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  1. 06FordTough added a post in a topic NASCAR store in VA with good prices and old kits....   

    Forgot to add, its called Cannadays Hobbies
  2. 06FordTough added a post in a topic NASCAR store in VA with good prices and old kits....   

    It is in Central Va located on Route 220 in Boones Mill Virginia
  3. 06FordTough added a topic in NASCAR   

    NASCAR store in VA with good prices and old kits....
    Since I found out about the news of RM no longer making NASCAR kits, I have been trying to hunt them down locally and havent had much success. Today we got a bright idea to hop in the truck and go for a ride to a hobby shop located in Boones Mill Virginia. I havent been by there and years and it felt like I had hit a gold mine when I walked in the door. They have roughly 150-200 kits of just NASCAR's alone. I bought 10 kits for $88 bucks and the newest kit was an '01. My list of kits I picked up is.......

    Monogram Rookie of the Year 1985 Combo #35 & #90 T-birds - $7.95

    Monogram #30 Pennzoil Grand Prix Michael Waltrip - $3.95

    Monogram #3 Lumina, copyright was '91 and it didnt have any decals on the rear lower quarters. Bought 3 of those kits @ $9.95ea.

    Monogram #29 Olds Cale Yarborogh Hardee's copyright was '87 - $12.95

    Monogram #3 Aerocoupe Goodwrench, copyright was '88 - $9.95

    Revell #3 '01 Goodwrench Monte with an extra set of decals for the Oreo shootout car - 11.95

    Revell #29 '01 Goodwrench Monte - $10.95

    I thought all these were good prices and boxes and kits are in really good shape and not banged up.....Just thought I would pass along this info for anyone looking for older kits.....

    They have a pile of Lumina's, the first Monte with the pinstripe outline of the headlight, and all the Monte's up to the '01 body, the T-Birds through out the 90's (I believe it was 3 different styles throught the 90's) and 90's and up Grand Prix's, some supertrucks and various old kits of Olds, Aerocoupes and such......They also had about 10 sets of the D.W. Pepsi/Mt. Dew combo, about 10 sets of the 85 rookie T-Bird combo, about 10 sets of the #4 Kodak Olds combo with 2 different body style Olds, a few #3 old Wrangler combo's and about 5 of the 1/32nd Davey Allison Snaptite transporter's and various 1/32nd Snaptite kits.
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  4. 06FordTough added a topic in General   

    Ford Super Duty or 73-79 Ford kit??
    Does anyone know of there is a kit out there of a 99-07 Ford Super Duty pickup or where I can find a kit of a 73-79 Ford pickup? I Know AMT did a few monster truck kits of the "Destroyer" and "Bigfoot" that used the 79 body but did they do it in just a regualr stock version of that truck? Thanks for the help
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  5. 06FordTough added a topic in NASCAR   

    New member searching for reference photos and help!
    Hello all......Used to be hardcore modeler when I was younger as my father got me into it and would take me all over the state to enter contests......I have been on and off in the last 6 years since he passed and once again I have gotten the bug......I am 90% nascar modeler as both a fan and the level of detail you can put into these kits......I have been on here a few times checking out these super detail builds and they are breath taking and stuff like that pushes me to get to the next level so I have become a member of this forum looking for some motivation and help. I have 3 kits up in the closet that I have pulled out to work on....they are anywhere from 5% to 50% complete. I would like to see if I can find some reference photos of engines, interiors or decal placement on the front quarters....The kits are the 1994 Gordon Dupont Lumina Brickyard winner using the Slixx sheet and a R-M Lumina, The silver #3 decals using a R-M Monte, and I have the '04 Jr. R-M kit and have cut the trunk open and robbed a fuel cell out of the parts box and hinge the trunk and detail it....
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