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  1. Very nice, stance and colors look good..Never been a fan though of continental kits on any cars..Your Edsel is going to be a "killer"..Excellent.
  2. With new ones people would like how about the 67 Skylark 2 dr ht..Would be a huge seller..
  3. Very nice, probably better than the purists would like..Very nicely done and super clean..
  4. Oh the days of Plastic wood as filler..
  5. Definately NOT my style but the workmanship and quality work is unbelievable..Excellent execution on something you'd never expect from a 69 Charger..This will be one that won't be forgotten..Should be a stand out at shows when your able to go to shows..FANTASTIC build..
  6. I use Tamiya Flat clear on Chrome headlamps on kits that still have them..Three or four coats just flows to the edges and looks fairly like lenses
  7. Welcome Randal,,one thing for sure is you can paint and build clean builds..You'll love it here..Myself I'am into Sprint car dirt racing and Late Model..World of Outlaws and Morton Building series..
  8. As I don't usually like cars of that vintage, you hit a hot spot..The first car my son got looked just like yours only with out the V-6..Excellent executation and a quality build in something you don't too often see..Very nicely done and super clean job..
  9. When Steve does something it is usually very well done and spectacular looking..One of the better modelers today..
  10. If I knew how to take a picture from the 68 brochure and 69 brochure to show you I would..I'am not that computer savvy..
  11. Steve, the dash pad on the 68 is thinner than the one on the 69 and 70 "B" bodies..
  12. Nice work but something doesn't look right on the model..The size of the portion of upper door by roof looks too thick and he 1/4 window doesn't look like where it should be..B pillar looks too thick..Might be me but I don't think so..
  13. Fantastic work and nicely done..Sure hope you can paint and by the look of what you show now its going to Pop when you get it done..Waiting to see what the finished product looks like..Very nice work..
  14. All these requests for certain kits are nice and all but today its what will make money..You've got to be able to make various different models of certain kits to make money..The new Chevy II wagon sounds like there will be another version..The release of the 59 Imperial was one of one and did very well..Where I live in Canada it was very hard to find one..Moebius did well with their Hudson (which I don't know how because they are ugly) but they made several models out of one mold, same as the Ford trucks and the 55/56 Chrysler..Who knows, maybe someone will continue to make new molds..End of rant..
  15. Sweet looking build..Now with Salvino doing the Petty cars you can do Neil's Dodge and maybe the brothers can get a resin and copy the Magnum they used for a while..I remember Neil Bonnet driving one and winning with it..
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