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  1. Ed Billing added a post in a topic Minwax For A Woody?   

    If you use a basecoat for staining fiberglass or steel doors, then use a gel stain over it you can use a wood stain on plastic. I have done some of this on one woody and it came out great. I also did a fuel cell can on a racecar and the officals were ready to toss us out until I got a magnet and stuck on it to prove it was really steel. Then the officals all wanted their friends to see it and we about had to leave the decklid open the whole weekend. LOL
    The Old Masters brand of base coat and gel stain is what I have used, there is a new product called Real Wood I've got at the shop that looks as if it might work but I haven't tried it yet.
  2. Ed Billing added a post in a topic Have a track in your town?   

    My son & I race at OK Slotcars in Clarktown OH, outside of Portsmouth, OH. They have a 1/4 mile track, cars are a mixture of Lexan & Hardbodies [ models bodies].
    We've only been racing for just over a year, & we both love it.
    If anyone wants any info about this great track pm me & I'll send along the info. Ed Billing