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  1. Anyone know when the release date is for this reefer trailer? Round 2's October video doesn't show it yet again.
  2. Does the stand alone kit come with the large diameter exhaust stacks or will they need to be scratch built?
  3. Getting real close! Old Sunoco plated tanker coming this month too. May 2021 Round 2 Product Spotlight - YouTube
  4. Outstanding build, definitely Ford's coolest cabover! I wish I could have picked up one of these kits years ago from KFS but just couldn't afford it back then. Are you planning on building a trailer for it?
  5. Nice work Jim! I haven't built a European truck kit yet but they look like they build up nicely, and I do love the cabovers!
  6. That is a very impressive build! I like the display base as well. Where did you get the guard rails?
  7. That's a tough looking bulldog, and you nailed the stars and stripes paint job!
  8. Excellent work!! I totally forgot about these trucks from my youth. Your scratchbuilding skills are superb!
  9. That looks excellent! The resin conversions are definitely a challenge but when you finish them they're something to be proud of. Nice work!!
  10. Love those old Dodge cabovers, excellent work!!
  11. I finally finished this one that was started back in 2018. Pretty much built out of box with a lengthened frame and resin drive wheels from AITM. I somehow managed to get glue were I wasn't supposed to on the trailer suspension so it's fixed in that position. I guess I'll just have to cut a log load and display it that way eventually. WWS/Peerless logger by Jim Gavin, on Flickr WWS/Peerless logger by Jim Gavin, on Flickr 20210305_152717 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr WWS logger by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  12. Thank you all for the kind words. This is my second resin conversion that I completed and I learned a few lessons along the way. The snow finally melted here in Ohio and the weather was nice enough for some outdoor shot yesterday. The Fruehauf skateboard was built back in 2018. IH Emeryville by Jim Gavin, on Flickr '64 Emeryville by Jim Gavin, on Flickr Ih Emeryville with Fruehauf flat by Jim Gavin, on Flickr IH Emeryville with Fruehauf flat by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  13. That turned out awesome Brian, especially after the resin cab issues. I really like the 6V53 Detroit and the faded paint/weathering. Nice work!
  14. Nice work, love the opening doors and hood! Drilling out the heat shield must have been hard on the eyes, I tried that once and gave up halfway through.
  15. Thanks guys. Dave at AITM has these conversions in stock. Great quality and fast shipping too. International Emeryville Sleeper (72 inch) – American Industrial Truck Models (aitruckmodels.com)
  16. Finally managed to finish one of the thirteen projects I have going. AITM conversion kit (with headlights from a Mack DM 800 parts kit) on an IH 4300 donor chassis. Wheels (and possibly tires) from Double Take Replicas. Inspiration photo in background is from Robert Baciulis Flickr pages. Wish I could take some outdoor pics but there's too much snow to mess with that now. '64 IH DCOF 405 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr '64 IH Emeryville by Jim Gavin, on Flickr &#'64 IH Emeryville by Jim Gavin, on Flickrx27;64 IH Emeryville DCOF 405 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr
  17. Outstanding work! Amazed at the amount of scratch building and fine detailing you do with all of your builds!
  18. Nice work! I like the looks of the 86" cab better than the 108" on these aerodynes. Slicing and dicing of the cab must have been a challenge but you did an excellent job!
  19. Excellent work, nice paint scheme! Looks great with the lowboy too.
  20. Outstanding build, right down to the asphalt residue on the back!
  21. Excellent work and your weathering looks fantastic!
  22. Excellent work, love the paint scheme. Is that the old IMC/Lindberg box trailer?
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