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  1. jackdog added a topic in Wanted!   

    Chuck wagon decals
    Does anybody know where to find aftermarket decals for Chuck Poole's Chuck Wagon Dodge A-100?
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  2. jackdog added a post in a topic Dodge, REO, Ford, White, and Chevy   

    tbill, for the weathering all I used was some Testors wood paint a brown and black permanent marker and paper towel with some thinner on it. It was almost like real wood how the darker colors would stay in the grain.
  3. jackdog added a post in a topic Dodge, REO, Ford, White, and Chevy   

    Thanks you. I made the Pepsi machines by printing out pics of a machine from the 70's I found on the internet for sale that had nice front and side pics and glued them to sheet plastic. They don't have great detail but look good in the truck.
  4. jackdog added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Dodge, REO, Ford, White, and Chevy
    I have been building showrods and 1/8 scale hot rods for a while but this year I wanted to build a truck and got hooked. Going to have to get some trailers soon. Thanks for looking.

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  5. jackdog added a post in a topic Big Red Deuce   

    I used the front goodyears that came in the kit. I cut the opening larger where the wheel mounts out to the rib that is under the goodyear lettering. Then rap the tire around the wheel and cut off the excess and super glue together. When I put the tire on the car I made sure to have the cut part up in the fender. Hope this helps.
  6. jackdog added a post in a topic Big Red Deuce   

    Thanks. I was going to give some info in my first post but when I previewed I couldn't go back. It's been lowered a lot and had to make the front tires shorter so it would have a big n little tire combo. The back mags widened by using some extra wheel back halfs and fitting them to the front of the wheel. Had to trim the apron under the grill for ground clearance. Filled the hood so it has a 3 piece hood and filled the notches where the roof sits. The roof was made from the stock roof in the Big T. Paint is testors spray can red. Lowered the headlights by filling in the mounting hole on the fenders and trimming of a little of the ends of the headlight bar so it sits lower on the fenders. Again thanks.
  7. jackdog added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Big Red Deuce
    Just finished this long sitting project and thought I would share it with you guys.
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