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  1. Are you the Greg Meyers who worked for Mopar then Mazda and was from California and was on the Model Car List? I know that Greg had some nice builds and stories of 1:1 stuff the manufacturers did..
  2. Wow, very nicely done and YES, it does look better with that style roof..Not big on that type of wheel but they set the model off real nice..Excellent work and nice coloring..Super clean, just can't say enough of how its soooo well done..
  3. Two days ago it was Scale Auto to quit publishing after the October issue then read today the Tom Carter has sold Spotlight Hobbies to a couple..Wow things are happening quickly in the model world..Hope this site and the Spotlight site stay active and in use for many years to come..Thank you to both..Whether we(both sites and people) get along or not its for the MODEL CAR HOBBYIST that counts..These two are the BEST sites for MODEL CAR BUILDERS..
  4. Did Wendell Scott ever run a MOPAR or was it just Ford and the odd GM cars? Good driver with what he had and what he had to deal with..
  5. Maybe I'am bad here but why would they(Revell) tool up a new body when all the factory did was change tail lights and grill..Basic same body shell..Interior different and dash..Not a big GM know it all but most factories did minor changes to the outside of their cars every second year..
  6. Welcome fellow Canadian..Just watch when you buy from the US or any other country the shipping is horrendous and brokerage fees are worse..Hope to see some of your work soon..Stay safe and healthy..
  7. Although I originally asked the question I'am just going to work with sanding sticks and paper to make it look decent..Not skilled enough to replace 1/4 panels..on models or real cars either..I'll work till I'am pleased. Didn't notice the grill but the grill on the GTX looks like it goes in too far on the bottom..Too much of angle..
  8. I've used Tamiya Flat Clear on some and also with just a dab(about 1/32" of white mixed with the clear) I like the straight clear better..Three coats just dabbed on the lens..It flows out because its Acrylic and looks good when finished..Here are two results..The blue car is just the clear and the other is with the little white..I've also got a 64 Chev that haven't taken picture but looks better than the two shown..
  9. Saw on another site a post of a nicely done 67 Coronet..I know the hump on the top of the 1/4 panel is too high but noticed the lower part of the belt line looks to be not as deep as the rest of the body..Looks like someone put sheet metal over the rear wheel housings to cover rust..Looks bowed out to me..Never noticed that before..Any one else?
  10. Nice work on the model..If Curtis Turner had a car with a motor that wouldn't blow up, it usually ended up in winner's circle..Run it till it blows is the way he and Buddy Baker drove..
  11. The whole 58 AMT Plymouth looks like its pushed up in the middle of the door..I've seen lots finished and they look like they got stuck on a high curb that made the body bowed upward in the middle.Nice kit but engine leaves lots to be desired too..
  12. Carl..Very nicely built and clean to the bone..Being Testors Rattle can I can smell the paint from here..Their paint goes on very nice but never dries unless put in the cooker(dehydrator)..
  13. Maybe its me but 800 grit is too much..I never sand with anything under 1500 wet and always prime then sand again with 1500 wet or 2000 wet..Primer I use is Duplicolor sandable primer or Plasticote sandable primer..Both are lacquer based and you can paint all brands over it..Enamel,acrylic or lacquer..
  14. Very nice clean build..I like the smaller height A pillars/w/shield on the one you did over the real ones with the taller glass..Very nicely done and super clean..
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