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  1. Had to change a credit card and passwords to certain accounts and try with a slow IPad to contact the payees but everything worked out okay I think...
  2. Those two door post cars are going to be awsome..No more having to buy a resin kit..Now hope they put a bench seat option in too..
  3. It did work, it got posted..Had computer hacked and just got it back so test to see if I had to re sign in..It worked..
  4. Testing to see if it still works
  5. Very nicely done..Maybe when Dino gives me the other one he will mistakenly give me this one instead..Here is hoping..Sure is a sweet build..Dino does unbeliebable work..Shop of Ezmerlian is one of the best shops around..
  6. I've found that Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel is good but dries hard like a lacquer..I also like Steven like the Perfect Match clear..Both are good..
  7. Fantastic work on that 49 Dennis..Great work as always..
  8. Nice work on the model but that black interior is going to burn the bum when the sun is out, especially with the top down..
  9. I want to do a Ford and I picked a 49 next to do..Dennis beat me to it..I painted one about 30 years ago then gave it to Dennis and now would like it back..He said we could work something out..I still want to do a custom with Meteor front grill and stock rear bumper..Slight rake and a bright metallic orange(Nissan color) with maybe red rims and wide whites..Maybe two tone interior..Won't be as nice as Dennis' but I don't have his skills..This one will be killer when Dennis is finished for sure..
  10. Very nicely done and super clean too..You are taking a chance on Krylon clear though on a good paint job..Once its good then next time not..go figger..
  11. The only two remaining hobby shops in Winnipeg don't carry it at all..Mostly fine scale modeler stuff..Planes/Military/Ships and Gundam..Cars don't exist to them..
  12. Tot my new issue today #212 in Canada..Fairly quick delivery and super magazine..
  13. Nice work, hope your hood matches seeing your last coat was probably put on separately..If it doesn't match you can show it with hood off on the side..Very nicely done so far..Keep it going..
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