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  1. k357

    68 Hemi Dart

    Built OOB with plug wires, paint is Rustoleum, lots of spare parts left over too....
  2. k357

    AMT 66 Nova SS

    Built OOB with plug wires, paint is Testors ManGo I picked up at Hobbytown for a quarter lol....
  3. Based on the Racers Wedge with Krylon paint, homemade decals, 2 of the 3 tool boxes the bubblegum machine light. floodlights, & winch from the partsbox....
  4. k357

    29 Model A

    Paint is Duplicolor Burgandy with dullcoat
  5. Paint is Color Time Yellow over Color Time White over Krylon primer.... Built OOB....
  6. I'll let the pics speak for themselves
  7. Thanks, the wheels are partsbox.... She's really close.... +2 Like Comment Share
  8. Thanks , yeah quite a few of us are building this.... I'm going with a body colored hood.... At any rate ot some more done.... BMF, decals , wheels tires (wheels are partsbox), partial engine...
  9. Got paint on the 67 Comet, Color Time yellow over Color time white over primer, not bad for CHEAP enamel. +3 11
  10. Paint is Krylon Fusion Copper Mettalic, this after I buffed it out with McGuires...
  11. I've been working on this for awhile,paint is Krylon Banner Red....
  12. Waking up breathing this morning !
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