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  1. Chopping tops like a mad man

    There is only one Chopper...Chopper ,Ted Lear from Tennesee or Kentucky, I'am not sure..
  2. My son's first paint job

    If that is HIS first spray job and YOU didn't paint it, he's going to be a hell of a painter..Very well done..If thats his first model you should be proud of what he's done..Lots better than having your nose stuck in an I-Phone..He's going to be a very good modeler..
  3. Far far far from my cup of tea.

    Beautiful car in its stock appearance..Very elegant..
  4. Think the production Edsel was bad????

    Don't like the bumper guard grill insert..Car is basically a 60 Ford/Meteor with fancy chrome..
  5. MPC '71 Road Runner

    Those 1/24 Mopar Models of Monogram of that era were kinda simple but built up very nicely..The 71 is a beautiful car as I owned a Sebring Plus with buckets and one with buckets and fold down center armrest..That car was Light Winchester grew with matching interior and full white vinyl roof..Both of mine were 383/4bbl with rallye wheels and RWL tires..I built a 71 GTX,painted it Citron Yella ..Hardest part was molding the front pan to the body and grafting the correct lines beneath the pan..Glueing the front and rear bumper was hard as not to smear glue..
  6. The Zen of Model Building

    With my dexterity and lack of patience I am glad to just do a box-stock build..My big deal is clean build and nice paint..If its clean it will draw the looks as with the paint..You can have a beautifully done detailed to the max and if the paint isn't up to quality it takes away all the work..One that comes to mind is the black one on the cover of the competitors magazine this month..Beautiful work but the paint..Sorry..
  7. Where are all the Canucks from on here?

    Winnipeg Manitoba, old St.Vital to be exact....
  8. Very nicely done..Not too over the top which makes it simple and clean,clean,clean..
  9. Racing in the 60's

    A Dodge 440 series 2 dr sedan..Very rare in real life let alone a model..Very nicely done..
  10. A few of my builds

    Beautiful models. As in today's NASCAR they all look the same..Nice work..
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    You know, just buy the picture I knew it was mine.., don't think it had an engine or rad either..
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    That looks like the one I sold to a guy in Winnipeg a few weeks ago..Was primed and only had one tail light..I own a real deal and a model of one..
  13. Favorite kits

    Steven, probably one of the nicest cars ever to come from Chrysler..Many years ago at Mopars in the Park there was an unrestored one done in light Lavender with a white interior..I know its still around the Minneapolis area..Sure was sweet..
  14. Japanese "kei" cars

    Thank you..
  15. 66 VW Beetle, Very Orange, with a Story

    Just tooooo clean..Very well done and you should be proud of your build..Excellent..