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  1. Danger added a post in a topic Honda 750 Vinyl Tubing   

    I usually insert a toothpick or similar object into the tubing to stretch the opening a bit. Let it sit for a few minutes so it'll hold the larger opening. Then with needle nose tweezers I grab the tubing close to the opening and maneuver into place on the bike. A touch of spit/lube on the opening helps the tubing slide onto the spark plug.
  2. Danger added a post in a topic Printers plate developer   

    I utilize the printing plates not as stock material to be used on models, but as the floor and side covers inside my paint booth. I put paper over the printing plate to catch paint and overspray and toss the paper every couple of weeks. The printing plate just needs a quick wipe down to clean.
    The printing plates are pretty hardy and can takes spills from any of the liquids I use.
  3. Danger added a post in a topic Mixing colors to brush   

    Use beer caps as small mixing bowls. Give them a quick wash and they are perfect. Most of use usually can find a few lying around.
    Also add a little thinner to the paints when mixing (and maybe a drop of retarder). The thinner will help the colors integrate easier.  
  4. Danger added a post in a topic Aoshima Murcielago LP670-4 SV (aka What Did I Do Wrong?)   

    This paint effect can also happen when the colors are not completely mixed. The metallic particles will slowly settle in the airbrush cup/bottle. You have to keep mixing the paint to keep the particles fully suspended.
    Best to use a high speed mixer like the battery operated Badger Paint Mixer. Give it a good mix right before every coat.
    I've had this happen on one of my builds.
  5. Danger added a post in a topic Is there a way to verify how rare a kit is?   

    I say build it!
    I too had a fairly rare Tom Daniels kit that I could have let sit on the shelf. Here's a pic of Tom Daniels Devil Chopper. Not sure how rare it is, but I have never seen any others out there.
  6. Danger added a post in a topic Alclad over future?   

    I've shot Alclad over a Future with great results.
    I laid down a flat black base and then shot the Future to give it a shine. The Alclad holomatic spectral chrome was shot over the Future within 12 hours. I then used Alclad's clear gloss as the final coat. It wasn't as shiny after the gloss coat but that wasn't my intention, I wanted the spectral aspect over the whole car. The clear provides a great barrier for handling and durability.
  7. Danger added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    Howard, be honest ... how many pretty girls come out to car model shows.
    And Nick, glad to see you're coming out. I may even give you a ride home if the car breaks down again.
  8. Danger added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    I'll be there as usual. I hope this new venue is better than where it's been the past several years. I liked the Legion but the space was too small and dark.
    I'll be bringing what I built this past year.
  9. Danger added a post in a topic Kingston Scale Auto Club Contest - April 26, 2015   

    I will be there if I finish the 2 kits I'm working on. Kingston is only a few hours drive from Whitby.

  10. Danger added a post in a topic DECANTING QUESTION - BIG 3 LACQUER-MAKERS   

    When I decant I usually put a toothpick in the jar to speed up the de-gassing process. Be careful putting it in as the toothpick causes a rapid bubbling effect that may overflow if you're not careful.

    I also set the cap on top upside down. This covers the open jar so nothing can fall in. The foam gasket that is inside the cap has melted into the paint as it's de-gassing.

  11. Danger added a post in a topic A quick question about accessories   

    As mentioned there is Wheels and Wings on the Danforth and Hornet Hobbies on O'Conner. Hobby King is located in Markham.
    If you are in the East end you can also try Daily Hobbies in Whitby.

  12. Danger added a post in a topic Model clubs in Whitby, Ontario   

    Hey Belair, the club is running in Whitby. Meetings are every 3rd Wed of the month at Daily Hobbies on Thickson Rd. It's a small group of 6-8 that show up. Come on out and meet everyone.

  13. Danger added a post in a topic IPMS Ajax model show   

    Here are a bunch of pics I took at this years event.

  14. Danger added a post in a topic Tamiya Parts Replacement   

    Thanks all. I was looking for an online method but it seems I have to call in. One of the wheel uprights is missing the 2 locating pins.

  15. Danger added a post in a topic Who has used Tamiya's pink primer under a red top coat?   

    I have used the Pink Primer on a current build and the results are great. The topcoat is Tamiya Italian Red and looks a lot richer than previous builds without the pink. I'd highly recommend using it.