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  1. Dang, it was not until the last pic I realised I was looking at a model, great and inspiring work !!
  2. Somewhere between "not all I need" (my words) and "when will you build all of them" (wifes Words)
  3. Any chans you could post a link or so to your facebook page, I tried to search but after going through a couple of hundred, I gave up.
  4. Great tip, must try it. Gettin prewired distributors cost to much in Europe, at least for my modeling budget.
  5. 62rebel is correct, you should use minimal with filler. Another tip is that if you are doing a major modification, it can be necessary to have some sort of substructure there you've cut away the fender, this with the intention of keeping the strength of the body. Look at how its done in 1:1.
  6. My 2 cents. I think a handful of pics is fine, if there are more, just give us a link to your album. The only need for a bigger amount of pics is in a "How-To"-post.
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