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  1. Really nice build , reminds me of a real 66 nova I owned back in the early 80’s , it sat real low like yours but was painted a bright orange, I really liked that car, yours looks awesome!
  2. That’s one beautiful Monte ! Love the color!
  3. Very cool ! I’ve always liked the monkeemobile , but even more the seeing the real car I think I like seeing models of the real car even more, yours looks super !
  4. Just realized I forgot to add the crazy kit supplied custom head lights, I guess to match the bubble top.
  5. Thanks guys for all your comments!!
  6. Thanks guys for all your comments!!
  7. Awesome 65 ! The details are tops !
  8. Thanks Paul that’s the most awesome comment I’ve ever gotten on any site , that would be so cool, not so much for me but for my buddy Rick ! A true modeler for life ! The guy blead plastic! Would be nice to honor all the modelers we’ve lost over the years.
  9. Wow !!! So much work and such an amazing awesome build!!
  10. I’ve always had a thing for this body style, and corvairs in general, yours looks awesome!
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