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  1. 36 chevy

    Very nicely done..Super clean too and the color sure sets it off..
  2. The one with the yellow car on the box had the smaller roof(chopped) The one with the red car has the corrected roof on it..Back when they first came out,if you sent them the price code they would replace all the non chrome parts..They then retooled the body to the one on the red box top..
  3. 64 dodge 330 super stock

    I've never blackened my door/trunk lines..I'll show in this picture of my 64 Dodge..
  4. 1965 Plymouth Fury Questions.

    If you want the 383 from the Lindberg 64 Plymouth, I'am coming to NNL North in May..Let me know if it would be okay..Has plain valve covers and proper air cleaner as on shown picture..Let me know by email moparfarmer@hotmail.com..
  5. '70 Super Bee

    Very nice job on the Bee..Well done engine compartment but maybe pass on the white walls..Rallye wheels looked better and tougher with black walls or Good Year Raised White Letters..Very nice work..So far so good..Gonna look killer when done..
  6. Upload pics from a phone?

    I take my pictures on my wife's I Phone 7 S..Transfer them to my email then save them on file..Then I send then to the site I'am on..I don't have a hosting site so I can't post on Spotlight or Scale Auto, but have no problem on this site..
  7. AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues

    Just saw today that Barris did that car as a 67 X for an Imperial Oil give away in Canada..There were four built for that contest..Ugly is for sure..
  8. What Do You Want To See Next?

    Everybody has their wishes and wants, but in this day and age the hobby of modeling cars/trucks the manufacturers have to choose very carefully..They have to be able to make various variations of any new kit with little modifications to the mold..Why Mobius ever did the Hudson is a question to me, but they were successful..I don't know why, but you seldom see one at a show now or can't buy one now..Revell did well with the 57 Ford line and Mobius did well with the 65 "B" body Plymouth line..Who knows what,if anything is coming..It will have to be successful for sure in the market place.The majority of us are now getting older so its got to be good.
  9. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    You will notice from the top picure there is no dent in the door.The chrome is straight and not dented like on the bottom picture..
  10. 1966 Dodge Charger

    You got it rusting in all the right areas and not over done..Very nice work..At first I thought it was an old build that just didn't have a good life, but then really looked at it, and yes its very well done.
  11. 1964 Dodge 330 sedan..

    For the ingition coil..Couldn't find it on the sprue so it hasn't got one..
  12. 1964 Dodge 330 sedan..

    After paint 15 years ago and lots of time building (had to do two chassis and exhaust) its finally finished..Box stock (no dexterity or patience)..This build fought lots of the way, but taught me to bear with it and don't chuck it against the wall..Thanks to my friends for keeping on me to finish it..Hope it passes the test...
  13. 1965 Plymouth Fury, A Little Color.

    Air cleaner and valve covers were not chrome..Engine paint is Duplicolor Chrysler Turquoise and now they call it Chrysler green..Looks the same..My 1:1 was Plasticote Chrysler Engine Turquoise but they don't have it any more, so the Duplicolor is the one..Engine doesn't look too bad for 40,000 miles of driving eh? Clean it ever time I take it out..
  14. 1964 Dodge max wedge

    Where did you find or how did you do a model of a 440 2 door post? Thats a rare car in 1:1 let alone a model..
  15. 1965 Plymouth Fury, A Little Color.

    The air cleaners on the 64 and 65 big blocks had the large ribbed sides..I'll show you on my 64 Convertible..