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  1. Thanks for your response, do you have photos of any prints?
  2. Just to clarify, yes, Bill was an excellent model builder. The trucks mentioned below are the ones he built, mostly using resin castings from his Pinecrest Models Company, he was a true master modeler: Built Models – Bill Eichhorn – 1961 – 2012 Honoring a friend too soon departed Bill was a close friend and excellent modeler in several hobbies. Model trucks were his major building focus but he also built cars, trains, ships and planes occasionally. In the ’80’s, he started, along with his father, a model truck and car resin conversion kit company called Pinecrest Scale Models, long since out of business. Listed below are some of his models that his father gave me after Bill’s passing. 1910 International Auto Wagon – Revell 1:32 Scale 1978 International Trailer Toter – Resin 1:25 Scale 1978 International Tractor – ABF Resin 1:25 Scale 1984 International F-9300 Tractor and Livestock Trailer - Resin 1:25 Scale 1990 International 8300 Aero Straight Truck – Resin 1:25 Scale 1990 International Dump Truck – Resin 1:50 Scale 2006 International 4400RV – Plastic Toy Modified 1:24 Scale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The models below are the models built by me (David Palmeter). I was fortunate to be the guy at International Trucks in charge of Product Information so I worked with the model companies when they wanted to do an International model, in return, I got very early test shots: 1:25 Scale – Ertl 8001 Modified 1984 International 42/4370 Logger - Built by David Palmeter - Converted 4270 kit before the 4370 kit was released - Power steering and air conditioning added - Complete piping and hoses added - AMT log trailer fully detailed - - 1:25 Scale – Ertl 8000 1972 International CO-4070A - Built by David Palmeter from test shot parts - First EVER Ertl plastic kit - First EVER International plastic truck kit - First EVER Ertl International kit built outside Ertl - Has details not released on the production kit - They had tooled nut detail to allow poseable steering but they were troublesome to mold so production kits don’t have them ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -1:25 Scale – Ertl 8001 1973 International 4270 - Built by David Palmeter - Test Shot Cab and Hood - Built on CO-4070A chassis - 4270 chassis parts not yet available ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:25 Scale – Ertl 8010 1974 International Paystar 5000 Dump Truck - Built by David Palmeter - Early production kit ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:25 Scale – Ertl 8026 1977 International S-Series F-2674 - Built by David Palmeter - Test Shot Cab and Hood - Built on 5000 Chassis - Note wrong front bumper angle, corrected in production ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to Rick for posting his pictures! David
  3. The Hum3D website has hundreds of 3D programs for cars. You can buy this 2020 Corvette 3D print-ready for 300 Euros. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/chevrolet-corvette-c8-2020/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Aug-20-2019 Has anyone tried to print a Hum3D car? I realize it is a complex project but being the first to sell a new car, even if it is a hollow lump with closed windows would seem to have some selling potential. For 600 euros, you can get a detailed interior.
  4. Back in the '70's, my job at International Trucks included supplying data to toy and model manufacturers. Ertl was one we worked with frequently but time and distance have clouded my memory concerning one of the models in my collection. I remember that Ertl wanted to do a 1:64 model of our new setback axle cabover, the 9700, so they showed up with the model resin prototype proposal shown below (#3). The model was so poor that we rejected it. Here is where the story fades. The #2 prototype casting model was a much better model, and is also in my collection. Even though it has tires with Ertl logos, I do not remember that it made it into production. Also, I can't find any evidence of its existence on the internet. So the question is, does anyone have a 1:64 Ertl 9700 in their collection or have you ever seen one or have any suggestions about a good forum that has 1:64 truck experts? I have tried one forum without much luck. Thanks for your help!
  5. Mine- red accents, white exterior and blue interior. USA all the way!
  6. Body swaps are easy - I did these back in the day:
  7. Nice job on the AMT - now here is a real project for you, Ismael! You can do a diecast for your father in 1:24 or 1:18 using this frequently ripped off Chinese 1950 Chevy. This is one in 1:24 that I cleaned up a little by getting rid of some of the excess trinkets (sun visor, bumper extensions, fog lights). All you have to do is update the rear fenders to '51 and a few dozen other upgrades. Good luck!
  8. As I understand the world of 'figures', a 54 mm figure represents a 6' person. An actual 6' person is 1828.8 mm tall. Divide that by 54 mm and you get 1:33.9 scale, neither 1:32 or 1:35. Go figure!
  9. Corvette C6 and C7 Grand Sports, C7 Z06 and hoping desperately for the new C7 Zr1 Targa and Convertible.
  10. Thanks Art and guys; here is his plan: "I used to mix PPG while in High School. My feeling is that it's neither green or blue. More of a turquoise pastel. What I'm going to do is take a pristine Pennant Blue sample and match it to a very pastel color that blends nicely with the Pennant blue. Since no one really knows for sure, it will work okay and be striking when done. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. " Incidentally, he has already built the red version.
  11. Thanks, Doug. The 'Seafoam Green' is a popular assumption for the 1954 Corvair but here's the problem - there was no GM Seafoam Green in 1954. Using your friend Google you can find many SG's for all the manufacturers but GM only had a very dark SG in the '40's and had an SG similar to the 1954 Corvair in the '60's, too late for the Corvair. Or maybe I'm missing something and that's why I am asking. Can you help?
  12. A friend is building a full scale replica of the 1954 Motorama Corvair concept car and wants to be sure he has the correct color. Do you, Art, or anyone else know how JL determined the color for their diecast and exactly what color it is? Thanks.
  13. I never quite understood this listing on the big auction site. It shows a Ford on the top and a Chevy on the side and a Chevy in the box. Is this real?
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