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  1. What do you use to paint over chrome headlights on grills to make them kinda look more realistic..I'am not skilled or steady to drill out and insert lenses..Help needed..I tried Tamiya Acrylic Clear flat and it doesn't look too bad..I've heard clear lacquer is good too..Any thoughts or newer ideas?
  2. I'am probably going to get in trouble for this...The way the world is going today every bodys feelings get hurt over the smallest things..If its not politically correct our feelings are hurt..Grow up and be the man/woman you were years ago..Too many snowflakes who want everything to be nice..No competition, just be happy and have fun..If you don't like comments or don't like to be hurt, don't post..I know I will get feed back but thats what the USA and Canada are..Free countries that have freedom of speech and movement..Like it or not, it is what it is..
  3. Very nicely done rendition of the Stealth..There were lots of them on the road but where are they now? you see lots of other oldie Asian tin but no Stealth..They were quick and well built too, just never caught on I guess..
  4. Nice pictures but looks like its going to be another Graveyard Cars type of shop where everything is in the hundred of thousand dollars range..
  5. They have a nice engine and good chrome for anyone getting a 65 Coronet 2 dr post resin body..got one started, all parts fit and match.now all I have to do is paint..
  6. Don't know anything about drift cars but it looks like a short track dirt car..
  7. What do you thin Tamiya Acrylic Bottle paint with if the paint is too thick..Tamiya Thinner or Tamiya Reducer...This for brushing not airbrush...
  8. Although I'am not following the auction a 65 or 66 Chrysler unbuilt in mint box would bring more money, especially a convertible..Had a hardtop (1966) that I sold in our city for $250.00..Guess I got lucky because we don't have that many modelers here in Winnipeg and our city is know to be cheap too..NO one wants to pay big money for anything..
  9. I was able to take parts I needed from a 64 that the guys in our model club were passing around in a 64 Impala box..Got the radiator,firewall and rad hoses..Axles were thin like they used to be..Didn't like the molded in tail lights..Did some body work,removed mold marks and tried to sand the sides but they look like someone did bad body work right from the box..Paint came out good considering it was Krylon clear coated with Duplicolor Acrylic Enamen(tall black can) polished with 2000 then 4000 and finished with Meguiar's Scratch X2.0 and Meguiar's Gold Class Paste..Rod Maskiw did some white wall tire and going to use stock hub caps..Now to finish it..Chrome foil done by the King..
  10. You know while looking at the pictures I didn't look at who posted them..Then I see the chassis upside down and think Hey, thats Dennis Ezmerlian's work..Sure enough..That is one of the nicest completed models of that that I've seen..
  11. That and the 69 SuperBee were the best of that group that Monogram made..Well proportioned.Simple building kits that can be made into tremendous models..You are on your way with yours..Here is one I did many moons ago..
  12. With the off shore plastic its either yes or no..You will find out..Haven't used it with Tamiya Primer, which I think is too thin and doesn't take well to Duplicolor paints which I think are hotter..I use Duplicolor sandable primer on everything and it works good..
  13. Very nice job, but on the real deal it is black..
  14. Looks like a lot of paint on the pink car but after thougouly dry and polish it will look like glass..I was looking for a pink like that and although I don't like Krylon I'am willing to try it..Is it Fusion or just straight Krylon?
  15. Just my own two cents which coming from Canada means my nothing..I think its where the plastic and the kit is designed..Over there they don't know what a proper "E" body Cuda or Challenger should look like..They make the molds and pour the bad plastic we are getting now..
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