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  1. Here are two pictures of "the Room" complete with red wine and some fumes(lacquer thinner" and the music is playing "Fumes,Tunes and Wine"
  2. This time I'am going to install front end/rear end after chassis in car..Easier to manouever chassis in place..
  3. I'am doing one now..I had a rebuilder that had the pans installed..the chassis came out without breaking the pans and will go back in if you are careful..I've filed a bit away from the inner fenders on the chassis on the sides to make it easier..test fit as you are going..Tape the pans in while test fitting..The front pan on mine almost just snapped in..Used Tamiya super thin(dark green top) to weld it in place then Testors orange tube glue on the small crack on the sides..Let dry for days and sanded smooth..Used razor saw(very fine teeth, hobby saw) to groove the front where the factory lines would be..rear will work same but don't mold in..Factory lines are where it will install..Weld glue the entire seams on both front and rear pans for stability..I should have removed grill piece from front before molding in but too late now..Just hope I can paint the proper colors when time comes..
  4. A friend was over and I just polished and wet sanded my resin 65 Dodge Coronet 2 dr post..While sitting at desk I put the completed chassis(minus axles and rear end and exhaust) to see how it fit..It didn't tuck up into body or under hood didn't match with fenders..You could see sides of chassis hanging down..Was looking forward to working lots on it but not now..Going to have to do some grinding either to completed resin body inside, or chassis to make fit under hood..Got to keep cool so I put it in box and put it away for another day and maybe some red wine to work with..Ended up groking some kits and criticed my 63 Impala that doesn't need much to finish..Turned out to be a good afternoon..Forgot to mention we went to a local hobby shop(Hobby Sense)to check out the stock..Lots of stock and good selection..
  5. Very nicely done and the black sure sets it off especially since you can't see polishing streaks in it..Very clean..Super job..
  6. I've seen both of Dino's and they look like everything was made for the kit..Both are excellent builds..
  7. I sometimes paint the interior the same time as the body..I pick out the details with Tamiya Smoke(bolsters and door bolsters)..Then paint with Tamiya flat clear..It makes a very slight different tone in the color and looks good too..Worth a try..
  8. Buckets, no console and column shifter..Rare..
  9. Don't paint it in a light metallic color or use black primer..It shows awful and all the flaws..
  10. Here is one that I did a few years ago..Dodge 330 2 dr sedan on Belvedere body..
  11. First time I've ever seen that..It was very informative..I knew there was lots to making a car but WOW and that was in 1958-59..I can't imagine the technically advance the assembly is now..I imagine some of it still is done the old fashion way but now I don't know if its as as good with some of the junk on the streets now..I'am pretty sure they won't last as long as they did back then..I don't imagine you'll see many vehicles today in 20 or so years like you do now..Very interesting film about GM..I imagine Chrysler and Ford worked the same..
  12. I follow your builds on the other forums you and I frequent but this one shows the pictures larger and can see the details and build quality better..Very nice and great build..
  13. Spray the interior the same color as the car, then do the bolsters Tamiya Smoke flowed into to cracks and creases then Tamiya Flat Clear over that..It will give a textured look with just a subtle different shade to your color..
  14. What do you use to paint over chrome headlights on grills to make them kinda look more realistic..I'am not skilled or steady to drill out and insert lenses..Help needed..I tried Tamiya Acrylic Clear flat and it doesn't look too bad..I've heard clear lacquer is good too..Any thoughts or newer ideas?
  15. I'am probably going to get in trouble for this...The way the world is going today every bodys feelings get hurt over the smallest things..If its not politically correct our feelings are hurt..Grow up and be the man/woman you were years ago..Too many snowflakes who want everything to be nice..No competition, just be happy and have fun..If you don't like comments or don't like to be hurt, don't post..I know I will get feed back but thats what the USA and Canada are..Free countries that have freedom of speech and movement..Like it or not, it is what it is..
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