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  1. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Stance......   

    lol yes, they are hard to find one thats not rusted and falling apart on its own.... ugh plus the one rusty 3door was like 1600, i laughed hard at them.

    and in the tuner world is what im kinda subject relative, i like tuners more then classics and muscles...... or that is where im kinda shooting at. and its not all called hellaflush, there is many many other names for it now. hellaflush is just more popular, plus they mostly show luxury sedans. and yes it would wear out the inside quicker, but its all about the look. im not lying if i could have my car up like i posted, i would drive it like that daily, thats just me.

  2. B_rad88 added a post in a topic sharing scans of books........   

    alright, kinda took a break from the model scene, since i kinda dont have the extra room to build one, even those i did finish a '92 honda civic coupe, with some body work, mix of integra type-r grey rims and stock oem chrome s2000 rims, lol. s2000 steering wheel, and such..... not perfect at all, because of my limited build space..... witch is none.... the whole front suspension is glued in white elmers glue for an easy tear down and rebuilt when i feel suited...... that was difficult on its own...

    but mostly i have been working and playing with FL Studios 10 XXL producer (aka: frooty loops) music making program, so im making my own music and stuff.
  3. B_rad88 added a post in a topic sharing scans of books........   

    i understand the copyrights. thank you guys. um, if there is all this copy rights on everything, then what makes not to say all the research and pics we all gathered to build a model is wrong? then how would we be able to build exact stock replicas unless we each person can takes our own pics when we see them, but how often do we all encounter cars like a veyron, or a nismo r34 gtr z-tune, or one of the shelby daytona coupes?

    i was just curious about sharing the information since some times we cant find stuff like this anymore. and i thought it would benefit our kind of community and others interested in old books, and such, ect.

    i cant post a scan of the cover, BUT please REMEMBER these are local library books, so they will have the markings and alot of wear and tear.......... give me a day or two, and witch section should i post t he covers?

    thank you everyone.
  4. B_rad88 added a post in a topic sharing scans of books........   

    ok, i just want to be safe and not sorry, you know. there is one person on here that scaned and posted a model mag article on how to make a working soft top for a 1/24th scale, but that was like years ago......
  5. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Stance......   

    cool jantrix, i just havent seen many like those in the pics i posted. so i was curious. thank you for the reply.
  6. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Stance......   

    few more examples.....

  7. B_rad88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    i know there is different ways about doing this, but has anyone ever built a model with stance? I.E. camber, slammed, ect. EVERYTHING stance style like the new trend in the tuner world?

    2 examples below of stance, there is many different forms on different cars........

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  8. B_rad88 added a topic in General   

    sharing scans of books........
    hey guys, long time no chat. been absent for awhile and now im back. well let me get to the point...

    i checked out a few model car building books from the library tring to find some extra tips and stuff, and i was wondering would i get into trouble if i scaned the books and posted them here for other ppl to enjoy? i going to scan them for my personal use, but i wasnt sure about sharing them. 2 of the books are old.... like really old by DENNIS DOTY, and another book too. i know alot of ppl have read them and ect. but for those who havent or anyone else that wants some extra referance materials, i wasnt sure. any answers would be greatly welcomed!

    thank you, and ill post pics of my finished civic coupe sometime soon....... lol

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  9. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Engines with full internal detail   

    i know the revell parts pack engines has cranks in them and iirc rocker arms detail, but thats about it..... also same with the engine in the amt '66 old 442, rocker arms detail.......
  10. B_rad88 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    well since i found a hobby shop, a new one, i bought 2 kits, a revell audi r8 and a revell ferrari enzo, now time to get some crazy colours for them........
  11. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Interesting Cars   

    and the last few:

    merc sl600:

    and i spotted this today (3/24/11) at 12pm:

    2010 Porsche 911 GT3 pearl white:

    thats all i got for now......
  12. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Interesting Cars   

    here is more....

    1928 ford truck used inside wal-mart as a "Synder's" display

    stock honda accord with nice looking rims for it

    a euro styled modified Vdub jetta

    1988 Alfa Romeo spider veloce

    few more pics to go!!!!
  13. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Interesting Cars   

    wow long time since i posted pics in here, so here we go:

    nissak 240sx

    saleen s281

    90's fox body 'vert:

    stock clean '00 honda civic si

    cool lookin merc:

    chevy 454ss:

    more to come!!!!!
  14. B_rad88 added a post in a topic Ferrari 599 GTO   

    wow, this looks very nice so far, i cant wait to see more done!
  15. B_rad88 added a post in a topic GT5   

    well some of you guys might not be happy with it, but judging from the pics and videos i have seen,....... it looks like they fixed the "paper rims" proplem from gt4...... whitch im happy with that the most!