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  1. Just a few thoughts on scale

    As I understand the world of 'figures', a 54 mm figure represents a 6' person. An actual 6' person is 1828.8 mm tall. Divide that by 54 mm and you get 1:33.9 scale, neither 1:32 or 1:35. Go figure!
  2. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Corvette C6 and C7 Grand Sports, C7 Z06 and hoping desperately for the new C7 Zr1 Targa and Convertible.
  3. new for 2018

    This is mislabeled also:
  4. Johnny Lightning 1954 Corvair Paint Color - Art Anderson?

    Thanks Art and guys; here is his plan: "I used to mix PPG while in High School. My feeling is that it's neither green or blue. More of a turquoise pastel. What I'm going to do is take a pristine Pennant Blue sample and match it to a very pastel color that blends nicely with the Pennant blue. Since no one really knows for sure, it will work okay and be striking when done. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. " Incidentally, he has already built the red version.
  5. Johnny Lightning 1954 Corvair Paint Color - Art Anderson?

    Thanks, Doug. The 'Seafoam Green' is a popular assumption for the 1954 Corvair but here's the problem - there was no GM Seafoam Green in 1954. Using your friend Google you can find many SG's for all the manufacturers but GM only had a very dark SG in the '40's and had an SG similar to the 1954 Corvair in the '60's, too late for the Corvair. Or maybe I'm missing something and that's why I am asking. Can you help?
  6. A friend is building a full scale replica of the 1954 Motorama Corvair concept car and wants to be sure he has the correct color. Do you, Art, or anyone else know how JL determined the color for their diecast and exactly what color it is? Thanks.
  7. Modelling Oddities/Mistakes

    I never quite understood this listing on the big auction site. It shows a Ford on the top and a Chevy on the side and a Chevy in the box. Is this real?
  8. I can upload an image from my desktop okay (see Larry below) but when I try to use a hosted image I click "Insert other media" then I "Insert image from URL" but I just get a never-ending looping arrow but never an image. I am using Google Chrome. Any suggestions?
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Being an IH/Navistar retiree, I like to grab the occasional IH pickup diecast when possible, particularly 1:25 scale. I had heard about Speedway gas stations having a First Gear 1938 IH pickup on sale but kept forgetting to track one down. Then, lo and behold, one arrived in the mail from my brother, he is a Marathon/Speedway contract employee and got a freebee. Bless his soul! Procrastination pays!! (Sometimes)
  10. We need some Tri- Five BOP kits !

    Great idea! Get me some of these in 1:25 scale: 1957 Olds 88 Split Window 1957 Buick Century Split Window
  11. Tucker kit? YES!

    My favorite Tucker....
  12. 2014 CORVETTE

    Excellent build! The taillights look like separate red translucent pieces - true? The promos have almost no taillight detail at all.
  13. 1988ish Paystar 5000 (small update 10-4-15)

    Wow! Absolutely incredible!! Thanks for the step-by-step info. As is my habit, just a reminder that the bars on the side hood intake trim should be vertical, not horizontal as designed in the kit. WRONG: CORRECT: Considering that you are an incredible modeler, I am sure you had this little glitch in the kit figured out, but just in case......
  14. International 4300 dump truck

    Excellent job, Jason! And thanks for correcting the air intake trim piece on the side of the hood so that the divider bars are vertical!
  15. What is the longest you have taken on a build?

    I started this 1961 Ford Styline back in 1961: And this is what it looks like 54 years later: And yes, I have been a modeler all 54 years. A 1:32 slot car modeler: A 1:48, 1:160, 1:87 and 1:24 railroad modeler (that is me in the yellow shirt with the train controller): A 1:8, 1:10 and 1:24 radio control modeler (yep, that is a 'Rusteze Bumper Oinment' sponsor decal on the side pod): A 1:24 mag steer modeler (the Caddy): And a 1:24 scale 3D print modeler: And the craziest part of it all? I still plan to finish that 1961 Ford in this life time.