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  1. Very nice! I always wanted to build one!
  2. Great Job! A friend of mine had a Spider. Unfortunately this car did not make a lot of success...
  3. Finally finished this old project. For make it I used wood and brass. The WIP Couldn't miss the picture with the cannon ball! In the future I will like to fire it.
  4. Here the last pictures before open a post of it on the shelf section. Test fit the last pieces made before painting. Hinges on the front for tilt the cannon and the rear mount that will regolate the height Made all the bracket and rivets that will hold the cannon in place
  5. I like how it came out, I finished few days ago, still need to post pics... Thanks!
  6. Test fitting the brass cannon Test fitting wheels and made all the braces
  7. Thank you Bob! Your site is still working? I try I cannot access.
  8. I always wanted to build a cannon, finally I decided myself to do it. I'm going to build it out of wood, and the scale is 1/24. Here the main part for the cannon. Here the handle that will go on it.
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