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  1. You've got the paint part down pretty good for your first..You will find lots of inspiration on this site and tips of how to do almost everything..Most important thing is take your time and BUILD FOR YOURSELF. ENJOY the hobby and its not quantity but quality..Important thing is have FUN and when it gets to be a chore STEP BACK and take a breather..Good start so far..Take care and stay healthy and safe...
  2. Looks like even Mobeius is re-cycling model kits..Its good to see because you can't find many of the originals in shops now..
  3. With the corrected roof that could be made into a real nice stock 2 dr sedan...Will need two kits, a stock 2 dr ht and the sedan gasser kit, but can be done..
  4. Nice paint and have a ?..When you glued in the front and rear pans/facia did you have to modify the chassis to fit or was it an easy fit?
  5. Very nice looking car..Colors and stance are right on..Good to see you molded the front pan in too..On thing I don't like, but its your car..I like stock wheels..Very nice clean work..Well done and would stand out on any contest table...
  6. Nice work and all but DON'T forget to paint the bottom of the interior to match the hole in the chassis..Should be same color as the chassis is painted..Small point but being OCD this brings to my attention to mention it to you..Nice progress on model..
  7. Very nice and clean model..The only fault of the kit is, the Belvedere Never came with bucket seats, Belvedere always had a bench seat but the factory race cars had buckets for weight..Too bad Lindberg didn't do it right..I usually use the seats from the stock 64 Dodge in the kit..Nice and clean build..
  8. I know this thread is about 2X clear but how about Duplicolor 1X clear..Is it good or is it just a variant of their Clear Acrylic Enamel spray..Some one said its good but takes a while to dry..Any comments welcome and if I hijacked the thread sorry..
  9. Welcome to the board Marlo..I'am from Winnipeg and a big hockey fan..Jets are my first love but been a Canadien fan before..When I was a kid there were 6 teams and we'd bet our allwance on games..I did quite well..big loss to friends though in 1967..Both our teams are not doing well yet but will get better..Hope you enjoy the site and lets see some of your builds..I'am old and don't have that much dexterity from stroke in 1998 and build just box stock..No wires or plumbing but try for clean build and nice paint..The thing with this hobby is to have fun and enjoy..not get pissed off and throw things..Take care and GO JETS GO...LOL
  10. Tell me more about the ceramic spray coating..Is it actual spray or applied by hand and buffed?
  11. Watched this as you were building it..Turned out very nice..Clean and very well done..
  12. I like the color but the fleck looks too big..Looks like one of those dune buggy flecks in the paint..Paint is nice and smooth though..
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