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  1. I got the interior panels installed.Fit was very good abd positive.I simulated galvanized metal on the front bumper by first painting it chrome silver and allowing it to dry overnight .Then I used flat aluminum and cut down paint brush to stipple it on in an irregular pattern.Pretty good results.
  2. Installed the 2 rows of seats...like the sand color!The rear seats have a black frame which was tricky to paint.
  3. Decided to paint the seats and interior panels a sand color.Gies well with the green body..
  4. Well all of my previous car models did not route the exhaust pipe through the fender wells unless they were drag headers.Still I should have read the directions all the way through...live abd learn!
  5. Just for fun,I put a large RAF roundrel decal on the hood!
  6. I didn't read ahead and had to cut a slot abd patch it with a plate!
  7. Yep I guess it was necessary to protect the exhaust system in rough terrain.
  8. Why?found out the hard way ..had to use my Dremel and fine disc to cut a slot to allow the exhaust pipe access.Then I added a plastic plate!
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