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  1. wow very well done great work on this
  2. no prob man there should be a HSV VS manta too
  3. yeah not 100% sure atm just a little stressed too not thinking the best
  4. many thanks mate yeah the roof will be stock body colour not sure? engine i will do more detail soon
  5. ok i re painted the engine no i did not strip it down now to do silver or gold bolts now just sitting in the ranchero
  6. engine got painted today before after and cause i am not ment to lift heavy stuff i dropped it (nah it fell off the stick after the pics)
  7. i had a leak in my gearbox all fix i hope before and filled
  8. ok i looked at this last night do not know to have the bit on the roof or not? or like this?
  9. yeah i need to finish my others 1st and the is a bit of scratch building needed for my little plan mate yeah i will psot pics of it but not un till it is all done then show some progress pics of the build too
  10. nice work so far i have one of these to build one day mine will be a secret project but
  11. many thanks mate yeah still a bit sore but hey get that after what i have had done
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