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  1. Does anyone make a resin copy of the truck topper that was in the annual ford truck kit or a copy of the topper for the chevy van for an open road rv?
  2. Anyone from Fairbanks Alaska or that area? I have a project that I want to do and it involves building a scale model of the Sno-Freighter. I understand that it is parked outside Fairbanks along the highway. I need a lot of pictures and all the measurements that I can get. Any help would be appreciated. I contacted the new parent company that now owns the line, but info on a vehicle built in the 50's in hard to find. Anyone that can help me please contact me at pantherone56@gmail.com

  4. Thanks for the info. I will have A long weekend down there so I will try to go to both those places.
  5. Hi guys, I will be going to Atlanta at the end of Jan. for work and will have a few days off. Any words on hobby shops to visit would be welcomed. Thanks Rex
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'm in town now so I'll have to check it out.
  7. Hi Guys, I will be in Irving TX for work and will have the weekend of Oct. 25-26 open. I would like to know what is in the area to do? Hobby shops; Museums and other things within a few hours drive to pass the time. Any suggestions would be a big help. Thanks Rex
  8. Hi guys. I will be in Irving TX for work from Sept. 21-26. I will have the 21and 22 with nothing to do and would like to know about hobby shops and other things to do. I will also have the evenings off. Any suggestions on what to do would be a big help. Thanks Rex
  9. Thanks for the info. I look forward to seeing all the models. I used the old site for alot of ideas for new builds.
  10. I had a site in my favorites that was updated every month and had trucks all kinds of other vehicals. Now it will not come up. It hasTMCmain in favorites, anyone know if it is still up or under a differant name?
  11. Thanks for that link but that is not the one that was looking at. May be the one that I found is not open any more. It had some axles and other things also. Anyone know of an other site. Thanks Rex
  12. Hi guys, I found a site that sold repops of the cap that was in the 70,s ford truck kit. I can not remember where any help. thanks Rex
  13. Hi I tried that first and have not gotten a reply any help will be welcomed Thanks Rex
  14. Hi guys, Hope that someone can help me with this. In an old Scale Auto Enthusiast July/August 1986. Page 57. There is a picture of a crane that I would like to build. In the April 1987 issue it states that an instruction packet was available from Plastruct. Does anyone have this or know if it is still available. Thanks for any help. Rex
  15. Thanks for the reply. I hope that I will be able to build the unit and show it on here. I need to ask, how do I get the Article to a size that I can read and copy. Thanks again for the fast responce.
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