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  1. I had a 70 Challenger and maroon bled threw.on white primer..Sprayed with Perfect Match silver the the while and NO bleed threw..Heard that silver stops bleed threw..
  2. Nice work as usual but nicer to see how a light grey primer makes everything look perfect..Dupicolor grey or Perfect Match grey primer..Both pretty much same..Nice work Steve....
  3. Steve, don't lose your mojo..Its tough to get back..Hope all is good in Hawley Mn..
  4. Unfortunately Steve you and the people on this site will know the work you put into your models..Most people will notice nice work but not the finer details like you are doing.Excellent work Steve..Weather must be bad in Hawley Mn lately..LOL
  5. Would make a good funny car body..
  6. Hope you painted the bottom of the interior to match the chassis..something many people forget..Very nice work so far..
  7. Very nicely done and the color keyed package shelf looks good..
  8. I would leave the clear the way it is but maybe polish after a week or two to make sure its hard and dry..Be careful with polishing and don't burn through..Lookin' real good as is though..
  9. The fins on the 59 are canted forward a bit..Big difference in front end and rear end too..
  10. Very nicely done of the Wood Brothers car he drove..Excellent re-creation..
  11. I don't know you from Adam but your work is flawless and I'am sure you will do your Cadillac justice..Very nice work and your paint will come out like glass by the look of your work..Don't give up and take your time..excellent progress and it will be worth your wait..
  12. Your patience and attention to detail is beyond expectations..Lots of concentration is needed and you sure have it..Must be nice to have such good eyesight..
  13. Would be nice and I'll be sure to buy the contest annual..Haven't missed one since 2006..
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