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  1. Did you see it at the Pacific NW Model Fest? Next time let me know, I would love to put a face behind a name! Thank you! Thank you Mike! Yes, laser welding. I made all the bags using the same process, and is a pretty simple/basic tecnique. First I decide the design of the bag, lol. After using wire metal I bend it in shape. I did the tw faces first, in the case of teh cilindric bag, the faces have round shape. After I cut few piece of wire to give the dept. The rest of the process is to put all together. It can be done with soldering, or even glueing, also can be done in plastic (small round rods). But since I was using wire metal, and have acces to a laser welder, I prefer to use it. Is super clean, and fast. To make the side bag on the rear fender, that is the biggest bag of all, it toke me less than a minute to laser weldit together. A the end you have a cuboid frame object. After I cover it with fabric vinyl, and detailed. The cool ting to do a frame structure in metal, combined with a flexible material on top, is that you can bend it easyly without the worry that it can break. All the bags I made I had to adjust them so they can have a more organig posture on the bike. Thank you Christopher! Thank you Chris!
  2. I was looking a some pieces, when this caught my eyes. Surprised to see this on a Revell Germany kit. The revell print is not centered and not aligned.
  3. Nice job! I start to build one 5/6 years ago and never finished...
  4. I'm planning to work on it this weekend, I'll update with photos.
  5. I didn't serach too much about it, I know Revell Germany make pretty good kits. I wonder why it toke soo long to make a T2. Is one of the most iconic VW.
  6. That was the fun part of the build. Nobody would drive something like this for a trip, above on offroad trails. My bike is more like the rat bikes that were around before building a rat rod or better a rat bike was a build itself. like this one.
  7. I would do the same. One time they had to shut down the highway, because somebody lost control (was wet) of the truck, and hit the median for bounce back on the far right lane. Luckly nobody was injured, but there was piece everywere!
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