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  1. Start by use the sharpest blade you have. Once cut, don't touch, wave a lit lighter near the cut to add a little heat. You want the cut end to melt just a tiny bit to stop the fraying. This method works for me. Danger
  2. I believe the Warmack brothers from the show Trans Am own the rights to the Trans Am name. They build restored and 'new' Trans Am's. I believe the show is on on Discovery. At least one season. https://www.motortrendondemand.com/show/trans-am/102287941/ Danger
  3. Danger

    My GTO Judge

    I tried the drag and drop and got the errors. Here's a few more pics. Danger
  4. Danger

    My GTO Judge

    Hey all, Here is a recent build of one of my favourite cars ... The GTO Judge. Lots of extra's on this one. Hugger Orange = Carousel Red with Parchment Interior Engine Detail: Wired and plumbed, Fireball Resin Rochester Quadrajet Carb, detailed Master Brake booster, added battery cables Interior detail: Photo-etch front/rear seat belts, including roof mounted shoulder belts, added headliner, BMF on trim, added window crank knobs, flocked Exterior details: Fireball Resin door handles, BMF on trim, added wire antennae, exhaust drilled, opened lower air intakes, open hood scoops Wheels/rims from Fireball Resin: 14" Rally ringless rims and rubber, added valve stems Enjoy. All comments are welcome Pics wouldn't upload. Error 200??? Here is a link to my photo sharing site. https://dangervideo.smugmug.com/GM-Model-Cars/69-GTO-Judge/Danger Danger
  5. I'll third Pete's response. I have the 4" bender (SMS003) from the Small Shop and I use it every time I need to bend PE. The great part, is you can spin the top clamp around and bend up to 4", or use the smaller bending clamps. Danger
  6. Here's another album with a car theme. And Jeff Beck builds his own hot rods from the ground up.
  7. I love the displays from Scalemotor Sports, especially the x-frame version. I have three that I use when I go to shows. The x-frame allows you to alter how the mirror and display glass is setup. Either leave the mirror flat or angle it, while also being able to alter how the car sites on the display. Danger
  8. I also might be interested in some printing plates. I've used them in the past for many things around the house and modeling. I think I have one left. 10 or 12 thou thick, 20x30? could go bigger. Hell, I used to work as a Platemaker in Pickering. Danger
  9. They may want to communicate with American modelers, but they are not doing anything for the Canadian modelers! From what I have heard, not a single 68 Chevelle kit was sent to Canadian disty's. I support my local hobby shop and prefer buying from him and not ordering through American e-stores. Danger
  10. Another question regarding this technique, how close do you trim the BMF around the emblem? Is each letter separately foiled and trimmed square or around the contours of each letter? Danger
  11. I painted mine with a white Tremclad paint. Keeps the inside of the booth nice and bright. Fairly easy to clean up. And if it gets too dirty with overspray, just paint another coat. Danger
  12. I do the same as JC above. Various colored handles have different blades. My red handle always has the sharpest blade for foil work. Also because it is most likely to make me bleed. The hex nut on the end limits the ability of the knife rolling off the table/work bench. Danger
  13. Thanks Fumi. I always forget about the japanese websites. Danger
  14. I recently purchased the Tamiya Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird kit at a show. I didn't notice at the time but the instructions were missing. Tamiya used to have instruction sheets available for download from their website. It seems like the website has been updated and the instructions (manuals) are no longer available. Does anyone know if there is a website with the instructions archived? Thanks Danger
  15. Danger

    1966 Olds 442

    And another recent completed model. AMT's 1966 Olds 442. I did this box stock / out of box. Testors Lime Gold Metal Flake exterior with Blazing Black trim and bumpers. Phoenician Yellow interior with black accents. The motor is Inca Gold. Scale Motorsports Faux Fabric roof. All trim is Bare Metal Foil, plus emblems, door handles, lock. Added red line to the tires. Enjoy Danger
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