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  1. Iron Will added a post in a topic Camaro 70 Baldwin Motion   

    Nice job...

    Are those wheels "big-n-little" and 15 inch?

  2. Iron Will added a post in a topic Finished 1974 Charger   

    Sorry to bring up an old post. But, what paint color was used to do the interior. I had a 73 back in the late 80's-early 90's that I'm trying to replicate that was sky blue with the blue interior.


  3. Iron Will added a post in a topic 71 thru 74 Mopars 1/25 scale help...   

    Thanks. Will 1/24 parts work well in a 1/25 kit? I'm trying to get my AMT '71 Charger setup with a console/shifter in place of the bench seat arrangement that came with the kit.

    The console I'm after...

  4. Iron Will added a topic in General   

    71 thru 74 Mopars 1/25 scale help...
    I'm needing some help finding out which 1/25 scale Mopar kits (B and E Bodies) came with the center console with the pistol grip shifter and high back bucket seats.

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  5. Iron Will added a post in a topic COMPLETE: 1971 Charger "GTS" Pro Tour   

    You forced this noob to join the forum just to say..."I'm inspired!" Dude, that's freakin AWESOME!!! Makes me want to do it all over again with a full size Charger! Great job!