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  1. Looks like I'll be getting a few of these too! Between the two kits, there are so many possibilities...
  2. Yes, it is! I got this one, and two more on the way. I'm thinking Cal look, and Baja, like the ones I had, and at least one stock... Rick
  3. As far as I can tell, just add the bumpers with the over riders from the Tamiya '66, It would pass pretty easily for a '67.
  4. Had to go check, they appear to be flush fit I agree Rick
  5. By fresh air heat, do you mean the tubes from the air shroud to heat exchangers? Those parts are in there! I can see it's not a totally accurate model, but it will still build into a nice model car that'll look nice on any shelf...
  6. Sorry, just got home. I'll snap a few pics and get them asap...
  7. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a389/rdworniczek/_57.jpg Am I the first to open this kit? Definitely a new tool kit, with a parts count and similar detail to the great Tamiya '66 bug kit. I don't think it's a '68.The body looks like a '67, while the engine is at least a '71 because of the oil cooler set up and dual port intake manifold. The interior has an inaccuracy with a panel between the back seat and back window that was never there, and I believe the dash was supposed to be padded like a '69. Otherwise everything looks great! Waiting for the convertible kit to be released, so maybe I can combine the two to make a '69 like the two I had back in the day. Other than the inaccuracies listed, looks like it'll build into a great model! Thank You Revell! Rick
  8. Thanks again for all the tips and comments! I guess my big concern wasn't the actual leaving the hinges off, but by filling the firewall I was afraid of not being "Box Stock". It turned out there wasn't even a box stock category! It was a good learning experience, and I met a few other modelers in the process, and I think that is more important than an award any day. Rick
  9. Thanks guys! That is by far the best model I've ever built!
  10. Quick update, I was able to use many of your suggestions, and took home the award for best paint!! Thanks for your help! Rick
  11. Thank you all for the answers! I just didn't want to lose points or be considered incomplete by leaving the hood hinges off. Back to my build! Thanks again, Rick
  12. Hi everyone! When it comes to contests, you have a nice car but it has those giant toy like Revell hood hinges, is it better to just go with it or fill in those giant holes in the firewall and just set the hood on there with no hinges? Thinking of entering a local contest, (it'll be my first) and not sure which way to go on this.... Thank you for your answers, Rick
  13. Sorry it took so long, but here are the final pics... Thank you for letting me participate, If we can get this cbp going again, I have lots of other trucks to build... Rick
  14. I'm calling mine done, I'll try to get a couple pictures up. Was going to add the reefer and make up some decals, but I moved on to other projects... Rick
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