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  1. I bought the kit tonight, it actually has the custom stacked headlight housings from the original, and what looks like a late '50's style Desoto grille bar. The wild custom rear extensions and the boomerang taillight housings are still missing though.
  2. It's a cool kit, not worth $4000 in any condition though. Maybe $40-60 for a decent complete, unbuilt kit. It was first released in the early '60's as a double kit and it included a custom '32 Ford sedan. The Street Rod series version you have is from the '70's. Cool find!
  3. I only finished one! Revell '29 Ford roadster A/Altered.
  4. I use mostly Testors and Model Master lacquer and Tamiya. I always use white or grey Tamiya primer.
  5. After hearing the news last week, I bought another kit. Now I have three. Actually, I probably would have bought more of them anyway, even without the rumor. One can't have too many coupes! Maybe I should get a fourth kit...
  6. Casey, is that your kit? If so, would you be willing to sell the decal sheet?
  7. Does anyone reproduce the decal sheet from the original issue AMT '32 Ford coupe?
  8. Wow! Two months just flew by and nothing has changed since early August! I'm bringing these back to the bench soon, so stay tuned!
  9. I picked up this '61 Revell 1/4 scale slant six. Unbuilt, still sealed in the plastic bags. All of the metal screws, springs etc are still in the paper envelopes. The built engine belongs to my father.
  10. Killer! Great details and paint work!
  11. Progress has been glacially slow, but I'm still working on them. The highboy now has a 2 speed rear from the '41 woodie and a lowered front end with brakes from the Blue Bandito. I thinned out the inside of the resin body and the new Revell kit's stripped interior almost fits, just needs a little more tweaking.
  12. Great work so far! That rear axle just works so well with this kit! I'll be waiting at the starting line with my '29 roadster, ready for a match race!
  13. I think the topless sport coupe will be a unique addition to the shelf, I don't think I've ever seen any done in scale.
  14. I quickly test fitted the new interior panels in the resin body, which is based on the old Monogram body and it looks like it should fit ok with a little trimming here and there. The new kit is 1/25th and the old one is 1/24th, but a side by side comparison shows that they're very close to the same size.
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