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  1. I really like how you professional model builders are able to make black interiors look fantastic..Well done..
  2. If you want correct engine paint go to a Mopar dealer and order a bomb of it..One bomb will last you a lidetime..BTW the bottom of the bellhousing is the same color as the rest..
  3. Very nicely done..That tan interior is rare on those cars..Had a friend who had a B7 Hemi Cuda with a tan interior..So called geru Galen Govier said one never existed and said you couldn't order one..Friend copied build sheet and told him where to go and he thinks he knows everything, which he doesn't..Got another friend who had a car authenticized by him twice as being said car..Car started out as 383 Coronet convertible..Your model is excellent but I bet there are a few out there with the same serial # as per your decal..
  4. If it was factory the door panels and back panel would have been white too..
  5. Where can I buy the magazine in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada? would like to have it..
  6. How come there is nothing for Canada..I've asked my local in Winnipeg to inquire but can't find any information..
  7. Did a little in "the Room" tonight(model room name)..Detailed the grill and dash of the 66 Nova and painted valve covers orange to match the motor..Did the hubcaps and then thought of maybe gettint the 63 Impala closer to finish..(car has no rad,firewall,battery and not much under the hood) thought a nice easy build but NOT..Nothing fit after testing fit lots..Finally decieded there will be no firewall as per kit and not much under the hood..Hood will open but stay closed on the shelf or showing..One thing I leared lots tonight was have Patience..NOTHING became airborn and I will go back tomorrow to keep at it..Stay safe out there and healthy and WEAR YOUR MASK..
  8. On a side note at model show..I build box stock and clean..I love to do cars with ugliness or plain looking cars and hang around my entries..I like to hear the comments then walk away..An IPMS show in Winnipeg had a know it all member who said the paint on my car was not like a real car//Too thick and out of scale and the hood wasn't correct for a 64 Dodge..Asked him later on at a different table if he knew anything about cars and he said they run on gas,have four wheels and are trasportation..He's right but he shouldn't be judging an automotive class..Thats IPMS and a different set all together..
  9. I only go to ONE NNL a year and it is run the way one should be..Each participant gets a vote sheet to pick 3 models out of all for prizes..Only one vote for all catagories..It works out great and everyone I know comes out pleased with the results..Sure some of the same win every year but with different models..I know the guys I travel with NEVER bring the same models..Always newer ones..I never win nothing but like meeting good people who do good work and you can have a beer with and get along..Steve Guthmiller is one of them..The show is fair and well run..Unfortunately I couldn't cross border this year for a reason and it wasn't I was being incarcerated..NNL NORTH is the show I'am mentioning and cudos to the Club in Minneapols for running it..Thanks guys and hope to see you next year..
  10. My own personal opinion..I don't mean any bad for anyone on this subject, but it is what I've experience with said Pony..Its a POS..Why anyone would want a model of one is beyond me except for a conversation piece..Where I live they rusted out in 6 months and couldn't get parts, especially if you traveled to USA..Had a friend who had one..Had three weeks holiday and took wife and three kids to Arizona..Waited for parts for week and half in some hick town in Arizona..Came home after fixed and dummy he was, bought another one that was just as bad as the first..A nice rusted out model of one would look normal..Good conversation piece though..Later in life he became our City of Winnipeg Fire Chief..Must have been too much Guiness in the system back then..LOL
  11. Basically the same kit just different style body..Your drab grey sedan looks fantastic..Nice build and I'am sure you 2 dr ht will be the same..
  12. Welcome aboard Jason..I'am too from Canada but Winnipeg Manitoba..I'am spokesperson and chair for Winnipeg Model Car Club..This is a great site and you will see much nice work..Friend from Hawley Mn is one of the best, Steve Guthmiller..He posts lots and progress shots too..Fantastic work..Hope you enjoy it here..If you were on Scale Auto site this seems more progressive and lots of posts daily..
  13. Another suggestion is use a marker on the side of the blade so you can see the blade..Just at the sides of the blade..The blade is chrome and so is the BMF..Color on the side of blade takes away the reflection..
  14. Very nice work on the Satellite/GTX..Is a nice kit but found gluing the front and rear bumpers and rear pan were tough..I molded the front pan on mine and scribed mounting(original) lines on it..Nice kit and will be doing another in either Light Winchester Grey or Tawney Gold..I don't use air gun so have to have paint made at auto paint supplier..(big can worth $27.00, is lots to put out for one model) can't find copies of color from Duplicolor Perfect Match(my go to for auto colors) being in Canada they won't allow aerosols or paint to be shipped across border..Here is a picture of my GTX..Not wanting to crash thread though..
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