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  1. Aaron_F added a post in a topic '32 5 Window w/ Blown Flathead   

    I hope so! Progress has been really slow so far.
  2. Aaron_F added a post in a topic '32 5 Window w/ Blown Flathead   

  3. Aaron_F added a post in a topic '32 5 Window w/ Blown Flathead   

    Since this picture was taken, I've decided to change the k frame for a '40 Ford x member.

  4. Aaron_F added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '32 5 Window w/ Blown Flathead
    This is my first build thread here since 2009. I 've been a member for years but never posted much. This build is going to be heavily influenced by a 1:1 car owned by hot rod artist Jeff Norwell. I started with the Revell kit and added a front axle from the new roadster kit, with brake drums from the Blue Bandito. In the rear, there's a Monogram Red Baron quick change with brakes from the Bandito and a Model A crossmember. Wheels and tires are from the '29 Roadster. The engine is from Revell's '40 Ford and it will have a Scot blower from Replicas & Miniatures. The color will be similar to the Norwell car. Anyway, here's what it looks like so far:

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  5. Aaron_F added a post in a topic NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...   

    Awesome build Tim! This is definitely one of the best builds of this kit so far! Reminds me of that sweet Hemi powered 5 window you did several years ago. They would look killer together in a side by side photo shoot!
  6. Aaron_F added a post in a topic 1950 Ford Coupe Gasser-WIP   

    Not much progress yet, but I did find a cool hood scoop.

  7. Aaron_F added a post in a topic Dodge 330 AWB   

    Nice job on the body mods!
  8. Aaron_F added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1950 Ford Coupe Gasser-WIP
    My current build was starting to annoy me, so I decided to work on some other stalled projects instead, but lost interest in them quickly. I decided I needed to start a fresh build, and this '49 Ford seems to fit the bill. I bought the kit from a member of the Scale Auto forum a few years ago. The body had radiused wheelwells, shaved drip rails and shortened side trim when I bought it.

    I'm using the stock control arm suspension instead of a straight axle, for a more "home built" look. It will have the blown Cadillac from the kit and a '50 grille. The slicks are those crappy AMT Goodyear Bluestreaks (I managed to find two that didn't have the hole off center). This is going to be a circa '66-'68 gasser, so they were necessary. The front tires are AMT Firestones. The front wheels are from the double dragster and the rear wheels are from the '60 Starliner kit. The paint will probably be candy green.
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  9. Aaron_F added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury '60's Custom   

    The model will be painted candy green just like the one on the box. The custom parts are odd looking, but they still look cool. Lol! The rear end of the model looks like it is a bit shorter than the one on the box, but not much.

    The black is just brush on primer. I can't wait to get some primer on it because it looks gross right now, hahahah. Models always look ugly in the early bodywork stage!
  10. Aaron_F added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1965 Mercury '60's Custom
    I started this recently, but haven't had much time to work on it. It's an original 1965 AMT kit, and i'm going to replicate the box art as closely as possible. I'm just starting to sand the putty and get it ready for paint.

    This wasn't mint in the box when I started, it had been built many years ago but not painted. I decided to replicate the box because it already had that rectangular "continental" grille glued on.

    Thanks for looking!
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