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  3. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    O.K-Just for sake of conversation and I'm not trying to start an argument . then I'm going to leave this topic alone.
    Beside the fact I clearly remember what that truck was and wasn't=this was taken straight from the Fordification site
    Quote : For 1968 Models , Base models got a steel grille assembly and the Custom Cab models could get either a steel grille or an all aluminum version .
    Again just for sake of conversation-
    In 1972 he bought a brand new F250 Ranger XLT Camper Special that was fully loaded with options and chrome trim . Cloth seat and carpet . 360/automatic trans.
    Here's the point I'm trying to make->
    In 1976 he ordered an F250 super cab bicentennial version , those only came in blue or white-his was white with gold eagle stripes down the sides, red , white and blue plaid cloth seat and rubber floor - I've had people tell me that Ford never made a super cab bicentennial version OR a bicentennial F250 - they said they were only regular cab/F100s and I've been told that IF it had a cloth seat it would have had carpeted floors but it didn't , he ordered it thru Gorno Ford in Woodhaven , MI - that truck had a 460/automatic trans.
    My Dad passed away years ago so I can't ask him but I did ask my Mom what she remembered about the '68 F100 and she said all she could remember was it didn't have a rear bumper when he bought it and it did not come with a spare tire either-that was extra......she said they paid around $2,000.00 for it brand new which was a lot of money for them at the time .
    Oh well , just for sake of conversation ...........maybe the "Custom Cab" markings had some thing to do with the 390 instead of a six cylinder or small V8 ?
  4. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    The rear of my Dads truck looked just like this one .
    This says the '68 Custom Cab could have  come with either an aluminum grill or a painted steel grill
  5. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    In the spring of 1968 my Dad bought a brand new F100 , it was pale yellow with a white painted grill and white front bumper , when he got it there was no rear bumper so he had a Ford step bumper installed-that bumper was painted silver .
    The only option that truck had was an AM radio=no power steering or power brakes ,  a 390 with a 3 speed in the column, it had a plain black leather seat with no pattern and black rubber floor - if I remember correct it had a "Custom" badge on the glove box door too .
    It had chrome badges on the rear pillar of the cab that said "Custom Cab" and 390 badges on the lower front fenders-No other chrome trim , for sure none around the tail lights and it had a plain stamped tailgate that said Ford in white - no chrome panel there either . I don't remember if it had chrome around the windshield or just the rubber seal .
    I'll  try to find pictures of that truck and post them .
  6. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    No- my lenses are flat with detail on one side and smooth on the other side . I did not sand the lenses at all .
    The back side of the chrome bezel is curved and has a locating tab so I just sanded it smooth with a flat sanding stick until the back side of the bezel/light pocket came thru . The bezel sits back further in the opening and the light sits against the 1/4 panel instead of inside the bezel .
    * IF this kit was a true low end Custom Cab as the box art says it would not have the chrome trim around the tail lights  **
  7. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    One of the things that has been bothering me , from the pictures people have posted of their truck models is the way the tail lights bulge out of the opening , they should be flush of even counter sunk . So I sanded the back side of the bezel and now they fit flush and look a little better to my eye .

    Opps=sent the same picture twice *

  8. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    That's the way I'm looking at it
    And if the Moebus kit is base on the '73-'79 AMT kit that's fine too because I would buy any of those I could find  .
  9. von Zipper added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Scale size of tools
    I got a bag of these brass type tools in a model parts box deal . I think they were for a charm bracelet ?
    They are way too big for my use-does anyone have an idea of the scale and does anyone have a use for them ?

    the tin snippers open and close

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  10. von Zipper added a post in a topic Revell's 1962 Mopar annuals - possible that tooling still exists?   

    WHAT IF ?

    What if Revell still has the tooling to do these two 1962 Dodge and Plymouth kits .

    And they reissued them in modern plastic instead of the clear metal flake plastic .

    First they would have to get license and permission to do the project before it even starts . In todays market that license would be costly where as in 1962 the auto company's were coming to the model company's to have them make scale models of their products. That's going to add to the price of the kit up front .

    THEN Revell decides to go forward with the project after paying for permission to use Chryslers product . Revell decides not to send these vintage tools to China but instead sets up an injection shop in the U.S.A. - labor cost is going to be a lot higher ,

    THEN it is a straight reissue of the 1962 tooling - Would most modelers be willing to pay $50.00 for a 1962 quality Revell Chrysler product ? (it is made in the U.S.A. after all ) With all of their soft details from back then .

    What if Revell decided to re tool the inter fenders and chassis to our modern standards which will add to the cost OR we know when buying one of these nostalgic reissues that we need to spend another $20.00 plus for a Lindberg kit to make it to our standards - Either way we as consumers are going to pay for the up grades one way or another .

    Besides that - the 1962 Dodge Dart is a four door and those seem to enrage some folks

    Then think that those kits sold for $1.49 in 1962

  11. von Zipper added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    Danny I / SCENES UNLIMITED is a great company to do business with , I ordered a set of his S47 wheels and tires on Friday and got them in the mail today , great quality as always .
    I couldn't help myself when they arrived

  12. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Thanks for the tip on the Revell step box, Al , I have an AMT '53 Ford box that seems to fit very nice as well .
    I have not tried to mock up the straight 6 , I'm using the 289/302 from an AMT '67 Mustang , but would like to see the issue mentioned above with the 240 I6 fit .
  13. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Thank you , Matt
  14. von Zipper added a post in a topic A more appropriate question than How many kits do you have?   

    A little over a year ago , Pete J ( the O.P. ) gave me some really good advice about insuring my model collection , I'm not sure if I thanked him properly but I will now-Thanks Pete !

    After I talked to my insurance agent about buying a policy to insure my collection , I could tell he didn't take it seriously at first . He dismissed the hobby as ' kid stuff " .
    I took a lot of pictures then sent my agent the link to my Photo Bucket - he then looked at eBay and a few other places that sell vintage and collectable kits . The next time the agent called me he said he never would have guessed that model cars had become so valued .

    Now I have my collection insured and pictures documented .
    The best advice I could give at this point is : IF you have a large collection , whether you rent or own your home - even if you have the collection in storage , check into a separate policy .
    Thanks again , Pete !
  15. von Zipper added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Ain't that the truth.

    But I'm very happy that this generation of Ford trucks has finally been made in 1/25 scale. Bravo to Moebius for undertaking this project .
    This kit is a mixed bag for me. It has a lot of good points and a few problems so far. My first big issue is the box art of the '69 . It shows a low end Custom Cab but the kit is clearly more to the trim level of a Ranger Sport . If it was a low trim Custom Cab it would not have the rocker panel trim or the chrome trim down the 'bump' -sure it can be sanded off .
    So far I have about 8 hours into a '69 kit, 2 of those hours have been spent cold bending the hood and sanding the edges to make it sit square to the fenders and fix the firewall/cowl , also filled the gap around the firewall .
    The chassis was very nice & easy to assemble partially due to the excellent instructions .

    I think a few pictures will show it better than words=

    This is the look I'm going for with this '69

    I pre ordered 2-1969s and 2-1971s on April 7th 2015 , After I got the kits and have been reading the pros and cons....... And actually started building one I got another '69 and another '71 for a total of 6 so far . I'm very happy with my purchase so far and still like Moebius kits .

    (HEY-Why does the red line show under the word Moebius like it's spelled wrong ? )