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  1. steve7119 added a post in a topic 1959 cadillac Car hauler   

    Looks great!  I love the idea and the execution is awesome.  I enjoy projects that are outside the norm, keep it up!
  2. steve7119 added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:Hot Rod Wrecker Project Update 2/1/15   

    Randy, every time I see your progress, my mouth hangs open and a little drool runs out. I am in awe of your skills! Both this and the GT40 are works of art!. I would like to know where you got the pulleys for the mast? Are they more railroad goodies?

  3. steve7119 added a post in a topic Mercedes "Blue Wonder" Transporter: 1/28/14 "Outside" photos posted   

    I look forward to watching this project, I love the subject matter! With your skills, it will be awesome John!
    I remember seeing an article years ago about this truck. Seems to me it was used by Mercedes as a fast way to transport race cars around Europe in the event of a breakdown at a race. There weren't any big trucks with spare cars on them then. The article inspired me to get in waaaaay over my head trying to create a similar vehicle from an American manufacturer. I cut about 3/4 inch out of the front fenders of a '57 Chevy wagon to shorten the nose. Didn't take me long to realize I did not have the skills needed and set it aside.

    I will enjoy this one for sure!
  4. steve7119 added a post in a topic Ford Powerstroke in scale?   

    PM Sent, Thanks!
  5. steve7119 added a post in a topic Ford Powerstroke in scale?   

    I have the F-250 kit which I pirated other parts out of so I can use the engine. I looked at it and saw it was gas, not diesel. There has to be enough information out there I can convert it. the plow truck engine looks huge. Thanks for your help Mike and Chris!
  6. steve7119 added a post in a topic Ford Powerstroke in scale?   

    I think I will just have to make something up then. Wonder if the unidentified V-8 Diesel in the ford Dump Truck would work?
  7. steve7119 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Ford Powerstroke in scale?
    Does anyone know of a powerstroke diesel engine in 1/24 or 1/25th scale? Either in a kit or from the aftermarket? I am trying to plan a project like what Stacey David is doing on the GEARZ show with an older cab-over truck. I have a couple of the ford and dodge kits for a starting point but need to update the engine to a more modern powerplant. Or does anyone have another suggestion for updated diesel power for either of these trucks?
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  8. steve7119 added a post in a topic bulldozer   

    Cat D8H is what is says on the box of the 2 I have
  9. steve7119 added a post in a topic Tubing storage?   

    Well,, I finally got something finished with the storage issue. Took a while since i promised myself I would start cleaning up the workbenches in the garage too. Saturdays in the garage and sundays in the workshop. Here is a before...
    All I had was a few PVC pipes glued together to make a horizontal rack.

    first attempt -2 drawers which didnot provide near enough room.
    Found a local glass shop that could get me polycorbonate tubing and cut it to length. 24 pieces 6" for a buck each and about 2 1/2 feet left over. I have since found that the tubing can be cut niceley with a pipe cutter. Went to menards and picked up a sheet of .093 polycarbonate sheet. Cut out discs with a hollow puch and hammer then glued them to one end. Made a rack and I am done right? Still not enough room so I made anther drawer so everything fits and is off the workbench.
    Overall pleased with the results and now I can get to work on something else. Thanks to all of you for your ideas and photos, you gave me the inspiration to make something better than I had!
  10. steve7119 added a post in a topic Jeep Gets a Lift   

    Thanks for the illustration Brad. Functional and simple. Great work!!!!! Now I gotta try it too. Thanks again for sharing your work

  11. steve7119 added a post in a topic Willys Jeep Panel   

    Sorry to hear about your Transport......I have a Jeep pick up WIP from RMR also. Converting to a 1948 model with an LS powerplant. The station wagon body is on my list to get. I will be watching this one.
  12. steve7119 added a post in a topic Jeep Gets a Lift   

    I am still stuck on the u joints....impressive! did you just use insulated wire and glue 2 pieces to make a cross? I also though of soldering the 2 wires together then using heat shrink tubing to help hold them in place and take the slop out of the joint. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!

  13. steve7119 added a post in a topic Jeep Gets a Lift   

    Your build looks great! I love the u joints in the axle Brad!!! I have wanted to try that too. How did you get them to work and not be sloppy?
  14. steve7119 added a post in a topic Tubing storage?   

    Well my drawers worked sort of. Idea was sound, but not enough of them...I made 2 of them 10" wide 3/4 deep. Thought about adding another one but I don't think that will be enough either. So now i have some 3/4 thin wall plastic tubing ordered from a local glass shop. I don't have room for a lot of tubes, but i hope a couple dozen will fit in my space. if the tubes cover everything, I could have a couple drawers left over....Guessing it will use all of everything i make. I will post photos when i get finished.
  15. steve7119 added a post in a topic 1st WIP - Topkick: Update 05/28/13 She's Complete   

    Nice work Doug! I am following this one.

    I got a conversion kit for a Topkick from Plaskit resins. includes the hood, bumper and firewall for sure and I think the fender extensions too. I know they are on ebay but I think they have a website too. They are out of Canada so it takes a little longer to get the parts and you have to mess with the currency conversion. a littlle expensive after you pay for the shipping and so on but the pieces are good and include instructions on how to convert the silverado p/u.