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  1. A big belated Thank you guys for the comments!
  2. Thanks guys , a little late in know , but I haven’t been on the site for years , looking at these old post has me thinking I may start drawing again!
  3. I’m interested, have stuff to trade .
  4. Everything about this build is awesome, wheels, motor, color, stance,Everything!!
  5. Welcome Garett it’s a fun site I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself here, can’t wait to see what your building, post em up !
  6. gseeds

    1964 Chevelle

    Thanks cobraman, yeah I’m split , my two favorite chevelles are the 64 and the 66 , but my favorite El Camino is the 64 !!!
  7. Bitchen Chevy, love the stance!
  8. That’s awesome! Has that just right look, very cool build!
  9. Thanks AMF and all the others for the comments!
  10. gseeds

    1964 Chevelle

    Thanks Michelle and Bucky !!
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