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  1. No need to apologize. I did not think you said anything wrong. I just stated that just to let everyone know that I am not doing my little part to push this movie and let it be known about out there. Because I have anything to do with the film. I just found it and I realy think that we need this movie to be made. I am glad you started this thread. matt
  2. I am sorry Ed. I really was not directing it to you. You just opened that "Can" and I went for it. But I will not recant what I said. Only because it is a fact that there is allot of bashing that goes on over these types of paint jobs on models to the point that there are many very good modelers that have left the forums over this. It is just that no one has said it publicly. So I did. Here are a few of mine. Rattle Can Rattle Can Rattle Can Urethane Clear out of a gun Urethane Clear out of a gun Urethane Clear out of a gun Urethane Clear out of a gun As you can see, I do either, or. The 57 at the top is my latest model. All done with Testors and Tamaya paints and clears. I can get a very nice and shiny finish with a rattle can. All types from all model company paints to Auto Parts Store paints. The Bleu Willys is nail polish and rattle can Plasti-Koat Clear. The last one (Blue 94 Trans Am Stock Eliminator) has been to many shows. Has never as so much even gotten even an honorable mention let alone placed. Do I care? Not at all. I just love entering my models at show and letting others see them. I do not feel that clearing with Urethane Clear out of a gun has ever given me any advantage at shows and this model proves it. It is subject matter and execution of ALL model building techniques that wins most of the time. I do believe that the models with the Urethane Clear out of a gun on them, that have won at shows. Won not so much because of that, ONLY. It was apart of it. But because the over all model was outstanding from the others. I bet the model would had still won Best in it's class or Best of Show with a well done Tamaya paint job. It is the whole package that wins, Not Just Paint Jobs. Yes the paint will help out allot. But, isn't that what model car contests are? Competition? And in a Competition the competitors should want to do all that they can in their means and with in the rules, to win. And no one should down them for that or take their win away. Again,Ed. This was not directed at you or to what you wrote at first. You just started the discussion. This is just my view point on this subject that is now all up for discussion.
  3. Why can't builders just build models the way they want to without criticism from others. It is funny the double standards that have come about in the hobby over thesepast few "Internet" years. You see so many models that are sloppy and put together very badly, and there will be nothing but post on what a great job they did and no one ever points out the obvious. But when a builder does a beautiful, clean model with a flawless paint job. They get bagged on publicly. I have a very good friend that builds these kind of models and he has gotten to the point that he does not even get on any of the boards because of how everyone would bag him and tell him that his model is "Too Shinny" and get talked bad about. when in fact. Not only is this guy just about one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He use to take the time on the message board to give some great How Toos on how to paint. Only because he wanted to do something for "The Betterment of the Hobby". Only then just get more hate mail sent to his inbox. It was amazing, until he finally not only removed himself from all of the boards, he also removed all of his helpful paint tips and how toos. I bet if guys like him or say Clay Kemp were to get on the boards and start bashing on all of the builders that build models with orange peel paint jobs, glue marks and the model is loaded with injection pin marks and parting lines. The way these builders get bashed for their "Works of Art". I bet they would be ostracized from the hobby's community. There are only two rules in this hobby. 1) Enjoy yourself 2) Be cool to others I never read anything that there is a rule for building a model "TOO PERFECT or TOO SHINY. This has got to stop. Instead of bashing these guys. Why not ask them how they did that if you want to build like that. Or if you do not want to build like that, as I do. Just enjoy their work and stop complaining about it. In the long run you only look jealous when you complain about them and their models.
  4. BTW, DW. Thanks for posting this and letting others know about this. Matt
  5. I have been in contact with the writer/actor Randy Spence. He is the one that is playing Boomer Huneycutt. I am in no way connected with this film or knew Randy before this. I found out about it and really felt very strong about this film. I contacted Randy and dedicated a page of my web site to the film. I felt so strong about this film and to be quite frank. I wanted a film like this for my own personal reasons. Randy and I have passed a few e-mails and he had allot of gratitude to the little I did. I let him know that model car builders are the a part of the very demographic that would buy this DVD. Turns out that Randy has dabbled with model cars in the past and through my site. Has checked out other sites like this one. We even talked about a model of the Movie Car and how he could get decals made. Just to let you know a little bit about Randy. He is partners with a very real indie movie production company. He has acted professionally. Even being in a movie with Bruce Willis. He is also from North Caroline and it is his father that owns that Blue Nova (Outlaw Mouse). Randy is also an accomplished driver. He has driven this Nova quite a bit and the car and his family are regulars on the Classic Gearjammers racing circuit. If you are into grass roots doorslammer drag racing. This is the BEST!!! There are allot of vids on You Tube of the Classic Gearjammers. Check them out. So you know that this is going to be a NO B.S. Drag race movie. Being that it was made by someone that has been apart of that racing and that the film uses the people he races with. Here is a video that Randy just put on You Tube of the Nova about a week ago. http://www.youtube.com/user/tdrspence#p/u/3/P4CfX4xPVfo Please Please Please pass the word around about this movie. If you know of anyone with the means to get involved with helping a movie like this out. PLEASE get this link to them. http://www.indiegogo.com/SHIFT We need this movie to get finished. This will be this Century's "Two Lane Blacktop" You know you want to have a copy of this to watch wile you build. You know you do. Thanks guys Matt
  6. Contact me. I can help you out. I have been very one on one with teh real car, too. A good friend of mine owned the car in the 90s and I worked on it quite a bit. I use to make slammers for him to sell.
  7. dencon

    AMT 40 Ford

    Thanks guys, Yea I have got two of the revell kits. Have not taken a crack at one yet. I am going to combined them. The convert with the Deluxe front end and the Coupe standard kit. I want to make a Deluxe Coupe. But just the simpleness (If that is a word) of the AMT and how the final product ends up. I just like that kit. Never a problem with building that kit.
  8. Thanks for that info, Chuck. I too, have been a big fan of the Ford C cab since I was tiny little guy.(Yes I was once)I have never built the model but i did just start on one not to long ago. I got the stake truck and I put both frames together to make it a long wheel base for a race car hauler. I one day want to build a tractor. Your info will come in handy so thanks. Back in 2000 I got a real treat. This place I worked for, a local trucking company, had this mechanic that had one of these trucks personally. He made it into his mobile shop. One day both him and I were at the main office and I needed to get back to the other side of town to the shop to pick up my truck.(A little Toyota pick up. I was the office runner.LOL) So I got to ride, for the first time , in a Ford C cab. I was all giddy and excited about the ride. The Mechanic looked at me like I was nuts. I told him that I have loved these trucks since I was about 5 and always wanted a ride in one. So now at 34, I was finally getting too. It was very cool. I have had rides in just about all of the most popular of muscle cars and hot rods. Cop Car ride along. Been around Charlotte Motor Speedway in a Cup Car. Been around the road course at Phoenix International Raceway in one of the 69 Trans Am AMC Javelins pacing the entire 1995 SCCA Trans Am field. I would have to put my ride across the city of Phoenix in that Ford C cab right up there with those rides. Yea I was 5 years old that day.
  9. dencon

    AMT 40 Ford

    The AMT 40 Ford was about the 3rd model car I built. I loved it. It got me to fall in love with the real car. I have built this kit a few times. The first one I did just like it looked on the side box art. You remember the 80s version with the white box and the blue model. I still have that model in my case, but back in 2000 I built it again and came up with this. I am getting ready to build this again. I just love those colors on that car. It is what always pops in my head whenever I think about a 40 Ford. This is the one I built back in 1985 They both have the optional Buick Nail Head engine. The 2000 build is fully wire and plumbed. The 1985 Built has just spark plug wires.........Made from "Thread". It was before I discovered MSC Model Products.
  10. Now that is a very very cool looking model. Looks like allot of the street stockers that ran around here in the 90s when the 2nd Gen Camaros started to dry up. Great job. I like your decal work.
  11. I am not sure if you are a stickler for having perfect and accurate details on a model.(I tend to be very hard on myself in these areas, but...) But you have to remember. It is model car building and it is all about fun. I have many times, when I cannot find all of the fact on a modeling subject. Just wing it. Most of the time no one is going to even know what is right or wrong and so what if it is. Build what you want. I am doing something like that right now. I am building a Ford transport that is a representation of what the Woods Brother NASCAR race team used in 1971. I even have photos of the real thing. I am going with what I have and how I want to build it because it makes me happy. It will look close and most people will think it is a model of the real thing. I am not worried and I am going to be happy with it. Because I am having fun with it. Again, believe me. I am one pain in the butt to myself when it comes to building accurate replica models of real subjects, too. I have all kinds of NHRA, NASCAR and other forms of motospoorts, rule books right on my workbench. But sometimes I just do not worry so much about it and have fun. ...and NO, I am not trying to talk you into buying my product by saying all of this.......Well maybe a little.
  12. I have been playing with both. I like the Balsa Foam much better. It carves and sands allot easier. Carving details is very easy and water does not effect it at all. The free sample stuff is better in only one way. You can get that little bit for free. The balsa Foam is worth the money. It is the stuff that ILM's and Weta's model and prop shops use in making everything for movies like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I am using it to make some flars for a master of an up coming resin body I will be coming out with in 2011. It is also great for making bucks for vacu forming. Matt
  13. The front part of the frame is the f-1 frame and the rest is Evergreen channel stock. The chassis suspension parts are all resin items I sell. when you get the wide front fenders from me. It comes with a detailed instruction booklet on how to make that frame.
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