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  1. Built from the plowtruck kit, this depicts a small southern town highway department rig where there's little to no snow, so no plow set up... Paint is Rustoleum, wheels are dullcoated, most of the decals are PC made, hood hinge is Plastruct tubing & rod...
  2. You might be able to get the craft paper at Micheals too...
  3. Paint is Rustoleum Cobalt Blue with Aleenes Acrylic clear, "wood" in the bed is woodgrain craft paper...
  4. OK, I got started on this, paint is Duplicolor Pacific Green with Sunburst Gold accents on the Falcon altered, both received an Aleenes acrylic clearcoat treatment... There's some partially done Galaxie interior pics too, I just wish the Galaxie tow car wasn't a curbside, wallyworld was getting almost $20 for the just the Galaxie, that's more then I paid for the combo, go figure lol...
  5. Built oob, paint is Duplicolor Gunmetal rattlecan with Aleenes acrylic clear, "wood" in the bed is craft paper...
  6. This is the much loved Spuds, aka spudlo puppy... He's 11 going on 12, my GF adopted him 10 1/2 yrs ago from the shelter, he adopted me 9yrs ago in December... He always lifts my spirits, he's a good boy....
  7. More "Gray Ghost" mockup pics, the "wood" in the bed is woodgrain paper that I got from Hobby Lobby...
  8. k357

    65 Bonneville

    Nope, both are present & accounted for....
  9. k357

    65 Bonneville

    Paint is Duplicolor Sunburst Gold with Aleenes acrylic clear
  10. Thanks, got a little more done today
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