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  1. I think a scale version of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile would be a good seller
  2. After reading and watching videos about this Pontiac I wondered if the authentic Bonnie and Clyde death car could have been repaired mechanically enough to drive the way they 'repaired' this GTO then i read this version of the story about other fake death cars people tried to replicate https://www.hotcars.com/where-is-bonnie-and-clydes-car/ even if it did run and drive there is no way i would sit in it let alone drive it
  3. Thats what you get for knocking down peoples mail boxs ! The red neck hill billies around here would have packed that car full of tannerite
  4. This is the type of music my Mom played on her organ when i was growing up, I listen to it when i get to missing her
  5. I would like to see some thing like this as a model kit .
  6. Great craftsmanship , Rich ! Now i know why you were looking for the window tint , but im still wondering what the dry rub numbers are for . Correct license plate ?
  7. Agreed ~ both of these were built using Miasto Harleys
  8. Kit ,Thank you for a very nice , thought out reply ! I dont have a problem with people posting pictures of their projects in my threads, this is an information exchange type of thing for me. I really like what you have going on with your boat ! some times real life comes first and the hobby stuff gets put on hold .
  9. How about a Zombie Thread blast from the past ? I had to dig back 38 pages to find this one ! this project waited patiently on the shelf for years. ...call me Fishmael
  10. Once the initial shock of his death wears off , Im sure he will think thats funny too....
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