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  1. Dingo added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Mazda 323 Rally Car
    This one is headed to the workbench, for a CBP on another forum but will be shown here qas it slowly gets built. It is only a curbside model which is disappointing oh well never mind it's still a model anyway.

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  2. Dingo added a post in a topic What is your dream model kit?   

    This might sound crazy to U guys but the dream kit I would like is any kit I can afford to buy. But if I had to be real about it I guess it would be any Aussie muscle car from the Iconic Ford Falcon GT and GTHO to the Holden Torana GTR and XU1, along with the Valiant Charger R/T 6 pack and the Holden Monaro GTS 350. That about covers it.

  3. Dingo added a post in a topic 4 local teenagers killed in car crash near my house!   

    Man that's tough, we had a bad crash in my home town two days ago when two young men where killed when the car they where in hit a tree as well this crash happened in broad daylight at 8am in the morning and the car was so badly wrecked the emergency people could tell what it was until it was pulled from the tree and someone found a name plate enbedded in the tree, the car was a Nissan Skyline Twin Turbo and according to the driver's license he should not have been driving it as we have a law here that prevents or should prevent an under 25 from those types of cars.

  4. Dingo added a post in a topic Volvo VN780   

    Well I've done a bit more like spray the body silver (no it's not going to be this colur) sometime in the near futer when the weather is slightly cooler and there is no wind howling it's head off, I'll hit it with a clear colour maybe green, yellow or orange haven't decided yet but it should look good and different.

  5. Dingo added a post in a topic Wierdest Loads Ever?   

    The wiedset load hauled well it turned out wied in the end was milk (cream)it started out as milk but the guy I worked for at the time had no clue that U don't put a tanker with baffles on a milk run and I didn't know until I got to the milk factory and tried to unload 20,000 liters of cream, the truck had to be placed in the wash area and have the entire contents flushed down the drain it was not recoverable. When I got back to the depot I said to the then boss why did you put a baffle tank on the milk run he claimed he had no idea it was baffled. Let's put it this way no milk no pay and the farmer weren't happy.

  6. Dingo added a post in a topic How do YOU like your tires ?   

    Round, smokin' and screaming for mercy other than that Greg I couldn't care less mate.

  7. Dingo added a post in a topic Bullitt The Muscle car duo   

    Real nice job on the Charger, did U know that the Charger wasn't the film producers first choice, they picked some luxury car to do the chase but it fell apart over the hills and bumps of L.A. so they went to the nearest Chrysler dealer and bought the Charger and man ain't we all glad they did.

  8. Dingo added a post in a topic Interests outside of model cars?   

    I love to do the following when I'm not building either plastic or cardstock models, along with my wife we both sports pistol shoot (that is Olympic type) we also hunt feral animals as part of a feral control organisation here in Australia, both of us love fishing (both catch & release plus catch & keep (for food)) and we also do a bit of camping as part of our outdoor activities. I use to be in Scouts Australia, South Australia Branch BUT they kicked me out as they don't really like their leaders mixed up with shooting animals like we do ( Isay tough luck to them) but I don't really care now as I'm too busy doing the things I like.


    By the way, yes it's my real name I was named Dingo by my Father who thought at the time I was born I looked like a scrorny little dingo pup.
  9. Dingo added a post in a topic Where do you find kits at? Stores, etc?   

    I find all my kits at either my LHS or at on-line hobby shops BUT not Evil-Bay don't trust 'em.

  10. Dingo added a post in a topic Do you keep the box?   

    You could say I keep part of the box, that is I cut the box up into little pieces and get rid of all but the top of the box which goes on the wall of my den. Pictures below to show what I mean.

    I am fast running out of room on the walls and may have to go into the passage way to continue which means pulling down the gun posters a thing I don't want to do.

  11. Dingo added a post in a topic Holden Monaro   

    Rob yes it did look great in the red but I couldn't find that red paint again and me not being a GM man blasted it with green and George it ain't a GTO if U lok carefully U'll see the grille/bumper at the front and the bumper at the rear is completely different our Holden Monaro was sent to the U.S.rebadged a GTO when they didn't sell in the land of the YankTank (Aussie term) G.M. Holden brought them back to Oz converted them back to right hook and sold them as it, we have quite a few rebadged GTO's as Monaros now with all the GTO gear pn them. So that's why this model is right hook it's is actually a Monaro not a GTO.

  12. Dingo added a topic in Under Glass   

    Holden Monaro
    It has gone from red to green but that don't worry me as I'm not much of a GM fan anyway but I wll build them because they a model cars that I can build anyway, so here is my 2004 Holden Monaro ready for the great race across the U.S. Cannonballers here I come.

    Yep right hook in the U.S.of A.

    The driving lights so I can where I'm going in the dark of night.

    Twinpipes one each side something very rare on Aussie new cars these days, these ones R made from solder.

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  13. Dingo added a post in a topic Concept trucks   

    Man could you imagine drive that thing wild hey.

  14. Dingo added a post in a topic looking for a mack R model by amt   

    The Model Roundup have the Mack R model for $59.90 and they are available on their website now. Don't woryy about evilbay, Model Roundup have them cheaper anyway.

  15. Dingo added a post in a topic Wreckng Yard   

    Jantrix, yea sort of it has actually had more added to it since this photo was taken.