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  1. Firestone Drag 500's. Pad printed that I found on e bay.
  2. More than welcome. Yes, reach out to him. I had him make that can light and two amber flashers after looking at pics I had from a movie. He can make you what you need, and the price is right too. Real nice guy to deal with, pretty quick too.
  3. Yes, Dave Parsley can make anything you need for sirens and emergency lighting. He has an FB Page. Here's a link. Dave Parsley Custom Scale Emergency Lights | Facebook He made the can lights and siren for my 1 Adam 12 build and made this can light and ambers for a tow truck I'm doing.
  4. All of the Stone Woods and Cook Willy's kits have one.
  5. Hover you mouse on the name on the side and a box appears and one says message.
  6. Give him time to make them. And check your spam folder. Sometimes he sends me a conformation e mail if I get a big order all at once. Wants to make sure kids are not using daddy's credit card to buy up parts. lol
  7. I'm with Raoul, I won't use anyone but Morgan at MAD Modeling.
  8. pg 18 His site is so messed up, you just have to look for stuff. Almost a whole page for them here. Sourkraut's Model Trucks » Store (sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com)
  9. Sourkraut's Model Trucks » Store (sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com)
  10. Couple sets like these for the front on page 12 for 5 bucks. Can you tell I'm board?
  11. Krauts has these on page 7 for $24 cause they have the tires with them.
  12. Sourkraut's Model Trucks » Store (sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com) Page 3 Krauts has these for 8 bucks. Must have the fronts on there somewhere.
  13. Hope that helps. I have that truck, but it's already built with those wheels on it. So, I'm not that much help.
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