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  1. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic Thought I'd share a few of my slot cars...   

    Some very nice cars, gotta love the ole '55's.
  2. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic Used to be no one would touch a fordor   

    I always like a good looking rod, two or four doors. I like station wagons too, I'm not fussy. Hey, I would like to grab a couple of the old '59 Chevy pickup kits, and bash them into a fourdoor, just for fun. Might even shorten the bed, might not. I don't have a pic, but I recently started combining 2 '67 Camaros together to make a stretched 4-door. It's fun mashing plastic, after all.
  3. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic One-off McLaren MP4-12C based McLaren X-1   

    It's a bit over the top for most people's taste, but I like it. Heck, if you tossed me the keys, I'd have a blast charging around town (obeying traffic laws, lol.).
  4. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic 1950 Ford F-1   

    Great looking truck. If you wanted to get wild, maybe find the twin-scoop Hemi engine from an AMT '53 Studebaker kit. They shouldn't be that hard to find, and I bet it'd all fit under the hood.
  5. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic AMT '50 Chevy Pickup - Doctor Cranky's All-Time Favorite Kit Is Getting Re-Released   

    I have to get one of these. If the only real problem is too many instruction sets, that must mean the rest of the kit is amazing.
  6. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic 1955 Corvette - Noel Parks 150mph Milestone Tribute   

    This is a great idea, and I really like your work. Could you show us the grille opening? It looks like you did some drilling. I wonder if the Revell '53 would work for this kind of project?
  7. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic Re-issue of the Johan '59 Rambler wagon coming from Model King / IMC   

    I have one of these from the last release. To my eyes it does look 1/25th scale, the only complaint I have about it is that the glass is tinted light green. Not unusable for a custom, but I wanted to make a fire chief's ride, so am planning to make my own. The thing that has stopped me, is that the roof, which I painted white, has turned to an off-white color. Not sure how to fix this, except maybe paint the roof to match the body (or maybe paint the roof black, just to be done w/it). Any opinions on this would be helpful.
  8. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic 1957 Chevy Belair   

    Very cool '57. I love the rake you gave the model, and that blue is just perfect.
  9. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic testors lacquer vs. tamiya spray paint   

    Mike, that's one fantastic '49 Merc. I have an online photo album I started a while ago, I've collected pix of dozens of Revell '49ers. I would love to add yours to the album, what do you think?

    '49 Merc album
  10. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic 40 ford vintage drag car   

    Two nice cars; the Ford is just awesome! My only concern would be if it crashed.
  11. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic Looking for HO G Plus chassis   

    Hi, Big Daddy; it's obvious you work with HO slot cars. Could you show us anything you have? Do you have a permanent track setup? In the early '80's I had a 4' by 7' AFX track in my living room, with my wife's blessing. I started building scenery, and had a blast with the set. One of these days, when I regain control of my basement, I want to build another track. Always thought this was a neat hobby, even though it's hard to find cars and parts now.
  12. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic What do you think?   

    I think it looks ready to pounce. I am curious, are the wheelie bars that long for looks or for function?
  13. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic some of my rides   

    Two very nice Camaros. Are they 1/25th?
  14. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic Monogram Chaparral 2d   

    What a super looking Chap! I hope the guy you built if for appreciates it.
  15. nascarfan12 added a post in a topic 1960 Impala drag car   

    Bodacious! I love this so far, and I think you've picked out an awesome paint scheme.