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  1. Thank you Terry, glad you like it!
  2. Thank you JC! Thank you Ricky for the kind of words!
  3. I was able to find different photos of the car, thanks to a friend of mine. Thank you Mike! I think the movement factor on a rally car is very important. Thank you Chris!
  4. I just finsh this model. I grew up following rally races, some I was lucky enough to be part of it. I have a soft spot for Lancia rally cars, above all the Gruop B. I was able to be a co pilot on few of them, and hear crazy stories from drivers. Even when tose cars are stand still, they seems go fast. The engine noise... Every thing on them were pushed to teh limit. When I start this kit, I wanted to capture the motion and power of a Group B rallye car. I saw a picture of this Lancia flying with the front end damaged, perfect picture for what I had in mind. This 037 was from the Jolly Club team. The driver was Biasion and co pilot Siviero. It finishe the Rallye Sanremo in 3rd place. The kit I used is Hasegawa, beautiful kit and goes together pretty well. I had to modify the fron frame/chassis of the car. I also used the photo etch details also from Hasegawa. The kit came with tarmac tires, I needed gravel tires. My brother design the gravel tires, and a friend of mine 3D print them.
  5. Great show, with tons of great models, some also ver very unique. Really enjoyed to see all the photos. Good inspiration for future builds! Congratulations to all the winners. I hope one day to attent this show in person!
  6. I prefer sand paper. More choices on the grid to simulate any asphalt, and works on any scale.
  7. Welcome back! Building models is a great hobby. Above all for your kids. They can learn a lot of things that can be useful when they grow up.
  8. 1/8 scale. There is a opening for the hood hinges, the real car does not have this opening.
  9. That's a classic businnes on the front and party on the back...
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