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  1. pibull63 added a post in a topic 49 Merc &49 Ford teaser pics   

    where did the hood come from? inquiring minds would like to know..............steve
  2. pibull63 added a topic in NASCAR   

    looking for paint
    hey guys, i'm a bit out of my usual model zone with this project, so i came here with a question. i'm doing a project for a customer who wants a petty car done. my question is where can i find "petty blue" paint? any help is greatly appreciated...........steve
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  3. pibull63 added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    i've used the purple degreaser for years. even forgot parts in the bucket once or twice. never had a problem with it. cuts paint real good, and doesnt smell like oven cleaner..................steve
  4. pibull63 added a post in a topic new start on next build   

    heres another angle. the rear down tubesare inverted inward. two down tubes were added in the front. front shock mounts were changed. front bumper is changed. the rear suspension will be leaf spring. working on front motor plate and tranny mount
  5. pibull63 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    new start on next build
    ok guys. heres the start of a new build. a scratch built tobias frame. more pics to come as i add more to it. thanx for lookin'
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  6. pibull63 added a post in a topic check this out   

    nobody in particular. always liked orange and white. in the process learning how to do decals, soon as i get it right it will be numbered and lettered
  7. pibull63 added a topic in Under Glass   

    check this out
    here are some pics of the latest one. i couldnt get them on here, but they are at http://photobucket.com/pibull63 check them out, let me know what ya think. thanx for looking
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  8. pibull63 added a post in a topic Removing glue   

    hey crazyjim, thats a pretty slick trick. i gotta remember that one. but doesnt the cold turn the plastic brittle? just wondering.
  9. pibull63 added a post in a topic Revell '57 Chevrolet 150   

    looks pretty sweet. did you use a rattle can or airbrush?
  10. pibull63 added a post in a topic Airbrush Purchasing Info   

    i had a harbor frieght air brush. iwas surprised to get a few years use from it. i just got a badger cresendo 175 from michaels a few weeks ago. price was $150.00 the girl at the register had a 40% off coupon she gave to me and it knocked the price down to $85. i went away happy. seems to be working quite well, i have real good results with it. it is a dual action brush, came with 3 needles, 3 tips and 2 jars. no hose.
  11. pibull63 added a post in a topic Wheel-tire fit problem   

    my first idea would be a sanding drum. unless you have acess to a lathe, you could bore it
  12. pibull63 added a post in a topic HEADER COLLECTORS???   

    the way i make my headers is with aluminum welding wire. the collecters, i use a plastic drinking straw. its flexible enough so when you slide it over the headers, it stretches just a bit. i dont even glue it on. just leave it, because it is so tight. try it and let me know how you make out
  13. pibull63 added a post in a topic Mack Rebuild   

    i gotta agree with davkin. i like the changes, but its your kit. if ya spend your time pleasing everyone else, you'll make yourself nuts. just my .02
  14. pibull63 added a post in a topic rust all rust set   

    there are several ways to make rust. one is to take steel wool #oooo, put it in a glass jar, (mason), fill the jar with vinegar. leave the lid loose, as this mixture will give off gas as it rots the steel wool. when it is evaporated, youcan brush it on anything and it will give a rusty haze. this works good for diaramas, because it gives wood a weathered look. another is a product called ROTTENSTONE. it makes anything look old and weathered. i used it years ago on my railroad with excellent results. i got it at a craft store, i believe. its been years since i have used it, but i believe it is still available
  15. pibull63 added a post in a topic What would you build out of this?   

    i'll put my two cents in......how bout a space hover vehicle? why i thought of that i don't know. but, thats the first thought that came to me. i think i've been inside too long