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  1. Rex White's 60 Impala

    Good Stuff !!!
  2. Such a deal!

    Anyone remember when Kmart had their own line of model glue ? Back when Kmart had the buying power...I'd guess it was made and packaged by Testors (?) It was right next to the good stuff on the rack , usually a few cents cheaper , we had an S.S. Kresge near our house that I rode my bicycle too back then and being the parent company of Kmart they carried this brand also
  3. Good for you , Joe !!! Glad things are looking up for you and your son . Would love to see a picture of the cat on a leash too......
  4. mpc pontiac bonneville

    If someone has both the MPC 1968 and 1969 Bonnevilles near mint in the box...and was thinking about putting them on ebay , what do you think would be fair market value ?
  5. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    My local Hobby Lobby is great ! when they had model kits on sale-they did over ride the register to the full price so I could use the %40 coupon instead . was there yesterday and got the Revell '68 Chevelle -wanted to get the Revell '69 Mustang kit too but the slot was empty , the nice lady filled out a 'rain check' slip and will call some time next week when it comes in-Yea Hobby Lobby !
  6. Let's see your geegaws!

    Just finished the soap box racer from the AMT 1968 el Camino
  7. You should have rolled up those magazines and spanked him with them , maybe Michael Cohen would have paid you by now
  8. plastic cars.

    A few of the cars and trucks pictured look like they might be made by a company called-Wannatoy, typical dime store toy cars trucks , air planes and tanks from the 50s and 60s
  9. MPC '74-'77 Pinto and '82 Mustang GT

  10. MPC '74-'77 Pinto and '82 Mustang GT

    Here is a side shot of an MPC 1974 Pinto , tell me how and where you would like measurements taken from-this car was a hatchback originally though I converted it to a trunk
  11. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    I would be interested in a vehicle like this , based on the growing reputation Mahindra has building tractors and other equipment . One of the things that caught my eye right away and reminded me of what my dad told me about Jeeps- the Jeeps that Ford build during WWII had 9 slot grills-Willys had 7 slots and this buggy is sporting a 5 slot grill.
  12. Arctic Cat Jeep kit gee gaw

    Thanks guys , glad you like it . The paint is Testors Inca gold and Tamiya clear .
  13. Mom passed away

    I am sorry for your loss .
  14. Making some fruit liqueurs

    That's interesting , will you be distilling this or is this a fermented wine type of drink ?