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  1. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Help identifying these   

    the first interior tub looks to be that of a 61 Ford..The side door handles don't look like where a Buicks would be..Seat design to me looks like Ford Galaxie...
  2. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Busch Grand National Series   

    All great models..The Ford(Babe Ruth) was not owned by Jack Roush..It was owned by Bill Davis racing..He went on to own the Dodge that (the funny talking Burton) won the Daytona 500 with..Chevy scooped up Jeff Gordon from Bill Davis..The rest is history...
  3. moparfarmer added a post in a topic The Orange Crate - '32 Ford Sedan   

    Very nice job on the kit, especially being not finished or built on your own bench but during a camping trip..A member of our model club (Winnipeg Model Car Club) built some as you did when he was younger..I think he is 65 now..When the new release came out he mentioned he was now going to do one properly..It sure came out nice as did yours..Funny what a few years and more modelling experience can do..Well done...
  4. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B (*** Updated 22 Sep 15 ***)   

    If that Chrysler turns out as good as that Chevelle its going to look "killer" work on and work on carefully..
  5. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T   

    I hope when you do the body you mold the front pan in and rescribe proper lines..Looking good so far...
  6. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 34 Ford Rods ?   

    There are sure some nice 34 Fords on this post..Great work guys/girls...
  7. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Year of change 1949 X "old" 1948.   

    Fantastic build on both cars, especially the multipiece 48 Ford..Paint and execution on both is immaculate..You DO build some very nice stuff..I've seen your other posts on earlier Fords..EXCELLENT work Lovefordgalaxie..I would have called you by name but your handle is easier..Very well done...
  8. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B   

    SFD Very nicely done..Your build is clean,clean,clean..Very will done..
  9. moparfarmer added a post in a topic AMT '59 Ford: What the...?!   

    Addition to my comments, my 64 Plymouth has a bench seat and no seatbelts..Not even mounting brackets..US Mopars had belts and brackets in 1965 while Canadian produced didn't have them standard until 1966..
  10. moparfarmer added a post in a topic AMT '59 Ford: What the...?!   

    Uncle Scott 58..I bought a 1965 Dodge Coronet 2 dr sedan from a guy in Minneapolis..Had no passanger sunvisor,no armrests...Also had no back-up lights or w/washer..My 64 Fury convert had no power steering or w/washers but did come with a factory AM/FM radioI've since installed correct power steering and wheel...
  11. moparfarmer added a post in a topic Hey Round2 Let's see these again......   

    Joe, I got one of those 88 Dodge Daytona kits at a brown bag contest..You brought something from your stash that was complete and unbuilt,wrapped in brown paper/newspaper and drew for a kit..The one you get you build for the Christmas/December meeting..Most guy gave POS that they didn't want..I got the Daytona..Not much better than the Omni..Both POS
  12. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 59 Chrysler Convertible   

    Paul, I like it all but whats with the green interior?
  13. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 70 Roadrunner   

    The orange

    The orange/red Testors glue or crazy glue(200 mph glue I call it) or Gorilla Super Glue..Paint I always use Duplicolor with two light coats and one heavier and Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel clear(dries and smells like Lacquer) Primer, Sandable grey/white/black or red from Plasticote or Duplicolor...I always wet sand with 2000 wet then polish with Meguiar's Cleaner or Scratch X then finish off with Meguiar's Gold Class paste.Hope that helps..The clear should go on like the base coat applications..
  14. moparfarmer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Steven like I told you before you should attend with some of your models the NNL North held in Bloomington each year..There are top ten awards for the whole show and about four specialty awards..You don't compete in classes...The models are judged by vote of your peers..Great fun with many vendors,draws and good talk with other modelers..Its usually the third Sunday of May..(Canada's long weekend) You can look up Fotki sites of dino246gt (Dennis Ezmerlain) or 1802 Fotki site(Rod Maskiw) they are winners most years and have the show on their sites if you can get them..It would be great to meet you and see your stuff in person..
  15. moparfarmer added a post in a topic 1/24... 2015 Donny Schatz Bad Boy Buggies Sprint car   

    Very nicely done..Although I'am not a Schatz fan, he is a fantastic driver..I remember him when his dad came to Winnipeg Speedway to race and he was a 5 yr old brat..Good family with a heart of gold..You did a very good rendition of this years Championship car..He will win the Championship again this year...He is just that good..