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  1. I've been running a Mastercraft compressor with a 6 gallon tank for several years. Have it set up in the basement beside the washer/dryer. I have a hose that runs through a wall to my model area where I have an airbooth. That compressor has served me well for many years but it is noisy when it turns on. I just recently purchased a California Air compressor with a 1 gallon tank that is supposed to be ultra quiet. I'll swap out once it arrives. I highly recommend quick disconnects. My new setup will have two airbrushes, each with their own hose so I can quickly switch them out. Danger
  2. Welcome Jimmie. There's a few builders from S. Ontario on the forum. I'm representing Whitby. Danger
  3. Snake, I think they should do two shakeups for the list. Have the top 10 from last year in one shakeup and the bottom 10 in the other shakeup. This way the person who finished number 1 cannot drop below number 10 after the races. Conversely, number 20 cannot get higher then 11 after the shakeup. Danger
  4. I'll decant small amounts right into my airbrush cup. Usually wait 10-20 minutes before spraying. I will give the paint a good stir before I start shooting. If I notice the paint bubbling, I'll give it a few more minutes. Some paints take longer to degauss and other paints you can shoot almost right away. Danger
  5. Looking for help on what clear I can put over a recent paint job. I used Color by Boyd enamel paint and I was going to leave it without a clear but i've burned through the paint twice while polishing and only have a little bit to spare. I usually shoot lacquers or acrylic, but have a few bottles of enamel in my stash. What clears can go over this enamel? Thanks for the help. Danger
  6. Here's my 64 GTO Hardtop built from the Monogram kit. Exterior is Nassau Blue Metallic with a custom dark blue interior. Wired and plumped the engine. Bare Metal Foil on all the trim. Painted the red lines on the tires. Replaced the door handles with Fireball models resin door handles. Enjoy. All comments welcome. Danger https://dangervideo.smugmug.com/Models/GM-Model-Cars/Pontiac-Models/64-GTO-Hardtop/
  7. I posted one on my recent 911 builds a week or two ago. Here is another 911 built a few months back. This is Fujimi Enthusiast #26. Built box stock with an Arctic Blue metallic exterior. Carpet flocked and used Lifecolor leather paint for interior. All comments welcome. Enjoy Danger
  8. Danger

    911 Flatnose

    Thanks all for the comments. Time to post one of my other 911's. Danger
  9. Thanks all for the kind comments. Danger
  10. Danger

    911 Flatnose

    One of my favourite body styles is the 911. Just a classic design that has remained almost unchanged for decades. I've built a few over the years and I'm currently in a 911 build off with a buddy. Here is the Fujimi 911 Flatnose from their Sports car series. Completed it a few months back. Box stock with Tamiya TS-21 gold exterior and Rubber Black trim. Steering is poseable. All comments are welcome. Enjoy Danger https://dangervideo.smugmug.com/Models/German-Japanese-British-Car-Models/Porsche-Model-Cars/911-Flatnose/
  11. I didn't lower the front end that I can recall. The bubble windows do take away from the overall appeal of the car once finished. I like to try to pick colour choices that are not standard. Copper and Black always look good together. For this build I actually picked the copper can from my stash and thought, "what car would look good in this".
  12. Another recent build, Fujimi's Pantera. Finished in Copper and Semi Gloss Black, with a dark grey interior. Photo-etch grills, shifter gate, gauge bezels. Enjoy. All comments welcome. Danger
  13. This is the MPC kit. Finished in Dark Cherry Pearl with Semi Gloss Black interior. Used a wood decal for the box. Added AMT Racemaster rear slicks and parts box front wheels. Blower is from the AMT Engine pack - Pontiac 421. Bare Metal Foil trim. Enjoy. All comments welcome Danger
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