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  1. Thanks, Len. What is the exact name of the Facebook page? I didn't find a page named "3D Model".
  2. Four model years old and nothing yet? Are the big guys waiting for the Z06? Nothing by anyone in 3D?
  3. A rare beast I saw on my morning walk recently - A Swiss Army Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer -
  4. Thank you, I am so glad I kept these! I dug around the internet and found the original brochure that I had used for the business coupe to hardtop conversion. The headlight shape is the way the 54 brochure showed it:
  5. Here is one of the cars I actually drew back in the day, a sectioned 55 Chevy. I traced a brochure outline to get the proportions right then free-wheeled the custom work.
  6. Thanks to all for your kind comments and contributions. The ones above were some of my favorites but I still enjoy looking at them all and communicating with teenage me from almost 70 years ago. Maybe some of you will enjoy these, too: Above - Still using leftovers from the '54 (and a '52 snuck in, too) Ford brochure. Above - And some mild custom work on a classier FoMoCo product that was difficult to improve on! Below - Finally, the last of the scanned brochure 'scissors and glue' art, my perspective attempt resulting in a couple of strange color combo two-tone Rocket 88's. I did DRAW some cars, also. If anyone is interested, I can post some of those. Regards!!
  7. Please, please, a plastic 1:25 scale C8 Corvette - Z06 (shown) or Stingray or C8-R or some version - please!
  8. Anyone going to the Third Annual Harvester Homecoming? A great chance to love up on a whole bunch of IH trucks and see the place where they were conceived! Details: https://harvesterhomecoming.com/ News: https://www.facebook.com/HarvesterHomecoming
  9. But that was John's neat trick. He convinced the Scout Chief Engineer to list, with the Automobile Manufacturers Association, the turbo (and some other goodies) as Scout stock. At that time, the NHRA used AMA specs to verify stock class cars. Learning those tricks was a great benefit to John when he opened his own shop. During a tour of his shop in 1996, he already had an LS1 months before it was introduced in the 1997 Corvette.
  10. John Lingenfelter Scout From Charlie Lingenfelter: “John raced a 1962 2wd International Scout with a turbocharged 4 cylinder. It was an old orange Indiana & Michigan meter reading vehicle.. I believe this picture was taken at a Milan Michigan NHRA Points Meet in the fall of 1969. Note the 7″ slicks. This Scout would pull the wheels off the ground as it left the starting line. Not bad for a U/Stock race car.” David Palmeter: I had the great pleasure to work with John at IH Truck Engineering. My favorite story - to improve traction, John initially ran with the spare on the tailgate. NHRA made him take it off when they found out it was filled with concrete! More here: https://palmeter.com/trucks/
  11. 1965 IH Loadstar Fire Truck - Interesting front end, didn't do much for in-town maneuverability!
  12. Clever, Russell! I did a horizontal section job on the vert and a section and chop on the two-door:
  13. Thanks, Don. The Cadillac was one of the cleanest I did, the '53 Chevy below got a later model wraparound windshield and new rear window, along with a lowering job and Olds wheel cover. You can see a hint of an exhaust pipe through the rear bumper. I am not sure what prompted the red skirts! Using the One-Fifty Business Coupe as the base got me that custom 'de-chromed' look (and a cheap-looking rubber stone guard on the rear fender). The lowered Pontiac got the front bumper and front parking light corner trim, along with the taillight and wheel cover from the second Caddy brochure that provided the continental kit and extended bumper in the original post. A second Pontiac brochure provided the extended skirt trim. Although I did do some perspective customs, I did a lot more of the direct side view mods. Finding brochures with those side views and matching scales (remember, we didn't have scanning way back then) was the big trick.
  14. After school in the mid-50's, I would get home from school and rummage through my stack of car brochures, grab a shirt cardboard that came home from the laundry in Dad's shirts and do some cut-and-paste art. Since each creation took at least two brochures, I had to do some fast talking to get them in multiples. The simple one below has the hood ornament removed, is lowered and has a continental kit made from the side trim. Note that the rear bumper extension is a piece from the second brochure pasted over the original. I still have dozens of my teen art pieces from 65 or more years ago. Did anyone else experiment with cut-and-paste art?
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