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  1. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge   

    The body work is super straight..When you look at the reflection of the white on each side, the line is straight..Super body finessing Jay..Paint and polish sure set it above the rest..
  2. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge   

    When that car left my stash I didn't think it would turn out like this..Excellent,Excellent,Excellent..Very well done and super clean..Now you got to get going on the Plymouth..
  3. moparfarmer added a post in a topic #43 Rchard Petty Superbird "Petty Blue" paint?   

    Go to an automotive paint supply store that makes spray bombs..Get corporate blue or Basin Street blue..Thats the color..
  4. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Revell 67' Plymouth GTX HEMI   

    Doing a good job so far...The hardest part I had was glueing the lower grill pan(one between front bumper and grill)  Didn't want to match up too well and didn't stay glued..Not enough surface to make it solid...
  5. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 5 window coupe   

    Very clean and excellent built..AMT or Revell?
  6. moparfarmer added a topic in General   

    Its been a while
    I haven't been in the model room building or anything in the last at least six months..My wife all of a sudden got all this material and wants to do quilting..She said she would work in the basement and I would go downstairs with her and do models..Tonight was the night..Spent about hour and half..Glued the engine compartment of a Lindberg 64 Dodge 330 2 dr sedan(that I painted many years ago) and primed a 64 LIndberg 64 Plymouth that a friend grafted a 2 dr post top on..Primed the Plymouth and my work on the filler turned out real good..Glued the underhood stuff turned out real good too..Hope Testors orange tube glue is good and doesn't break during build-up or when finished..Also waxed a few in my case(Meguiar's Gold Class paste)  Glued some lose parts on a 58 Chev(bought on E-Bay years ago) and put in the case..Had a good time tonight at the bench and hope to have the urge to go downstairs again tomorrow night....
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  7. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Why do we like the makes we do ?   

    My uncle had a Chrysler/Plymouth/Fargo truck dealership in a smaller town..I would spend my 2 months summer holidays at his dealership..I've had Chrysler products all my life..Even my family drives Chrysler products..They have never been bad but I did have a 70 Challenger that had a lifter problem..Got it fixed and never looked back..MOPAR all the way..
  8. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Rear Window Louvers-Revell '71 Plymouth HEMI Cuda   

    The louvers from the Monogram 71 Cuda will fit..Even though they are 1/24 the size isn't noticable..Rod Maskiw got a set from me and used them on his build..Looked like they belonged there...
  9. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 1984 Dodge Turbo Z   

    Never thought much of the Mopar fwd stuff back then, in real or models..That one you built is very clean and well done..You should be proud of what you accomplished..People say you can't polish a turd..You sure did and a very good polish job indeed...
  10. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Jo-Han 1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville - Restoration   

    RandyB  Nice fleet of Caddies you have there..Very impressive...
  11. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    BobbyG   That 63 that is a brown shade is killer..Got a friend from Minneapolis who moved to Phoenix years ago had a dark blue Savoy post..You might have seen pictures of it on one of the sited..Had 14" tires and steelies/dog dish..Mean looking car done like it came out of the showroom..Was redone by Muscle Car Restorations from Chippawa Falls Wisconsin..Chech their site there might be a picture of it...
  12. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    You are doing masterful work....Very nice job on what you've done so far..The Belvedere model had a strip of straight chome on the sides..The model without the chrome is the Savoy which took the place of the low line Plaza of earlier years..Keep it going, this is going to be a killer car...
  13. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 69 Camaro ZL1 (updates 11/24/15)   

    Sedate looking sleeper..Very nicely done, but what a sinister looking car..Did you put slicks on the rear? or did you not put raised white letters on the rear?...Sweet looking ride you should be very proud of..Clean,Clean,Clean....
  14. moparfarmer added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Sorry AMT/MPC there is NOTHING that does ANYTHING for me..Maybe next releases will...
  15. moparfarmer added a post in a topic '68 Firebird - a 'clear the bench' build   

    The paint looks awsome, you have a "sand through" on the tip of the hood but can't see anywhere else..Touch up the hood then shoot two to three coats of clear on it..If you're using Tamiya stick with that brand, then wetsand and polish out the clear..Should look killer when you are done..