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  1. isaacson06 added a post in a topic My 94 olds pro stock   

    heres some more

  2. isaacson06 added a post in a topic My 94 olds pro stock   

    here it sits as of today i waiting for the headers to setup. o and the frame and cage are pruple not blue

  3. isaacson06 added a post in a topic My 94 olds pro stock   

    thanks guys right now im building header from scratch witch is fun but kinda hard
  4. isaacson06 added a post in a topic Salty 41 Willy's   

    hey man i very interested in how you do this my next build will be a ratrod so would u mind telling me how you do this? thanks
  5. isaacson06 added a post in a topic Liquid Glues   

    i tryed this tenax 7r and its only good for like really little stuff is that what it made for?? and what do you guys build most your models with glue where talking
  6. isaacson06 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    My 94 olds pro stock
    Hi i am new to your site i have been building models for maybe a year but my dad built alot of them when i was little.
    But this is my new one i picked it up last night at the lhs. i painted it lastnight im keeping it the flat look on this one.
    i will update later today as it starts to come together.

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