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  1. neophyte added a post in a topic Shovel-Head Harley   

    Thanks CB! Yeah, apparently there's over 4,000 hours into the construction. And the guy that built it had to first build a miniature lathe in order to turn the motor block. There's pics somewhere of the lathe and the bike broken down, pre-assembly. The search is on for those, and I'll post them if we ever find them.

    ###### Cranky, I was thinking the exact same thing about Paul Sr.'s Sunshine bike. I should send some pics to the American Chopper guys. The tank design and fender detail was actually painted by a nail technician that works in a beauty parlor.

    And thanks for the kudos, Foxer! Love the enthusiasm!
  2. neophyte added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Shovel-Head Harley
    I beg your indulgence for another motorcycle, but I think it's pretty unique. A friend of mine owns this completely hand-made Shovel-head Harley that works like the real thing. It has an electric motor hidden in the jugs that spins the primary, that in turn spins the rear wheel when the clutch is engaged. The head-light and tail-light work, the front brake is operational, the kick-start pedal folds out and works, and it has a functioning Springer triple-tree front end. It even has a small "tinkler" inside that simulates the sound of an idling Harley!

    It has 700 individual pieces and can theoretically be disassembled and reassembled, however I wouldn't recommend it without a support team of Swiss watchmakers standing by.

    Now, I have no clue as to just how unique this things is. That's why I've posted here, to get opinions from people who know what's what. But I've told my buddy it probably belongs in the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee. What do you folks think?

    Oh, and I've posted a video of it here at YouTube if you care to see it working:
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