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  1. Nice car when you are done I expect but the high back bench seat was the base seat in the base Scamp..Optional seat was split with center armrest in deluxe interior..Sold those in the day..
  2. Very nicely done..Sweet custom for sure..Very clean and subtle, just right..WELL DONE
  3. Here is a picture of mine built a few years ago..I had the real deal a few years ago..
  4. SPOTLIGHT HOBBIES Matt/Dawn..Great prices and very quick delivery..Never any problems..Always fast and ship very well packed as to have NO damage..Highly recommended...
  5. Takin' names and kickin' ass..Love it..
  6. Very nicely done..Only one thing for me is the yellow trac bars..Mopars never needed trac bars..That's a GM thing..Fantastic job on your GTX...
  7. Dennis Ezmerlian did one like that a few years ago..He's a modeler from Winnipeg and I think frequents this forum
  8. Mercury looks like one of Fords show cars from years gone by..Excellent work..
  9. If a Prius did that kind of ripping the panel and door the Prius would be a write off..definately a truck or something with a real chrome bumper in front..
  10. Lots of fine work there..Hope all turns out like theWIP and paint is flawless..
  11. Nice build, DON'T do nothing to try and correct what you call a problem..Its alsmose unnoticeable..Leave things the way they are..If you do another then correct the mistake..
  12. Duplicolor sandable primer or primer filler which is basically the same..Good sized can for around 15 bucks and blocks out well and you can paint anything over it..
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