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  1. 74 Buick Electra coupe

    Fantastic, you said you used Tamiya Enamel, never knew they made enamel..Always thought their paints were lacquer based some what..Shows you what I know..
  2. What went wrong???

    Many years ago I sprayed an older Ford and got the humidity hazing..Just polished it out with Meguiar's Cleaner and all was good..Thats how I deal with humidity problems,,yours might be more of what Mr Obsessive mentioned...
  3. Molotow chrome

    To me its soft and has to dry for quite a while..A week at least..It its touched many times it does get dull and I would think rub off..
  4. 2 tone 57 Ford Custom

    Very nicely done and strange two tone especially on a low based model..Very clean and like someone else said make sure you display at shows with a mirror base..Excellent work..
  5. 1963 Plymouth Fury (Jo Han)

  6. 68 Hemi Dart...Finally finished

    You're good to go just the way it is..Love it and very clean too..
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Lee Iacocca got the best he could do with making different cars on the same platforms..He did the same when he was with Chrysler too..
  8. 1963 Plymouth Fury (Jo Han)

    What paint did you use for the signal lites and head lights?
  9. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Steven, to get off course, it was good talking to you and your wife, just wished we could have BS"d a little more during the afternoon..Met some others from here but names don't come that easy now with age..Uncle Scott 58 I do remember..Hope your trip home was good because I stayed at my daughters and rained all time there with huge winds..All way to Winnipeg today,Wednesday..Great show and CONGRATULATIONS on our Club Award..That Ford is out of this world..How you do such builds is an understatement..I hear you used to play with plaster, I might have to hire you to come to Winnipeg and correct my house walls..LOL
  10. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    I remember meeting you but I too can't remember faces..I look like my avator but with slighly shorter hair..Black shirt..Hope to see you win another one of our road worthy awards..Lookin' forward to seeing the Imperial..
  11. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Steve, hope you are bringing something to NNL North on Sunday..Look for the old grey haired short fat guy with the Winnipeg Model Car Club black BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH..I more than likely will be sitting at a table..Sorry to hi-jack the thread..
  12. Neil Bonnett's Armor All Olds

    Sure would like to see a model of Neil Bonnet's Armor All Dodge Magnum..Come on Salvino Bros..Lets do some Magnums..There were a few running at times..You could do Kyle Petty's ARCA winner too..
  13. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    I guess, but realistically how many variations of any one of those can you make? If you can't get more than one copy it will never happen..Its just the way the model business is today..
  14. 1956 Chrysler Windsor convertible

    Sure would have to be some adventurous guy with very deep pockets and tons of skill or connections..Would be nice when finished if it was possible..
  15. Pete Hamilton Road Runner

    Too bad he had back problems and had to retire..I know he drove at first for Petty Enterprises then Cotton Owens but after I didn't know..He was a good wheel man with some talent..I also know he was involved with Petty on the Kit Car stuff, or was it Jim Millican?