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  1. Yes Dave,I just checked out this 61 impala, and from it’s clean build and great looking paint job , I have just one word , Awesome!!!!!
  2. Really cool! I love the whole idea! Would love to see this doing Smokey dounut burn outs!!
  3. Perfect!! If I had a real one I would want it to look just like this!! Awesome build!!
  4. Mike !! Man it’s been awhile! So nice to see ya! Hopefully all is good with ya , I’m doing well .
  5. I don’t have a picture of when I first picked it up, but picture a box stock convertible painted black from about 50 years ago , I do have a couple pic’s after I stripped it and added a 65 nova top to it before primer.
  6. Thanks guys for all your nice comments!!
  7. Here’s another newly finished Saved X-Glue Bomb ,last year I traded a Mint johan funny car kit for this because I had to have it , so I thought, the plan was to build a cool stock wheel base drag car , until I seen that a awesome ‘65 nova gasser and a ‘64 stock SS nova were being issued this year ! Those two new kits would surely be better subjects for my drag car, this model started off as a convertible, I added a roof from the amt Awb ‘65 nova body which I got from my buddy Scott here on the site making it a Hard Top, I decided to leave the rest of the model pretty much box stock, except wheels and tires , so now I have another nice little screw bottom to ad to the display case ! Thanks for looking!!
  8. Great looking build!!!!
  9. Please do post up some of his builds ! If you can get him to come on line ! That would be great!! His builds have always been top notch! And the paint always on spot !! Tell him if I can figure out how to do it So can he !!! Lol
  10. right up my alley, I dig em both !!
  11. Awesome!!! Wheels and stance are prefect!! Nice !
  12. Thanks guys for all the comments, I really appreciate it!
  13. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all of you guys taking the time to look at some of my art, and the comments!
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