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  1. Ricko 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder 1/18
  2. b]How it looked before [/b] After
  3. solido 1/18 autobianchi - a112 abarth
  4. Maisto 1/18 Datsun 240Z
  5. 1/18 MB 190 SL from Maisto and Ertl modified to racing before and after
  6. Good idea Jim, like Fiat 600 BTW did you read my reply?
  7. Modification: tires, wheels, decals, removed bumpers and back seat, lowered suspension, roll bar, hood locks Before After For more pictures go to link Below:
  8. Burago 1/18 Jaguar E-type Modification: wheels, decals, removed bumpers , seat, body paint, roll bar,
  9. Modification: removed bumpers , body & interior paint, wheels , lowers front suspension
  10. 1/18 Burago Jaguar E type Modification: tires, Rims, decals, removed bumpers, lowered suspension, roll bar
  11. Modification: tires, roll cage, seats, decals, removed bumpers, lowered suspension, tail pipe Before After
  12. Good price from ebay for another project After 3 times painting not happy with the paint job quality though
  13. I had this one posted a while ago but upgraded the wheels few days ago Before mod First Second Latest
  14. Modification: Rims and tires, roll cage, seats & seat belts, decals, lowered suspension, steering wheel,chopped windshield Original model Condition of model when purchased After
  15. Thanks the brand is Road Signature
  16. Not much done on this one lowered stance, painted seat belts and roll bar, decals, tail pipes
  17. Modification: wire wheels, seats, decals, removed bumpers ,lowered suspension, roll bar, body paint, hood belt. Before After For more pictures go to link Below: http://www.touchdesign1.com/xk120/index.html
  18. This model had some missing parts, but I managed to get them from my junkyard
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