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  1. Thanks guys for all your comments!!
  2. Thanks guys for all your comments!!
  3. Awesome 65 ! The details are tops !
  4. Thanks Paul that’s the most awesome comment I’ve ever gotten on any site , that would be so cool, not so much for me but for my buddy Rick ! A true modeler for life ! The guy blead plastic! Would be nice to honor all the modelers we’ve lost over the years.
  5. Wow !!! So much work and such an amazing awesome build!!
  6. I’ve always had a thing for this body style, and corvairs in general, yours looks awesome!
  7. Awesome save !! Looks great!
  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Everything from the pesco pumps to the rag top to the mural on the trunk!! Awesome build!
  9. Here’s another one I just finished, this is the early Monogram 1955 Chevy , when I got this kit the windshield post was broken and after trying to repair it a few times I finally just cut it and glued the windshield to the custom bubble top and re made a new windshield post allowing me to be able to chop the top, adding most of the kit supplied custom parts ,shaving all the chrome and giving the car the stance I wanted , it was ready for primer and paint, candy green mixed with candy teal and sprinkle with a rainbow flake, and topped with a 2 K clear coat, all this over a silver metal flake base, pearl white and candy teal interior, I didn’t like the way you could look down though the bubble and see the stock rear seat so I made a rear cover, all in all it was a fun fast build of a vintage kit ,complete build about a week, hope you enjoy.
  10. Lol ! No way , yours looks awesome and after seeing yours it pushed me to finish mine, your build is the reason my engine looks like it does , I thought yours looked perfect and has the look I was after.
  11. This Is a build I started a while back and just finished up as a tribute build for a buddy of mine Rick Grant from Canada, some of you may remember him from coffin corner as Krazy Rick , Rick was a awesome builder and painter, I met Rick on line about 15 years ago on line and our mutual love for custom paint and model car building and everything cool we became fast friends , Rick passed away this past November and will be missed Here’s my Rick grant tribute , a 65 custom, wanting it to look like a late 60’s early 70’s show car, I started with custom parts from an 60’s amt issue of the 65 impala customized by gene windfleld and adding them to the later monogram 65 impala kit, once I figured out the front in I thought it needed to be chopped, once chopped I thought the rear window looked so big so I filled it, shaved everything else that didn’t need to be there and got her under primer, being an early custom I knew it needed some metal flake! So silver flake it is ! Then two shades of candy blue topped off with a 2 k clear coat, I’m glad Rick got to see the paint as I painted it about a year ago and sent him pictures, then I decided to build a lighted car show display in honor of ricks car show diorama that he built, since the hood is clear I knew the big block Chevy motor should be pretty detailed so it is ! plus the engine bay itself should stand out also so it’s metal flake gold with a candy tangerine fade with chrome here and there, interior matches engine bay , in all the years I’ve known Rick I had no idea what he looked like or even his age, but when I got his memorial in my email after he passed there was a picture of Rick so I decided to add a figure of him next to the car, I think he would have gotten a kick out of that , thanks guys!
  12. Here’s a original AMT ‘62 nova I picked up from a buddy of mine in a trade sometime last year, started as a slightly glue bomb convertible, after stripping the old paint and cleaning up some glue marks, I added a top and glass from the amt AWB Chevy 2 which I picked up from another buddy here on this site, who happened to have a spare body sitting around, thanks Scott! , I had a ‘63 in high school in 1977 , so I’m kinda leaning toward a 70’s style cruzer or a 70’s street freak with a crazy paint job and a blower sticking out the hood , nice thing about these models is you can let your imagination go wild ! Pics when I’m done.
  13. One of my favorite cars, yours looks great!
  14. Great looking build, love the color!
  15. That looks totally awesome! I’m doing one right now that’s very similar, and I hope it comes out half as good as yours , yours is beautiful !!!!
  16. Thanks Andrew, this is an old kit I picked up on eBay, not sure how old but I’m guessing 70’s or 80’s .
  17. Wow !! Epic!! Love the attention to details on this awesome build!
  18. Thanks Chris, I really don’t remember where I picked up those drivers, I’ve had them for years in the parts box, I kinda think the driver in the gold car may a 1970’s Mpc Funny Car driver.
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