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  1. Danger added a post in a topic 300SL Gullwing   

    Here are the pics again. Not sure why they were deleted as they were uploaded to the forum. You can also click on my smugmug website below and look under German cars to see the pics. 
    All the openings parts fit very well. I even sanded the edges of the doors and hood to create a little room for paint buildup, but it wasn't necessary. This was a gorgeous kit to build. Great detail and the parts fit together perfectly. One of my favourite cars of all time. 

  2. Danger added a post in a topic 300SL Gullwing   

    Merkur, the red is just Tamiya acrylic red. nothing too special. 
    Gluebomb, the hubs were masked off with Micro Mask from Microscale. It's a medium thick liquid that was carefully painted on and then removed after painting the Aluminium. 
  3. Danger added a topic in Under Glass   

    300SL Gullwing
    And here is another build from 2016, the Tamiya 300SL Gullwing.
    Built box stock with a TS-17 Gloss Aluminum exterior and red interior. Everything works on the car. Wheels rotate and steering works. hood and doors fully open. I also dipped the clear bottom in Future. This made the frosted bottom much cleared and you can see the under-carriage details.
    I wish I had more pics of it, but i'll have to wait for a decent day outside.  

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  4. Danger added a post in a topic Your Rarest Built Kit.   

    Although it doesn't have 4 wheels I believe this qualifies as a rare, built kit.
    The Tom Daniels kit Devil Chopper. Originally from 1971 and I don't believe it was ever re-issued. I paid $100 for it at a show and within a few minutes other people were trying to buy from me for double what I paid. 

  5. Danger added a topic in All the Rest   

    Ducati 916
    This is my completed Ducati 916. 
    Tamiya kit done in Italian Red over Pink primer. The only addition is some carbon fiber decal for the exhaust. Otherwise box stock. Brake rotors drilled out front and back. I've kept the one side panel off to showcase the engine. 

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  6. Danger added a topic in Under Glass   

    One from this Year - 70 Cuda
    As promised here is another build from this year. The recent Revell 70 Cuda release. 
    The paint is Model Master Plum Crazy with a stencil white interior. The engine was wired and plumbed. BMF on all the trim.
    The pics were taken under different lighting. 

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  7. Danger added a post in a topic Aoshima lamborghini sesto elemento   

    This looks very nice. I have one on the workbench and I hope it turns out as good as yours. 
  8. Danger added a post in a topic 250 Testa Rosa   

    Yes Roger, that is the kit supplied exhaust. I didn't notice the one pipe was falling off when I took the pictures. 
  9. Danger added a topic in All the Rest   

    Black Widow
    Her is a few shots of Aoshima's Black Widow that I completed about a year ago. 
    All the chrome was stripped. 8 different black paints and Chrome Alclad cover the bike. The only addition was the 2 wires wraps to hold the lines to the frame. 

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  10. Danger added a topic in Under Glass   

    250 Testa Rosa
    It's been a long while since I posted a finished build, so over the next few weeks i'll be posting some recent builds. 
    The first is my 250 Testa Rosa in Italian Red. The kit is from Hasegawa and I also used their PE spoke kit. I replaced the engine with a resin version from Historic Racing Miniatures. The trim on the seats was removed and replaced with thin white wire. 

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  11. Danger added a post in a topic Honda 750 Vinyl Tubing   

    I usually insert a toothpick or similar object into the tubing to stretch the opening a bit. Let it sit for a few minutes so it'll hold the larger opening. Then with needle nose tweezers I grab the tubing close to the opening and maneuver into place on the bike. A touch of spit/lube on the opening helps the tubing slide onto the spark plug.
  12. Danger added a post in a topic Printers plate developer   

    I utilize the printing plates not as stock material to be used on models, but as the floor and side covers inside my paint booth. I put paper over the printing plate to catch paint and overspray and toss the paper every couple of weeks. The printing plate just needs a quick wipe down to clean.
    The printing plates are pretty hardy and can takes spills from any of the liquids I use.
  13. Danger added a post in a topic Mixing colors to brush   

    Use beer caps as small mixing bowls. Give them a quick wash and they are perfect. Most of use usually can find a few lying around.
    Also add a little thinner to the paints when mixing (and maybe a drop of retarder). The thinner will help the colors integrate easier.  
  14. Danger added a post in a topic Aoshima Murcielago LP670-4 SV (aka What Did I Do Wrong?)   

    This paint effect can also happen when the colors are not completely mixed. The metallic particles will slowly settle in the airbrush cup/bottle. You have to keep mixing the paint to keep the particles fully suspended.
    Best to use a high speed mixer like the battery operated Badger Paint Mixer. Give it a good mix right before every coat.
    I've had this happen on one of my builds.
  15. Danger added a post in a topic Is there a way to verify how rare a kit is?   

    I say build it!
    I too had a fairly rare Tom Daniels kit that I could have let sit on the shelf. Here's a pic of Tom Daniels Devil Chopper. Not sure how rare it is, but I have never seen any others out there.