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  1. Not sure about that. It was in the trunk and as far as I know, it did not have a shut off valve. Small sheet metal tank, some mentioned 9 or 10 gallons, my guess that's what this tank would hold. It could have been moved to the trunk though. It also had a little cut out in the wood floor for your finger to go in. You lifted that boar up and the battery as under there. Not sure if that was stock either, but it looked right. The starter would never turn it over fast enough to start the car anyways. We even sent it out and had it rebuilt and it was no better after the rebuild.
  2. That looks more like the one I worked on. Clarence's car did not have the lamps on the cowl or the rear spare tire on it. Options I'm sure. Very simple, neat little cars. Thanks for the info and jogging the ole memory.
  3. Eric, the bearing covers where stainless not chrome as I stated. Going to try to post a pic of a 26 I pulled off the net. The year may be wrong. I don't remember it having a rear glass behind the door like the one I found on google. And I don't remember the trunk being as rounded off as the one in the pic. And I know for a fact the truck lid was flat, no curves and pretty much square made of wood with metal over it and painted gray under it and in the trunk area. The one in my pic is close, but that aint the one I worked on, the trunk is all wrong. Maybe you might know what year it was.
  4. Well the one my boss had was a two door, so that might be part of the issues with the fuel tank being in the trunk. The fenders hood and cowl look like the one on the bosses along with the running board design. His had wood spoke wheels with the metal rims and lugs to remove them from the wood spokes. Wheels like the one in the back, but it had long chrome bearing caps. Your lights are smaller and the rad cap looks the same. The windshield looks a little more laid back than I remember his being, but that may be because it was a two dr. It did have the split glass and it had a crank on the inside for manual window wipers too. Yours looks like it sits a little higher off the ground than his did too. I did not spell mohair wrong, and it might not have been mohair, but that's what I thought it was. IT did not have any stripes or piping or anything on it like that. I don't recall it having any rear lights on it either. I'm only going on what I was told about it and what I saw when I got to work on it. IT was a nice machine for that age and that fact that it would fire right up and run was amazing in itself. I think I left in 92 and never got a pic of it or the Mustang vert that sat beside it either. That was sad, I should have got pics of them.
  5. My boss many years ago, had a real original 1926 Model T Ford. I walked by it many times a day for about 5 years. I went to school with his son. When he got married, they wanted to use it in the wedding. So, I got to do the refresh on it. Got new tires from Coker and had them installed on the wood wheels. Found new plugs. They are Champions and they have a screw on top. The fabric covered plug wire has a lug on the end with a hole in it and it slips over a stud on the top of the plug and a large knurled nut screws on top of the plug to hold the wire in place. Uses an updraft carb with no fuel pump. Tank held 5 gallons and was a sheet metal tank just laying in the trunk. Trunk had a wood floor with a lift up piece of wood in the floor that covered the 6 volt battery. 26 was the first year for electric start and head lights. WE rebuilt the starter, but it would never turn the engine over fast enough to start it. But, it never took me more than 3 cranks to get it to start. IT had what I called mole hair interior. String frayed looking stuff. Neat car. Wide open, 30 mph. lol That little 4 cyl probably did not make 50 hp, but it sat there and hummed like a Singer sewing machine. It was black of course.
  6. I know it went back as far as the 60's. The entire bumper had to be yellow, not just striped. But, back then you had real chrome stock bumpers up till the 90's.
  7. IT was no big deal, really. Blew a right rear tire and the wing hit the ground. Both pilots, the dog, and the wife, kid, and jr. WALKED away from the plane, did not even run away from it. Then later it caught fire and burned down. No one hurt from what I could see from the video.
  8. http://www.policecarmodels.com/1ledstlowprl.html http://www.policecarmodels.com/1lowprledstl.html One of those should do it. 5 and 8 bucks.
  9. E BAY !!! Tons of them there. All styles and brand names. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=1950's+1%2F25+scale+gas+pumps&_sacat=0
  10. dwc43

    NYPD decals

    Try here. This is the search I pulled up. http://www.policecarmodels.com/nsearch.html#search/q=NYPD decals in 1%3A25&sortby=rel&main_category=decals&page=1&size=15&storeid=yhst-12496200801054/1
  11. Check out the movie SWAT. They depict that shoot out in the opening scenes and it appears they used some news coverage from that shoot out as well.
  12. Where did you find that at? I've never seen one before.
  13. dwc43

    What if

    Not my first car, but I had a 74. All black, 401 big block, A727, and 4.11 gears in a Dana 60. Thing would fly, and it handled very well, too.
  14. http://sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=301
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