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  1. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Scania Streamline rebuild.   

    Gator, thank you for yourkind words. Things are going somehow better for me and my family, but getting realy worst for Greece.
    Any way I am in a mood that I want to puss things forward and so on my hobby.
  2. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Scania Streamline rebuild.   

    Wow!!! 2 1/2 years since the last post on this. I might be slowest model truck builder ever.
    I am pussing forward on this girl, I want her to be done soon, so I managed to complete the frame as far as possible in order to start priming and painting. Once again plenty of styrene was used here and there.
    The frame rails are now covered by custom deck plates which were shaped to mimic the frame and the exaust pipe end was fabricated

    The fifth wheen release handle is now extended, new exaust brakets were fabricated and also the air filter pipe supporter was detailed.

    A few parts of the kit are missing especialy from the exaust, so I used parts from the parts box and bits of styrene,

    Hope you enjoy this. The forecast says heavy rains and temperature drop for the next few days, so I will not be able to prime or paint anything, but I might find some time to puss forward also the cab and its interior.
  3. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Lonestar Car Hauler   

    JT your truck is fantastic, you did an excellent job as always. I like it bumper to bumper.
    What a great idea the upper deck front and rear extenders, 
    Keep it that way my friend and soon we will gonna sufer a global orange paint krach!!! lol
  4. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Moebius New trucks......KW, Peterbilt.....others? New trailer?   

    I though that except hood parts and cab and the front axcle setup, the rest of the trucks are similar. Same frames, same fuels tanks, same rims same fifth wheel, same engines. Again, there are so many common parts that can be used for several sister kits.
  5. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Peterbilt 388 with old school stripes   

    Nice, I would love to own a truck like this.
  6. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Mack 600   

    Nice ans sweet!
  7. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Double Duty Daycab   

  8. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Some Trucks I just got done   

    Nice, black & chrome can't go wrong!!!
  9. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Moebius New trucks......KW, Peterbilt.....others? New trailer?   

    I can't believe that I haven't see this thread earlier.
    In my opinion its not only important what make should be a new kit, but also how many kits could follow the first one.
    To make it clear, I am not a scale model manufacture expert but when a model company agrees with a manufacturer to get licences to make a model, not only should think if the model will sell well, the production cost, profits and one million other things but also what possibilities the chosen theme to be modeled has, always with the lowest bugget.
    That is way easiest for trucks - than cars - because many diferent models of one maker have many common parts to share. For example a new Peterbilt 389 has many common parts to share with a 388 or a 579 or a 386 or even a 567. Remember Italeri's Peterbilt models 377 & 378 both kits have many parts that where tooled once. The engine, the cab, the fuel tanks the tool boxes the frame rails and so many other parts, both kits are almost 90% one kit. small diferences on front bumper and hood The same with Moebius International kits, both Lonestar and Prostar kits share I could say 80% of the tools with diferent hoods. So in my opinion a new model truck kit could be a best seller if it will be able to have many other kits to follow with a few new parts added or build options to be available for example one kit to include parts to be builded as a flat roof or a stand up sleeper. Also it should have to be able to mix parts with the sister kits.
    What I mean to mix parts??? OK lets say that the new scale model will be a 2016 Peterbilt 389 with a 63 sleeper (keep in mind both flat and stand up sleeper options availiable) and then to follow a second kit a Peterbilt 388 both day cab and 48 sleeper options and later a 386 (to have a set back front axle) with a 70 sleeper. Now there are three diferent kits that when a modeler is mixing parts can build most of Peterbilt reall trucks and all with the same tools for frame, tool boxes, engines, fuel tanks, exaust, axles, rims tyres, cab, interior, clear parts and many more parts. Later just a hood set kit could follow just with a 379 hood, or a 367, or even a 357. But also sharing more than a half model (chassis and sleeper) a 579 could be easy also to follow and wait all these options with many-many parts (tools) to share and with one licence of one manufacturer. Of course that would took a long time to develope the first kit, but the sister kits to follow should flow....
    I will have to agree with what JT has mentioned about an accessories kit with all the goodies we all would like to see such as a truck mounted crane, a headache rack, two hole wheels and of course drive tyres. A great idea also could be to have an option of a lift axle and even a few interior bits, like a smartphone, camera, laptop, TV, CB or magasines, a driver's clothes travel bag.
    Thats from me, of course new Peterbilt models would be my favorite scenario thats why I used it as my example but I believe that my idea could work also for KWs, Macks, Western Stars, as it already did with Moebius Lonestar & Prostar and Italeri's Peterbilt kits.
    I tried to share with you my idea and I hope I was clear and not confusing.
    Forgive me if I bore you with my ideas and my long text, but it is not always easy to write what you want in another language.
  10. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Freightliner FLC with Great Dane Reefer   

    I don't know why but I always liked to see Italeri's Freightliner FLCs builds. IMO its a very nice kit. You did an excellent work on it, the 60'' sleeper is adding to the truck and the trailer is fantastic. I like a lot the look of the spreads possitioned far in the rear end. Good job!!!
  11. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Diamond Reo Apollo 92   

    Superb model you have there, I love all the details, bumper to bumper, sweet rig.
  12. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic PETERBILT 377 A/E   

    Your Peterbilt looks fantastic and the color choice is fantastic too. Italeri's Peterbilt kits are very good kits with no issues and I have to agree with what JT said above, about the kit. The kit is nice and your build is fantastic, you have also a fine hood-cab-sleeper aligment. You may add bare metal foil on the doors trims and there you are.
  13. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359exhd   

    Awesome Peterbilt, I like the color, the paint theme, the Texas bumper, the headlights and the lightbar between the fuel tanks. Are you going to build a maching trailer???
  14. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359 wrecker w/sleeper   

    Nice wrecker, it looks so good with the sleeper and those Italeri decals are adding to the overall look.
  15. Kostas Parchas added a post in a topic RED Volvo and 51' Trailer   

    Nice truck and trailer, I like all the details on the trailer, the spread axle setup, the tool boxes, the side air deflectors, she looks so good and red was the best color choice her both truck and trailer.