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  1. Yad' added a post in a topic Revell Ag Jaguar Xk 120   

    Ok guy's.............

    Following on from Bob' here's mine at just the next stage along, lengthy clean-up and much messing around with the Bonnet [hood] in order to get a neat fit. Those awful mould lines along the body were as bad as Bob' suggests and far worse than it would appear Harry's were?

    Anyhoo, a few pic's - more to follow as this cyber build unfolds.

    I'll upload some more areas later - I'm trying to find pic's where it's obvious extra work or subtle differences are apparent.

    Later ...................... Andi
  2. Yad' added a post in a topic Revell Ag Jaguar Xk 120   

    Here's a quick pic' of a completed styrene version [RoG]. I'll have to post any further details later as it's the early hours here and I really shouldn't be messing about online right now!!
    Suffice to say I found the kit a real bear of a build - it took me weeks of filing filling, re-building, making good then more filing and filling just to get that bonnet [hood] to fit properly, and the rest of the kit didn't seem much better. Having said that given the time you spend - it will reward you with a very handsome model.
    I have a very extensive build album showing most of the areas that I worked on if you'd care to see it?

    Anyway here's the finished build for now...............

    Give us a shout if you want more pic's?....................... Andi
  3. Yad' added a post in a topic How To Cast Bodies   


    I've sent a direct mail to the address you gave to dragonrods - sorry to appear such a numpty, hopefully this will establish contact.


    I know you of old --- DON'T get too excited!!!! This is a series of projects that have been slowly revolving around in my head for quite some years now and as such are definately not on the fast track to anywhere. The whole thing is based on the Model T, and at the minute I'm scratching ancillery parts for the TT commercial version. The axle, chassis and associated hardware. This I then want to extend with differing body and bed styles. I have realised this is all applicable to the standard model T in all it's guises too - most of which [as you know] are not available off the shelf.
    One thing I have come to realise during my research is that the Model T is in no way definative and almost evolved on a weekly basis, and even major changes are difficult to determine.......... this has not helped.
    Anyway I really wanted to keep a rather low profile with this project in case it came to nought! It just so happens I need as much help as possible getting through the process of understanding the moulding and casting side of things. If I do get the hang of it? - Who knows what may happen! [ smiling now].

    Thanks both for your interest...................... Andi.
  4. Yad' added a post in a topic How To Cast Bodies   

    Thanks Chris.............. E-mail and address on it's way.

  5. Yad' added a post in a topic How To Cast Bodies   

    Hi Chris .....................

    Is your reply too involved to post here? - I only ask because I really could use that information as well. I'm at the moment working on a project to bring some vintage type bodies to fruition.
    If indeed your reply may be a bit to involved to post may I ask that I too could be a recipient of the explanation?

    Cheers.................. Andi.
  6. Yad' added a post in a topic Triumph T100 - Revell 1/8   

    Hi all.............

    Sorry the progress has been a little slow, especially if you've been waiting for an update?

    Anyhoo............ here's a pic' of one completed side, I've left a few of the spokes visible as they protrude out of the rim to clarify the assembly. It's all pretty simple as you can see. Even the jig is simply an old jar top that's been pressed into service. It was only needed for the initial set of spokes in order to establish the offset of the hub within the rim, this once complete is enough [so long as you have a reasonably delicate grip] to complete the spoking in "the hand".

    The pic' should make things pretty clear though........................

    As ever should anyone need further details just
    sing out!!

    All the best.................... Andi
  7. Yad' added a post in a topic Triumph T100 - Revell 1/8   

    Here you go then, a further dribble into the Triumph wheel spoking update.

    As you can see minor progress with the component parts displayed and ready for assembly. The style of build is becoming evident here with the emphasis not on a super restoration look but rather a machine that's used regularly but kept in tip-top condition as a well loved tool. Ergo we have paint finished parts that you would normally expect to see chromed such as the hub in this instance - it should view better once complete.

    Something that is becoming very evident to myself is the lack of finesse. This I'm no longer able to bring to my builds since the unavailability of the Yadster, this also being the reason I'm now happy to sign myself as Andi, and try and bring the "Fun" element back nto my building; in fact can anybody tell me whether it's possible to change my old sign-in handle from Yad' to Andi? - it's a bit embarassing working under the name of Yad' now.

    Anyhoo........... this is where we are at the mo' - I'll dribble in the assembly pic's as they happen.

    The spoke ferrules are a little clunky I know but I can live with this nowadays.

    All the best for now lads............... Andi
  8. Yad' added a post in a topic Triumph T100 - Revell 1/8   


    I've made a start on those wheels, and I thought I'd dribble my progress into the thread as it happens. If it all comes to a grinding halt you'll know I've buggered it up somewhere along the line!!

    Now I'm not claiming this to be the definative method, but it's the one I've worked out - and best seems to suit my means and ideals for this build. I have a little experience in spoking my previous "CartoonTriumph" but this needs to be a little more prototypical in its look, and has required a touch more advance thinking.

    This first pic' then is simply drilling out the spokes ready for replacement. There has already been some work carried out though - in as much as the chrome has been coated with polyurethane which has been in turn tinted with a smidge of black gloss enamel. Several reasons - firstly protection during the heavy handling stages, secondly the addition of black negates the age old problem of yellowing, and finally it imparts a very "Hard chrome" look to the surface, removing the plastic "white chrome", which I utilise for a polished alloy look - see the crank case cover earlier.

    Here you go then.....................

    You can easily see I've drilled with the spokes in place enabling me to place the holes accurately, the hub is drilled to my wire size [0.45mm] but the rim has been drilled much larger. This was a tweak I worked into my previous spoking.
    Using the sleeve off of telephone wire, I place a short length over my new spoke and once it's located within the rim - I slide the sleeve down and into the hole, this centres and locates the spoke, and by leaving a little proud it becomes the spoke ferrule - to be touched in with brass once complete.
    Here's the idea on my old Triumph build - it's a bit crude on this one because I was after a theatrical look to the whole build, but should serve to give you the jist of what it is I'm after??

    Here's hoping this piques your interest?......................... Andi.
  9. Yad' added a post in a topic Triumph T100 - Revell 1/8   

    Thanks all for your interest................

    I'm moving on to the wheels next and this is the only area where I'll push the boat out a bit, seeing as they're such a visual part of the bike I'm going to have a go at re-spoking them.

    Dennis............ The kit comes with the twin carb' head etc. The T100 was the basic 500cc engine specification and spawned many types. The twin carb' model came in many guises including the "Tiger, Thunderbird, Speed Twin and many more over the years, all collectively known as the T100.
    But, to be quite honest I've backed down on the desperate search for reference and slavish attention to minutia. This has in the past led to my building becoming less than enjoyable and I'm needing to have a bit of fun with it lately, so apart from the obvious I'm not going to get terribly upset over not researching the build to the enth degree - experience dictates that 99% of folk only give my builds a cursory look anyway.

    All the best for now guys............ Andi
  10. Yad' added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Triumph T100 - Revell 1/8
    Hi all.......................

    Finally made some meaningful progress on the latest project - Triumph T100.
    This as many will know being the 1/8 Revell kit.
    I'm building it pretty much as it comes, concentrating on simple basic modelling techniques and detail painting for the effect - trying to keep the build as light and enjoyable as possible.

    Here then is a few pic's of the basic engine, as ever excrutiatingly enlarged..............it reads much better in the flesh. The polished cover has just been pressed on with Blu-tac to take the pic's with and will be secured later when most of the heavy handling is done with.
    As mentioned mainly down to detail painting and a few judicious additions.

    Here you go .......................

    Thanks for looking............comments and questions welcome.

    More as it happens...................Andi
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  11. Yad' added a post in a topic Plastikote primer...   

    Not that it helps you at all............ but our local hardware store stocks it, and it's very cheap compared to the brands I've been using.
    My question is? - What is the base of the primer....... Laquer - Acrylic - Enamel??

    I tend to use Acrylic touch-up paints [Halfords] for all my spraying purposes and wondered whether this might be a compatible and cheaper alternative?

    Thanks................. Andi
  12. Yad' added a post in a topic Italeri Rajkot Rolls Royce   

    Hello Kunal..............

    That Roller's good to see anywhere, and it still looks a million dollars.

    I'm sure it'll be very poular on this board - they all appreciate a darned good build.

    Cheers................... Andi
  13. Yad' added a post in a topic 1964 Dodge Charger   

    An excellent and very sympathetic rendition. Incredibly well observed and a whole host of very practiced and hard won skill went into this build I'm more then sure.

    The build does your talent and craftsmanship very proud indeed.

  14. Yad' added a post in a topic Honda CB250(?) Revell Germany   

    Hi Bill..................

    Your memory of the kit is quite good. This is in fact an RoG version and it's offical titles are HONDA CB72, kit# 07926.

    You're also right in assuming it's a vintage kit, although it is a good one. It's definately a product of its time but it was pretty cutting edge at that time too. It has a good parts count meaning good detail, the moulding and engraving is excellent - in total you could make a very good shelf model OOB, you could make a fantastic model just applying some basics of modelling technique. And it goes further, it would lend itself easily to a balls out super detailing project.

    The kit as marketed is titled the "Super Sports" [250cc] but it would convert fairly easily to the "Super Hawk" [350cc]. The details are minor and fairly cosmetic.

    Check out this excellent build, unusually not as a restoration but as a working commuter ride.


    Finally the price...................... at one time these were dirt cheap and plentyful on ebay UK, they still appear quite regularly and usually get knocked down for well below retail - I got mine for about $15 a couple of years ago, so it may pay to shop around - they're not that rare.
    They make a real change of pace [large scale motorcycles] and I'm enjoying myself immensely with them at the moment. The truth is I've just finished a Ducati and - honestly! Stood only last week with this Honda in one hand and a Triumph Tiger [another excellent kit] in the other - I'm building the Triumph as it happens.

    Hope this of some help?.................... Andi
  15. Yad' added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24......... MG-TC.   


    Thank you for your applause, it's nice to have ones efforts appreciated.

    Regards the pic's most of this selection were taken with the web in mind so they're all pretty low res'. I think even the originals are only about 300kb. I'm not sure what's in your mind but it would be easy enough to take a new selection at a greater value and at an appropriate size, with effect the finished shots that you see here are my normal style with a white background. I could possibly accommodate different effects within reason, that is if you have something particular that you're thinking of?

    Thanks once again.................... Andi