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  1. Very nice build! On a small frame I don't recall, but on large frames, there was an optional, a side steps, so women with skirt could rest their feet. I had great memory riding a Vespa too!
  2. I never stop building. Sometime the problem is finding the time... Nice Vespa, I build one in 1/9 around 20 years ago, was made by Protar. cool kit! Mine was not stock... Never had a Small frame stock... I hope is all good with you, in this crazy times!
  3. THe idea is to build it stockish... Since the kit has a V8. Thanks!
  4. Nice collection! When I saw the custom roof, I though was a hood. But after I realized it was meant to be on the roof, and I though it did not look good. But looking at the green one, I dig it more and more!
  5. I had this kit for a while, and maybe is time to build it... The idea is to build it stock, I mean not the "Little Eliminator". The kit looks nice! there are few extra parts that can be use with the model. I was surprised to see a lot of flashing around the parts. The stock wheels are made not very well, they are off center and too big. When installed on the tires, they wwill cover part of the white wall. The kit also has chrome wheels, but not tires for it.
  6. Have a section in the forum where we can have some update about the magazine, is a good idea.
  7. I bought it years ago at Michel's, works good!
  8. Very nice! I always wanted to build one!
  9. Great Job! A friend of mine had a Spider. Unfortunately this car did not make a lot of success...
  10. Finally finished this old project. For make it I used wood and brass. The WIP Couldn't miss the picture with the cannon ball! In the future I will like to fire it.
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