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  1. Wow, very nice..That burgundy paint looks like the Pactra N'amel from the sixties..Sure is nice and clean and real retro..
  2. Looks just like it came out of the model factory from one of the model companies..Just another example of what Ezmerlian Customs can do..Dennis is the Foose of model builders..
  3. Looking forward to seeing what you brink..I know it will be spectacular..
  4. Its nice to see the progress on the net because it larger and can see the workmanship put into the car..The work by Steve is unreal..It will be a very nice to see this project complete and on the table at NNL North in May in Bloomington Mn..Excellent progress so far..
  5. When done painting,if you use a coat hanger method, hang it up..Dust lands and doesn't go upward..I've been doing that for years..Hang on a line so the dust doesn't settle..
  6. I like your imagination and your building skills are on top..Very well done even though strange looking..Looks like a car some one would do for World of Wheels show..Nicely thought out..
  7. Here is a 63 Chev I did with Krylon Fusion enamel..Cleared with Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel..Polished with 4000 wet the done with Meguiar's Scratch X2.0 then finished with Meguiar's Gold Class Paste..I was leary of the Krylon because of the bad stuff I've heard..I usually can with Duplicolor Perfect Match..$17.95 can in Canada then clear with the same as described..To me its hit and miss with Krylon..I've bought a Panther Pink look alike I'am going to try on either a Challenger or Duster using the same technique..
  8. Duplicolor sandable primer..Its lacquer based and can virtually shoot anything over it..I've also found Plasticote sandable primer is good too if you can find it, but make sure its got the three number product on the back ex T-235, that tells you its lacquer..
  9. GO AWAY..Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that is a remarkable piece of work..Its almost the real deal..Pit methanol in it and go..FANTASTIC workmanship...
  10. Very nicely done and super clean..Did you can it or airbrush and what paint..The beginning shots in light grey primer make it look tough..Always liked light grey primer but Duplicolor doesn't make the color anymore in sandable primer..Hard to find Plasticote now..
  11. Pretty hard to mess up a MOPAR..They were all nice and still are no matter how done..MOPARS just lend themselves to be "Built" the way you want..Go to it..
  12. Go to a Detroit Diesel dealer and order or a Chrysler dealer and get Chrysler Turquoise(green) engine enamel..The cap will look blue but sprays greenish turquoise..
  13. We call them speed bumps where I live..
  14. I just keep plugging along with what I have and skill I've got..At 71 you don't really develope new skills, you just refine them..Hadn't build much in 25 years and do now(not many) but still enjoy the hobby..When I can't build clean or paint and put too many glue boogers building then I will quit..Rite now its okay..Still enjoy the fumes of paint and glue and plastic..
  15. Looks like you're a pretty good body man..Lots of filler primer(Duplicolor,not tamiya,because of not being think enough) some nice prep and you are good to go..GREAT SAVE BUDDY.
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