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  1. dwc43 added a post in a topic How to polish pot metal wheels?   

    Dremel, various Dremel bits, and your favorite polish.
  2. dwc43 added a post in a topic amt 1970 dodge superbee   

    Good looking car. On a side note, real Mopar guys don't use traction or slapper bars on there race or street cars. IT wont allow the springs to work like they are engineered to do. But, it is a model after all, lol. Depends on how accurate you want to make it.
  3. dwc43 added a post in a topic MPC Thundercharger   

    Welcome. Not sure about your search. I just thought I'd try it after reading you post and got lucky on that one. Hope you get lucky and get it for your build.
  4. dwc43 added a post in a topic MPC Thundercharger   

    Hope that helps.
  5. dwc43 added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    Where can I get one of those?I've never seen one in a kit.
  6. dwc43 added a post in a topic '55 Corvette Test Mule Update   

    Yeah, it's costly. I couldn't find a complete kit when I was searching so I got a couple built kits to break down and rebuild. I'm working on that Jag scene and I have two bulldozers so I may try to create the end scene too. And those dozers and cheap either. At least they were complete new kits.
  7. dwc43 added a post in a topic '55 Corvette Test Mule Update   

    There was an old race car street car version of a Jag XKE that had a similar fin on it. I ran across one on e bay when I was doing the Jag from Vanishing Point.
  8. dwc43 added a post in a topic Front wheel drive   

    The Cavalier, Dodge Daytona's, Dodge Charger's, Shelby Charger's are fwd too. Find on e bay all the time.
  9. dwc43 added a post in a topic Wanted. 94-01 dodge RAM extended cab.   

    There is a 94 long bed and a 96 dually snap kit, made by AMT. Only ones I know of. Hope that helps.
  10. dwc43 added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Innards are done!   

    I thought it looked pretty good to me. I own one of these Road Runners low mileage original show winning car. Only thing you got wrong in the writing portion is that these cars also came with the 360. And these cars were faster than the same year vette. Only thing that could outrun these trucks was the Little Red Express trucks cause they did not have the emissions to deal with. Not cat converters air pumps or anything like that. It's not your fault either, but the kit got the drivers side exh. manifold all wrong too. It's up swept like the old 70's 340 piece that went on the Duster. 

  11. dwc43 added a post in a topic AMT Sunbeam Tiger motor   

    Blueprinter. That's what it was called. I found Sunbeam Tiger Blue Printer on e bay. I knew if I searched for it I'd find the correct name. lol
  12. dwc43 added a post in a topic AMT Sunbeam Tiger motor   

    I've got one half built stored somewhere in a box. It had both engines. And fender flares and race parts and stock steel wheels and racing wheels in it. It came in a plain white box with black ink. I think it was an amt/ertl box. It was some kind of signature series or something special like that. I cant remember what was on the box now. I got it off e bay a few years ago. I was going to build a race car out of it, but the engine sit in it funny. Never could get it to lay in there flat like it should. I figure if I get back to it, it's going to get the 4 put in it and I'm going to do the Get Smart car out of it. It's not signature series either, someone on here will see it and know what I'm talking about.
  13. dwc43 added a post in a topic AMT Sunbeam Tiger motor   

    It also comes with a stock 4cyl. too. Which one do you need?
  14. dwc43 added a post in a topic Pittsburgh PA police decals   

    Check here.     http://www.policecarmodels.com/
  15. dwc43 added a post in a topic 1980's Pro Stock Cars...Magneto or Distributor?   

    Distributors with msd boxes.