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  1. Thanks for the information..going to be a nice model when finished..
  2. Which version of the 57 Chevy is this? Snap kit and where are the wheels from..Nice all over..I hear the snapper is a nice kit but I sure don't like the wheels that come with it..
  3. Looks real good and color and stance are spot on..Very well done and super clean..
  4. Its going to be welcome..I have quite a few Lindberg stock 64 Dodges that can donate seats and engine so no big deal..Can't wait for the sedan.
  5. The stock 2 dr sedan is great, hope you get a proper bench seat and rear seat and a 383/426 wedge engine and stock wheel covers too(dog dish)..Going to be nice for sure..I owned one that was a 6 cyl and was one of many for the Internal Revenue Department..Guy put a 383 manual in it and did a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH job..Worked on it and it was a looker..didn't import them to Canada till 1966..I had the only one (and still is in Manitoba) Looking forward to your model..
  6. For lens you could fill the cavity with white glue(Elmer's or such) build it up..It will dry clear then you've got lens..Not with marking but you have lens//
  7. WOW! look at that shine and low to the ground..Not a fan of wheels like that but they sure suit the build..Very nicely done and super clean too..
  8. Would be nice to see a big block and correct bench seats..
  9. Rumour is a 2 dr post too..Can't wait to do one like I used to own..
  10. Salvino's stuff is real nice..Hopefully they do a Magnum and Mirada that Petty drove..The Mirada was an expermental car..Sure would be nice..
  11. What a beautiful model. Very nicely done and the sectioning job is fantastic.. Still looks stock but isn't..EXCELLENT work..
  12. The 41 Plymouth has got to be one of the UGLIEST cars Mopar ever produced..But seeing more on the sites lately it is starting to look good..May have to build one..This looks good..Like seeing where it is going..I think I still have one but not sure..
  13. A good sanding and good primer like Duplicolor Filler primer sanded before paint would help lots..Good luck with your project..
  14. Before any company makes a new release from beginning to end it needs to be able to make into many different variants..A one of ISN'T going to happen and neither is a "C" body Dodge,Plymouth or Chrysler..Even though the Dodge and Plymouth could be made into police vehicles..
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