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  1. dge61785 added a post in a topic Stroppes 64 Comet Rallye Car   

    I believe I may have some little chrome rally lights for an old bettle kit.. maybe some left in my rally mini. Let me know if you might be interested..
  2. dge61785 added a post in a topic The Cannonball Run build-off   

    I'm in! I love these movies, corny, but just great. Not sure what car yet but I'll build one.

    On a side note.. "Speed Zone" is another Cannonball Run movie, just titled different.. and good too.

  3. dge61785 added a post in a topic JEEP HONCHO   

    That is sweet.. what kit is this exactly?
  4. dge61785 added a post in a topic indiana builders   

    Just joined.. Fort Wayne here...
  5. dge61785 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    exhaust wrap
    what have you guys used or what would you use for exhaust wrap??
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  6. dge61785 added a post in a topic First On Race Day   

    Could I get a close up picture of the Zetec? I am considering buying that kit for the motor..
  7. dge61785 added a post in a topic 58 chevy impala   

    Very nice, I like it. I BMFed around my windows and it was pretty easy. I'm diggin the green, and definately better one color.

    My 58.. modeled after my friends 1:1 '58.

    Air ride, chrome reverse wheels, shaved gun sights, hood, trunk, and wipers.. sorry for bad pics