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  1. This is the first I've seen of the new trailer box art. The October Round2 YouTube video has the Coca-Cola White Western Star and Ford stake truck re-released. I'm still waiting for the Coca-Cola Kenworth Challenge mixer!
  2. I built a resin Unilite 352 with the AMT kit so I have an extra cab if you want it. PM me your address. 20190731_112611 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  3. Slow going on this at the moment but I did manage to get the frame and accessories painted in the base color. Cab is masked off and getting 2nd color this weekend. I also stripped the chrome and sprayed it with Alclad. I scored a box of built up glue bomb trailers for $10 at a show in March and it included a both Fruehauf and Great Dane flats so now I have the missing parts to do the bed and pull trailer. 20190330_070010 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr 20190330_070020 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  4. Nice work so far Brian, great modeling subject too. I've been wanting one but Dave hasn't offered this one for a while. That 6-71 looks right at home in there.
  5. Lots of nice models and great display ideas posted, I'm just about out of room and will need to find another one soon and I'm not sure which route I'll take. When I finished the basement back in the early 90's I recessed a bookcase/entertainment center into the wall and planned on displaying the 4 or 5 models I had built on one of the shelves. 26 years later the tv, stereo and all of the books have found new homes elsewhere in the house. I used a piece of 1/4' acrylic for a door to keep the dust out, and I may add some led's to light it up in the future. Display case by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  6. Awesome build Brian! You have a great eye for details.
  7. Excellent work! The marker lights and mudflap hangers are great improvements over the kit supplied parts,
  8. Outstanding work Brian! The tip for the windshield rubber will come in handy as some of the resin kits I recently purchased have very little detailing around the rear windows. That looks like a simple but effective way to fix that problem.
  9. Thanks for the pics. Again, awesome job on this Bulldog!
  10. Excellent work, that's one of the nicest Cruiseliner's I've seen! Do you have any shots of the interior before you installed it? I'm curious how you did the upholstery around the doghouse.
  11. Excellent work on all three! The Western Star emblems on the horn covers are a nice touch.
  12. That is a superb build, you nailed every little detail! International cabovers have always been one of my favorites. You sir, have some serious talent!
  13. Well I'm almost 3 weeks into this and I did manage a little progress. It's been a long time since I've built one of these old ERTL kits and I'd forgotten how much nicer these were to build compared to the AMT kits. There's absolutely no flash, very little mold lines to clean up, and it didn't require building a jig and weighing down the frame to get it to glue up square. It's in primer now and the basic Detroit is built and has the base color on. 4070A progress 2/20/19 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr 4070A progress 2/20/19 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr Also I've decided to change from my original build plan as a tractor and box van to a west coast truck and trailer flatbed combo. It will be based on this pic that I found on Eric Wizke's Flickr pages. Eric Wizke photo by Jim Gavin, on Flickr It will most likely be the same colors and I'll be using 5-hole Budds all the way around. I'm not sure if I'll scratch build the flatbeds or if I'll use the Great Dane extendable flat as a starting point.
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