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  1. Awesome Scott!! Looks great!
  2. Dave this is an awesome build, love the paint!!
  3. Yes Dave,I just checked out this 61 impala, and from it’s clean build and great looking paint job , I have just one word , Awesome!!!!!
  4. Really cool! I love the whole idea! Would love to see this doing Smokey dounut burn outs!!
  5. Perfect!! If I had a real one I would want it to look just like this!! Awesome build!!
  6. Mike !! Man it’s been awhile! So nice to see ya! Hopefully all is good with ya , I’m doing well .
  7. I don’t have a picture of when I first picked it up, but picture a box stock convertible painted black from about 50 years ago , I do have a couple pic’s after I stripped it and added a 65 nova top to it before primer.
  8. Thanks guys for all your nice comments!!
  9. Here’s another newly finished Saved X-Glue Bomb ,last year I traded a Mint johan funny car kit for this because I had to have it , so I thought, the plan was to build a cool stock wheel base drag car , until I seen that a awesome ‘65 nova gasser and a ‘64 stock SS nova were being issued this year ! Those two new kits would surely be better subjects for my drag car, this model started off as a convertible, I added a roof from the amt Awb ‘65 nova body which I got from my buddy Scott here on the site making it a Hard Top, I decided to leave the rest of the model pretty much box stock, except wheels and tires , so now I have another nice little screw bottom to ad to the display case ! Thanks for looking!!
  10. Great looking build!!!!
  11. Please do post up some of his builds ! If you can get him to come on line ! That would be great!! His builds have always been top notch! And the paint always on spot !! Tell him if I can figure out how to do it So can he !!! Lol
  12. right up my alley, I dig em both !!
  13. Awesome!!! Wheels and stance are prefect!! Nice !
  14. Thanks guys for all the comments, I really appreciate it!
  15. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all of you guys taking the time to look at some of my art, and the comments!
  16. Very nicely done! I really like this!
  17. Thanks guys for all your comments, I appreciate it!!
  18. Thanks, the grille is from the 1959 el Camino kit .
  19. Didn’t think of that, good catch Mark, thanks!
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