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  1. 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible

    When I built mine many years ago,I also found the w/shield frame to be very flimsey..Window helped some but I foiled before installing w/shield..Hope yours turns out good...
  2. Dust!

    If you use an old coat hanger to hold your model when you paint, hang it upside down to dry on a cloths line etc..Dust falls and doesn't go up hill..
  3. Revell 68 Chevelle

    I like your wheel choice but RWL tires didn't come out until late 1969 or 1970 on all the big three..Like the full tires though..Don't use those lower profile tires on it..They wouldn't suit it..Nice job so far, keep it going..
  4. 1950 Oldsmobile - Class of '50 - Graduate # 3

    Some guys,builders just GOT IT looks real sweet..Nice job..
  5. 1969 Dodge Charger

    Absolutely No bad things about your build of the 69 Charger..Very well done and super clean..One thing though and its NOT just your model, lots of others too..Why do they make the w/wipers separate on the sprue..They all look toy like and too big..I liked it better when they were molded onto the body..Made for easier and cleaner builds..I guess just to say it has more parts..Your car is striking..
  6. Gaz 13 Repainted and modified promo model , hachette 1:24

    EXCELLENT very well done..Super clean and did I say VERY WELL DONE
  7. First refresh of an old build about complete

    Nice job..That Super bee kit is probably the best one of that series of kits..Looks proportioned well and most everything fit well..
  8. Steve Bagwell '65 Plymouth Super Stock WIP COMPLETE

    What kind and brand of color did you use? I've used Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel(large black label can) and no problems...I've used it over bombs made by paint stores (acrylic enamels)..Sorry for your troubles as you put so much effort into your work..Still looks pretty convincing though..
  9. Monogram 57 chevy nomad

    Very nice job on a real old Monogram turd of a kit..She sure is a beauty..Well done and super clean..Goes to prove that an experienced modeler can make a turd shine..Excellent..
  10. 1965 Plymouth A990

    How did you float the darker color onto the lighter color on the interior...Sure looks good..
  11. 1957 Dodge Coronet 4 dr. ht. Texan

    I though and I might be wrong but wasn't the Texan only built to co-inside with the La Femme in 1955 and 56? Never knew they made them after that..Beautiful model and very well done and clean..
  12. Johnny Rutherford

    That car, some thing on that car is illegal..Smokey NEVER made a car without some kind of scheming done..Your model is excellent and very well done..Super clean and without a doubt would be very aerodynamic on the track..
  13. 69 Charger 500 from Revell kits

    WOW..Very nicely done..Color is killer and stance is right on..Box stock with no wiring on engine..Very clean under hood too (who need wiring/plumbing) when models are built this clean..VERY WELL DONE..YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD Mopar to ya Bud.
  14. Best 383

    The 440 from the original trophy series 49 Mercury was said to be the best rendition of the Mopar Big Block..You can't really tell one from the other..Other than that the ones from the Lindberg 64 Belvedere (black car on box) or the 64 Dodge 330 sedan( turquoise on box) would be very good...Also the Revell 69 Charger(blue on box) BTW All GTXs came with 440s not 383s Hemi was optional..
  15. Automotive wax ?

    After I wetsand with 2000 and up I use either Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 which is just a touch more agressive than Meguiar's Cleaner..Follow with Meguiar's Gold Class paste, light coat then buffed when haze..Buy the products once and good for you models probably for life..Been using Meguiar's on my 1:1s for over 35 years and thought why not on models too..