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  1. I get bored easy , maybe I'll start a rumor that cow pharts will get you high and see how many gullible people will sniff a cows rump of course Id take pictures and post them on social media
  2. Cattle are the top source of methane emissions in the U.S Livestock accounts for 37% of all U.S. methane emission and cattle are responsible for much of that producing 86.2% percent of that livestock methane
  3. 120 years ago there were alot of people in the petroleum industry that were dead set against gasoline/internal combustion engines because they were afraid it would effect their kerosene sales.
  4. The Danbury Mint DIVCOs are very nice ! I have two of them , just cant bring myself to rework one to make the dairy brand that delivered to our house when i was young. my dad had a Borden milk route when i was little and remember him taking me with him on the week ends
  5. Even though it has been done in diecast , I would love to see a DIVCO made into full detail plastic kit while I'm daydreaming , how about a full detail Checker Marathon
  6. Rednecks have been doing this before it became popular
  7. It's hard to dance to Beethoven also (lol)
  8. My Ford Econoline is called Dark Toreador Red , when its washed and in the sun it looks more of a purple ish then red stock photo
  9. these Lindberg boats are a bit crude ,but very workable the Century Coronado the Owens 22' cabin cruiser
  10. I remember when you built that wood submarine and followed the wip, Bravo !
  11. Yea for boats ! Lindberg reissued these two boat kits a couple of years ago, listed as 1/25
  12. I have been using this product for a few years and have had very good results This Corvair is the same vintage as yours and it came out fine
  13. Hey , I apologized and deleted my comments and admitted you were right.....you're always right and i'll apologize for trying to join in a conversation after you have spoken what more do you want ? you made your point =move on
  14. Oooops , Sorry Steve , I forgot yours is thee last word, out of respect i removed my post
  15. I think a scale version of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile would be a good seller
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