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  1. I managed to complete this one about a month ago. Loosely based on a real truck. Reworked front bumper, both fuel tanks made from scratch, custom deck plates and a few touches in the interior. Unfortunately I haven't see the real truck for several months and I am afraid that it has been discommitioned. Anyway, I hope you like her, shes not perfect but I am pleases with the result. Enjoy!
  2. That is all for now. I will post under the glass pictures later tonight. Thank you.
  3. OK guys I had to add this under the glass section. The reborn was a project that was an improovment of me skills. I lurned a lot! About the truck, I was after the look of a working show truck. So I got 4 scratchbuild tool boxes, Texas bumper and kitbased the headache rack. Also the gril screen was opened and I used a kitchen mesh as a custom gril. Cab and sleeper jam trims were done with white glue and kitchen aluminum foil. She is not perfect but I am very pleased with the result. Now I am off to complete also the other restorations I am working on with the hope that within 2019 I can touch some fresh plastic and open a new kit. I hope you like her, enjoy!
  4. Thank you for your compliment. We left the stone years in the past and we are looking forward stronger than never before.
  5. OK, its been almost 9 years since the begining of this one. Finaly shee's done!!! Not sure yet If I will put on the varashield. Enjoy!!!
  6. Excellent work on the rig, these Italeri's Volvo are awesome when build as fleet trucks. Weldone diorama! Kostas.
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