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  1. we have bears and bobcats too, my neighbor raises chickens and turkeys so my biggest pest is coyotes cutting across my property on their way to their house
  2. This is an interesting topic, great job on your grill repair Andy ! another 'hobby' i have is old Schwinn bicycles, I have been looking for a tear drop reflector for a bike thats been built from my stash. I've seen new/old stock reflectors sell for $150.00 and after market repops sell for $50.00. I went to a garage sale and bought this girls bike for $5.00- this is my bike before and after, took the reflector apart cleaned/polished the lens with Novus painted the housing with Dupli Color chrome the girls bike also had the right era reflector on the rear wheel hub shiner so i replaced the luggage rack reflector too
  3. The last I heard , Joe Z is an alternate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics
  4. The UHF channels always had the good stuff=
  5. my Mom used to give me a one dollar bill and send me to the corner store two blocks away to buy her 2 packs of cigarettes , the old guy behind the counter put the 2 pack and the change in the bag and away i went. Today that old guy would be arrested for selling cigarettes to some one under 21 and my Mom would have probably been on the news for child abuse . and now it would take a $20.00 bill to buy the 2 packs of cigarettes. my parents shopped at Kmart, we went to the first Kmart in Garden City Mi some times a few kids would be milling around the model section and they would wheel that little cart over and plug in the flashing blue light then make an announcement over the P.A system -model kits were 3 for $5.00 they carried Testors glue and paint , right next to the Testor glue was the same exact tube but in Kmart brand marking and was a dime or two cheaper per tube
  6. You have a handsome cat , John. I can see the heart pattern in his fur. you got that right !!!
  7. Four front wheels and 2 spare wheels, yours if you want them.
  8. LOL-Yeah , he's in the cupboard with the tuna ! He knows whats in those cans and that they are for him and his cat brothers and sisters. Some times we find tuna on sale cheaper than canned cat food (believe it or not) . They only get it once a week as a treat, Ace will knock a can of tuna out of the cupboard and slap it around like a hockey puck -nothing wrong with his eye sight Thank you all for the kind words about Ace , I will be sure to pass the positive comments along to him !
  9. Hey Charlie Larkin, Any progress or up dates ?
  10. They were also molded in white- the box;s they came in were pretty cool too~
  11. Jimmy Flintstone makes those Falcon sedan delivery , uses the 1960/61 Falcon Ranchero as a donor. here is my AMT 1962 Falcon Sprint- some day I'd like to convert it into a non Sprint 4 dr like the one i once had the black car was a 62 the lite blue one was a 63
  12. We have 3 cats , this is Dinky hogging the heater and Molly watching TV Ace~ he may be a little hard to look at, He was attacked by a stray dog when he was a baby and lost his left eye and right ear. I spent $300.00 at the vet to save a 50 cent alley cat. Here he is guarding the tuna stash in the pantry
  13. I spy with my blood shot eye...a pale blue first generation Ford Falcon
  14. The Heaven and the Hell of it...this is the weather my neighbor waits all year for=
  15. I'm not sure if this is the type you are looking for ? I fabricated this from Evergreen stock and the 352 from the 1960 Starliner
  16. We have over 2ft. of standing snow, this is my driveway~
  17. Nice job on the restoration , Dan !
  18. Doing my part to stimulate the economy , from 2 different vendors
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