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  1. Thank you PappyD340 I think to make some Billy cans. But in the cab, no bed like the kit offer. Or some Pabst... Sorry to heard that... But my mom did the same, she tossed few cars I was working on...
  2. Thanks iamsuperdan! I think I'm going to leave the bed empty, and put some Billy cans inside the cab!
  3. I hope one day you can fix your. I have the Revell Chevy Street Pickup, in the Hot Rod series that is pretti much the same truck.
  4. I noticed the front axle, for a little bit I thoug to add a differential and make a 4x4, but after I decided to leave it 4x2. I think to build it out of the box. With some minor mods.
  5. I don't like the tires in the kit, I think they are too much wider, and also the rubber is very ard, they feel like soft plastic. The tires in the kit are Goodyear Wrangler R/T, and I will replace them with some Goodyear Tracker A/T. The Tracker are the two on the right in the picture.
  6. First thing first, I modify the front axle, so the wheels will be able to trun. Here the chassis with suspension and brake line.
  7. I had this kit for a while and last week I start to build this truck. Here a few picture of the box art, and all the parts.
  8. Very nice display! Unfortunately is not sealed, so you need to clen your models after a while.
  9. I will have to check them!
  10. This is a model I built in 2009. A 1952 Jeep CJ-2A Zamboni Model C #10 in 1/25 Scale
  11. Two build I really enjoy. The EL Hursto, out of a Cutlass Revell kit in 1/25. Here the full build: EL Hursto And the Ferrari Unicorno, also from a Revell kit. Here the full build: Ferrari Unicorno
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