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  1. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Custom Aussie Police Car   

    Haha yeah they arent shy when it comes to paint schemes for the police here, but that can work against them because like you said, they are clearly visible, any criminal that can't see them from 4 blocks away and escape deserves to be caught!
  2. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Custom Aussie Police Car   

    Haha yeah mate the federal police here would basically be the same as the FBI for you guys, when the regular police can't handle it, these guys get called in.

    Heres a piccy of a real Aussie federal police car, its a different vehicle to my model though:

    My next goal is to make one of the Aussie victorian evo highway patrols, I love their look:

  3. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Custom Aussie Police Car   

    Hi george, thanks for the welcome

    We have mostly state police in Australia as well, all the states have their own police forces, and then ontop of all of them are the Aussie Federal police, they are rarely seen, only in extreme circumstances.

    The car I modified was a Biante Ford Falcon FPV BA.

    Similar to this one, except white:

  4. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Custom Aussie Police Car   

    Thanks for the reply and the welcome dingo

    As you said, having the headlights solid is probably more the way I should go, I might make a couple of alterations.

    Since that video I have also got the red tail lights operational and am thinking about putting a white spotlight on the drivers side of the roof that points out to the side, much like a lot of NSW highway patrol vehicles have...
  5. Zaibatsu added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Custom Aussie Police Car
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum this is my first post I'm on a couple of other forums as well so maybe some people already know me but anywayz...

    Just thought I'd share the latest addition to my collection.

    Its a home made Australian Federal Police patrol car, custom built from a white Biante premium BA Ford Falcon model 1:18 model.

    Added were the decals, light bar and LED's for the headlights, tail lights and flashing lights in the front grill...

    I uploaded a video on youtube for anybody interested in looking, the tail lights werent flashing in this video but I have since got them up and running as well

    Heres the vid:

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