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  1. dwc43


    Policecarmodles.com has generic decals like the ones in the pic I got from there site. You'll just have to look through the site. Bill Bozo, Pursuit, Accuscale, Chimneyville Decals (policecarmodels.com) These will be in chrome/silver or gold and some in black and white as well. Hope that helps.
  2. You may want to look to military as well. For instance Oilies has the Snark Ballistic Missile. It has wings like a plane, fuel drop tanks with fins and external drop off solid rocket boosters. It also has a removeable tale section so you can remove the engine. It has a very detailed jet engine. The wings have moving elevons too. Also has a to tractor and men and launching platform. Lots of parts for just 10 bucks. That's the cheaper Lindberg. I noticed when I looked for pics Revell made one too. I don't know what's in that one though. Other jets may have the engines in it that you need too. Just and idea I thought might help you out.
  3. Just a tip that might help. Put some panty hose over the vacuum cleaner hose and start searching the carpet. You wont believe how many times that will save your bacon.
  4. Like the blue color. If I find anything, I'll let you know.
  5. Nassau County NY Auxiliary Police Patrol Car Decals Vintage 1:24 | eBay Big City NY Police Various type Command Vehicle Decals for 6 inch model | eBay Big City NY Police Animal Cruelty Command Vehicle Decals for 6 inch model | eBay Found these on e bay with a quick search. Maybe you can mix and match and use some of these.
  6. Pursuit 1/24-25 NY NJ Port Authority Tunnel & Bridge Agent Police Decals (policecarmodels.com) That's all I could find with just a quick search. I'll look some more and see if I can find something or hit up a friend or two that always seems to be in the know.
  7. Well, I'm glad you wadded through it all for both of us. lol
  8. Cool. Thanks. I never thought about trying there. That's mostly race car stuff.
  9. Thanks for the link. Where did you find the decals? Parts Box? Only one I know from Australia
  10. Where can I find that body? I have a die cast CHP car I want to get decals for to do a BM car too.
  11. Check out AIT or Sourkrauts if you can't find one. Thermo King Trailer Reefer Unit – American Industrial Truck Models (aitruckmodels.com)
  12. Check one of the truck sites like AIT or SourKrauts. You should be able to buy a set of air bags or complete frame rails and go from there.
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