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  1. I'm glad you bored it out. I would stuck a 360 in it and put 318 decals on it just to cheat. lol Looks good.
  2. 72 Charger with the correct paint scheme and qtr window. It should also have the flat hood.
  3. Wrong paint job for that body though. It should not have drip rails over the doors, but that's an easy fix. That paint job is for the 72 model year and that car is a 73 or 74 body. The 1 and 2 has a rear facing curve and smaller qtr window. The 3 and 4 have the forward facing curve and larger qtr window like this one has. 74 forward curve 71 rear facing curve
  4. I guess it's nit picking, but the coil is on the wrong side. That's where the kick down linkage for the transmission goes along with the cable for the carbs throttle. Looks too much like a gm air cleaner. Plugs tilt towards each other on a 273, 318, 360 and 340 Mopar's.
  5. They look real good, but a little low in the sidewall for what I want. Might have to go that route if I can't find the others. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks. I do remember those too. Just checked e bay. No luck there. I'll keep searching.
  7. Thanks. I'll see if I can find some.
  8. Blue for sure. And where did you get the tires from? That's exactly what I need for a build I am working on. I thought I had a set, or at least saw them somewhere before and could not remember where. I really need a pair and a set of solid centerlines. The fronts I have are not as deep as I would like them to be. If someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  9. dwc43

    Custom Decals

    Contact Kenny at Water Slide Decals on FB. I think he has a web site too, but I don't have the url for that. He made some for me for 3 different cars. He charged 28 bucks shipping and all. All of the ones he made for me had to be made custom. Nothing like them exist. They were for movie cars that I was building. He does great work.
  10. dwc43

    wheelie bars

    Make your own. Evergreen tubing and you could even make the wheels out of that too. For netting, that tan paper tape cut and doubled over sticking the sticky sides to it's self then hit it with a black sharpie and weave it and wrap and glue to the tubes. Easy peezy. lol
  11. Masking tape painted black or use a sharpie on it. It has texture like a vinyl top.
  12. Not on a 4 spd car. The inspection cover is black just like the one in the pic. And the trans pan on an auto is steel, different color from the aluminum case.
  13. Not on a 4 spd car. The inspection cover is black just like the one in his pic. And the trans pan on an auto is steel, different color from the aluminum case.
  14. Anyone know where I can find pics of an antique floor jack like the one in the pics? I searched google and came up empty. There's a link below to the movie I saw this jack in and what time you can find it. I know the pics I took are not very good or detailed. It goes with my 36 Ford tow truck build. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0l2WEW2mlo&t=2s Go to 1:11:28 and look at the jack he carries in and tosses under the car.
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