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  1. Looks great mate The wheels suit real nice and it sits really well
  2. I've had this '70 sitting primer for the last 3yrs! I really should get back on this one
  3. Thanks guys!! Had fun doing this one Ive got a 1/16 countach next inline to build, hopefully just as much fun!
  4. Ferrari 458 DMC "Prince of Darkness" Kit by Revell Mods: Tinted door and rear windows DMC style front lip and side skirts Small amount of P/E Small amount of carbon fiber modded suspension 20in front wheels and 21in rears Paint is "Black Rage" by lamborghini Its a great kit, I've just built 2 back to back and i will buy another 1 or 2!
  5. Very nice ! I've always wanted to attempt to scratch one of these
  6. Looks nice Your pile of kits looks a lot like mine!
  7. Nice score! I've just started this myself, I've done a bit of searching on the kit and it's spose to be a pain in the ass! I'm just at the clean up stage, but I have to agree with the reviews, this kit has some issues with flashing and fitment as well as some warpage in some kits on the chassis, body and hood I'm not putting a lot of "love" into mine but I'm only just getting back into the game after a couple of years off Good luck with yours, I'll follow with interest!
  8. Nice How do u find the liquid mask? Any good?
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