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  1. Outstanding craftsmanship on this conversion ~ you make it look easy ! Do you have any pictures under the hood ?
  2. Not sure if this has any thing to do with what Ray has mentioned but the other day I got this email , supposed to be from Paypal...but for some reason it didnt look right. The first thing is the font is wrong and after getting Paypal statements for years-it should say 'service @' not-services @ ..Plural . The title of the email said my Paypal account has been locked , then when I opened the email it said my account was 'limited' so I had to go on eBay and buy a model kit just to check....my account is fine and dandy see what the receipent is the email looks real and wanted me to 'log in' and enter my info. to====='re secure my account'
  3. The worst movie I've seen at a theater > Dude, Where's my car
  4. This is very sad news ! My all time favorite role Sean Connery played was in the Disney classic~ Darby O'Gill and the Little People
  5. If you like that sort of stuff, check out Bruce Bickfords movie-Monster Road
  6. This is a classic case of the 'Golden Turd' rule in action If some one else owns it~Its Gold...if I own it, Its a turd...until it changes possession and then it miraculously turns into gold
  7. One of the things I really like about the '35 2dr sedan was that all four side windows were the same cut of glass-one window glass fit any of the 4 side window openings I have this reprint of the sales brochure I'm going to leave my diecast alone, other than having a replica of my Dads car , I really like the sedan delivery
  8. Not sure if this is the sedan delivery that you mentioned (?) It's packed away so I can't get my hands on it I got it years ago and don't remember who made it , my thought was to make copies of the parts needed to build a '35 Ford , but it is too nice to take apart and I really like it as a sedan delivery so I didn't feel the need to sacrifice it knowing it might never be put back together after casting the parts. my Dad had a very nice original '35 Ford 2 dr sedan-so I would have had to come up with a sedan body as well
  9. If that old Ford has been there very long , I'd bet the underside is toast. Between sitting in the dirt rusting the floor and frame going up- and being a convertible that hasn't been covered the carpet and pad has been soaked/ rotting going down. I used to love scrounging junk yards, most of the old yards around me have been cleared out for scrap years ago. A few pictures from the past-
  10. I read The Catcher In the Rye in High School, and have read it a few times since and it gets funnier each time I read it .
  11. I'm pretty sure the momma cat is gone for good-either that stray dog chased her off into the woods (thats what im telling my wife) or more likely that dog killed her. I could just be narrow minded about her fate and blaming the dog when there could be many scenarios that could have happened to her.. One theory I have -but keep to myself is a hawk. The circle of life and all that. I've had people tell me that its wrong of us to have outdoor cats because they kill and eat song birds. I understand that sediment but a cats kill ration of small birds is about 10:1---for every 10 birds they stalk 9 get away. Some times that door swings the other way and the cats get stalked by hawks, we also have a large rafter of wild turkeys, which are mostly docile but I have seen them get aggressive and intimidate the cats.And for the record----turkeys can fly. Here's a shot of the kittens exploring their new world-there are 7 of them , all black, and its near impossible to get a picture of all of them together. I cut the spade shaped hole in the building with a chain saw years ago so the cats can come and go at will-fairly safe from predators and they are out of the weather. I am going to be super protective of them because people are such dickheads about black cats-slow and cautious about who we give any of them to
  12. Sorry to hear about your cat , John. Glad you have another to fill the void. I will openly admit-I am not a cat person, I do respect their place though . Being a dog lover the ratio at our house is (was) 3 indoor cats and 2 outdoor barn cats and ONE dog, Where we live a cat or two is nice to have because of mice , chipmunks ...and when you have those varmints you will get snakes. The last two weeks there has been a dog running loose in our area. It is a large dog and looked to be very well taken care of. It showed up on my property a few times looking for food I'm sure. Because we have two outside cats that live in the barn there is always food and water for them. We knew our momma cat (Stella) had babies a few weeks ago but didnt know exactly where . Most of the time she gives birth in the woods and when the babies are a few weeks old she brings them one at a time closer to the house for us to find. One day a little more than a week ago I saw that stray dog chase Stella across the yard-she outran the dog and made it up a tree, safe for right then. We saw her a few times after that and then she was gone. The next day after we noticed her missing I happened to go in the barn for some reason and heard kittens crying. went in the side room and found 7 black kittens. My wife picked them up and saw that they have teeth starting to come in-so- for the last week I have to buy this kitten milk from the Vet supply store @$4.50 a can along with fancy canned cat food- the part that bothers me the most , for the last two weeks this guy has been on my land every day looking for that dog. Where this trail cam is set up-he is deep on my land ,
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