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  1. The Mustang's 55th birthday TODAY....let's see them.....

    1965 dealer promos
  2. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    wonder if the windshield and windshield frame from the AMT Deora would work for the rear window hatch ?
  3. Rex White's 60 Impala

    Good Stuff !!!
  4. Such a deal!

    Anyone remember when Kmart had their own line of model glue ? Back when Kmart had the buying power...I'd guess it was made and packaged by Testors (?) It was right next to the good stuff on the rack , usually a few cents cheaper , we had an S.S. Kresge near our house that I rode my bicycle too back then and being the parent company of Kmart they carried this brand also
  5. Good for you , Joe !!! Glad things are looking up for you and your son . Would love to see a picture of the cat on a leash too......
  6. mpc pontiac bonneville

    If someone has both the MPC 1968 and 1969 Bonnevilles near mint in the box...and was thinking about putting them on ebay , what do you think would be fair market value ?
  7. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    My local Hobby Lobby is great ! when they had model kits on sale-they did over ride the register to the full price so I could use the %40 coupon instead . was there yesterday and got the Revell '68 Chevelle -wanted to get the Revell '69 Mustang kit too but the slot was empty , the nice lady filled out a 'rain check' slip and will call some time next week when it comes in-Yea Hobby Lobby !
  8. Let's see your geegaws!

    Just finished the soap box racer from the AMT 1968 el Camino
  9. You should have rolled up those magazines and spanked him with them , maybe Michael Cohen would have paid you by now
  10. plastic cars.

    A few of the cars and trucks pictured look like they might be made by a company called-Wannatoy, typical dime store toy cars trucks , air planes and tanks from the 50s and 60s
  11. MPC '74-'77 Pinto and '82 Mustang GT

  12. MPC '74-'77 Pinto and '82 Mustang GT

    Here is a side shot of an MPC 1974 Pinto , tell me how and where you would like measurements taken from-this car was a hatchback originally though I converted it to a trunk
  13. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    I would be interested in a vehicle like this , based on the growing reputation Mahindra has building tractors and other equipment . One of the things that caught my eye right away and reminded me of what my dad told me about Jeeps- the Jeeps that Ford build during WWII had 9 slot grills-Willys had 7 slots and this buggy is sporting a 5 slot grill.
  14. Arctic Cat Jeep kit gee gaw

    Thanks guys , glad you like it . The paint is Testors Inca gold and Tamiya clear .