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  1. The best Ford engine to use in the Casey Luna kit will be Windsor based engine. The Cleveland engines don't fit at all well. Its been said that the chassis in these kits were two scale inches,that 2mm in 1/24,too narrow. I agree with that having built six of these kits. Thats the main reason the Cleveland engines don't fit well. The Casey Luna cars also ran with chives from time to time. The model pictured though should have the ford in it.
  2. Nice one! Not often you see the AMT kit built up.
  3. Made me look twice. Great build.
  4. Nicest build of one of those I've seen so far. Looks killer. I'm imagining it with a 450HP supercharged Orion Ford V8 in it.
  5. Great kit bash. Love carbon fibre on the window slats.
  6. Great builds of sweet little cars. Photos are great too.
  7. Great colour. Great build.
  8. I do like E-Types. But I have to agree I do like the lines of these over them. Nice build.
  9. Nice build of that kit. Seen many of them built and thats one of the nicest.
  10. sigmaman

    Aluma Coupe

    Nicely done. Don't see one built that often. Especially out of box.
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