and was later reissued by Lindberg Models.
    Besides the wreck, there were several versions with different engines, and induction systems, and paint schemes. The original truck just had two 4 bbls carbs,then it was hillborn injected, and supercharged at some point. I dont think it ever had a tunnel ram on it, but dont rule that out. It ran different wheels over the years and it did have gold wheel wells at one time. When Dodge first built it and Bill Maverick drove it, the driver was on the left as normal. At some point it was rebuilt with the drivers seat in the center of the cab.
    Just like that movie Hot Rod. So many versions of that Willy's coupe to build. You just have to pick a version you like and build it.
  3. dwc43 added a post in a topic Dodge Arrow Pro Stock Billy the Kid,Glidden,California Flash   

    WoW. I'd like to get one of those. Where did you get it?
    Wished someone made the 80's Dodge Challenger too. I have a real 80's Challenger and I plan to build an S and M tribute car out of it. Would be cool to have a model of it too as well as the Arrow.
  4. dwc43 added a post in a topic Info needed.   

    Southern Motorsport Hobbies
  5. dwc43 added a post in a topic Revell 66 Suburban..long shot   

    Southern Motorsport Hobbies Revell 4409 '66 Chevy Suburban $24.75
    E Bay 21.99
  6. dwc43 added a post in a topic Rotation   

    To strip the body, use Super Clean. Find it in the auto section at Wal Mart in a purple bottle. It wont hurt the plastic at all. I've let them soak over night on hard stuff.
  7. dwc43 added a post in a topic Rotation   

    Oooh, I want those tweezers. lol I'll have to check out my local store. I use all sorts of plastic bags like that to retain parts and sometimes whole projects.
  8. dwc43 added a post in a topic How to polish pot metal wheels?   

    Dremel, various Dremel bits, and your favorite polish.
  9. dwc43 added a post in a topic amt 1970 dodge superbee   

    Good looking car. On a side note, real Mopar guys don't use traction or slapper bars on there race or street cars. IT wont allow the springs to work like they are engineered to do. But, it is a model after all, lol. Depends on how accurate you want to make it.
  10. dwc43 added a post in a topic MPC Thundercharger   

    Welcome. Not sure about your search. I just thought I'd try it after reading you post and got lucky on that one. Hope you get lucky and get it for your build.
  11. dwc43 added a post in a topic MPC Thundercharger   

    Hope that helps.
  12. dwc43 added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    Where can I get one of those?I've never seen one in a kit.
  13. dwc43 added a post in a topic '55 Corvette Test Mule Update   

    Yeah, it's costly. I couldn't find a complete kit when I was searching so I got a couple built kits to break down and rebuild. I'm working on that Jag scene and I have two bulldozers so I may try to create the end scene too. And those dozers and cheap either. At least they were complete new kits.
  14. dwc43 added a post in a topic '55 Corvette Test Mule Update   

    There was an old race car street car version of a Jag XKE that had a similar fin on it. I ran across one on e bay when I was doing the Jag from Vanishing Point.
  15. dwc43 added a post in a topic Front wheel drive   

    The Cavalier, Dodge Daytona's, Dodge Charger's, Shelby Charger's are fwd too. Find on e bay all the time.