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  1. Just came across this posting and if your easily impressed, then DO NOT click onto this link below, as they are all totally SCRATCHBUILT, not simply made from an over the counter store bought kit. There are 6 pages of different scratch built models for you lot to drool over, oh, by the way, each of these models has to have all the individual spokes actually hand shaped, not just simple square spokes allready shaped for you to just glue together. This will open your eyes to what is actually out there in the wild, not hiding behind a shop counter. http://forum.scalemodelhorsedrawnvehicle.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=9&order=desc
  2. Tony, your wasting time talking to this - er - ah - (person), he seems to have a "major problem" with learning anything, no-matter what you, or anybody else might tell him. He seems to know it all, so it might be better to just leave him alone, it's like poking a snake with a stick, each time you do it, he rears his ugly head again with more terrible photo's. Please, please ------------ NO MORE. randy d , before criticising anybody, how about you stir what-ever grey cells you got left into action, and at least check out the other persons capabilities, before opening your silly gob.
  3. *edit by Casey* Personal attacks are not acceptable behavior. If you want to comment on the build or provide constructive criticism, like Tony did, that's fine.
  4. Excellent scratchbuilding going on here, just damned excellent. But you got a bit of a problem by posting your masterpiece on here, how are all the others on this forum, EVER going to match what your doing, or for that matter, even come close ? Psst, looks much better than 50 peterbuilts in a row, now don't it.
  5. Don't know what difference that makes, you can still cut the quarter glass from the windscreen and attach it to the door, it's been done before. OK, a V12 has a fuel pump with 6 injectors down each side, you only got 8 on the fuel pump, you got to change it all, to make it look convincing.
  6. You've got a very unusual way of opening the doors, you've left the quarter glass still attached to the windscreen. You should have cut it from the windscreen and fitted it into the door.
  7. Better buy the Bullnose Kenworth from Illini Replica Conversions. The other A#$%HOLE from Ballarat, Australia, is a thief and is copying anything he can lay his hands on. To all the casters that do not copy other peoples work, well, this t-u-r-d is shafting you real good.
  8. Have a look at this lot, it's just unbelievable. http://forum.truckmodelworld.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=5545&p=1 Sure makes some, who use the scratchbuilt look real stupid, eh.
  9. Wow, it seems as though a lot of others on this forum, have had a total gut full of abuse from this highway turkey and his side kick the dumbfan and are starting to jack-up over it. Here's a sobering thought for these two turkeys, it's about time that the moderator was introduced into this problem ? MODERATOR, about time these two "wankers" were BANNED.
  10. has not set their status

  11. Yeh, that bit, 'cause it sure don't look right with what you done.
  12. W T F, that blue peterbuilt looks like you plastered it with 2 inch bolts, couldn't you get anything smaller, to at least look "in scale" ?
  13. Hmm, you lot even invented "Wikipedia", why not use it ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog_roll Instead of being an "omphalogian", expand your horizons, there's a whole world out there. ( Google could even be your best friend about now. )
  14. Hi Chuck, well it appears you got some very old " Bog Roll " in that pink cover, get me drift, 'cause that's about all it's worth using for. So, it say's it's a 2001 edition, now, since then, the "TURKEY' in question, has moved states to try to give the reposession agents the slip, he now operates out of New South Wales and is calling himself North Coast Hobbies. He has even gone quite on the flea bay of late, if we are all lucky, the repo agents might have eventually caught up with him and slotted him. So, once again, a freindly warning, you send him money, he will use it to chase whores and get pi$$ed, ------ you------ will------- get--------- ZIP. Do I have to spell it out any clearer?.
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