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  1. Great job ! If I may ask, what color/brand did you use for the body ?
  2. Mark,

     Thank you very much for your offer, however I'm looking for the stock from the kit parts.


    Pete L.

  3. Fellas, Looking for grille/bumper and rear bumpers as well as glass... Thank you
  4. Great job on both of the builds. I always liked the Listers, I hope to put together a slot car soon based on an ASB car.
  5. Mike, Thanks for the post, really great photos and info on a kit I always wanted but never had !
  6. Great job, super clean build ! Too bad GM stopped building the El Caminos...
  7. Great job, you really captured the era !!!
  8. Great job, I especially like the interior !!!
  9. I like the fact that the windshield wipers are separate parts and that the tach is pre drilled...
  10. I always get a kick out of those homebuilt sports cars, there are a few websites that feature them. What a great idea !!!
  11. I'm impressed with the line-up of kits for this month. The El Camino is one I'd like to get as well as the '40 Sedan. I've never owned a kit of the TIGER SHARK so that'll probably be coming home soon as well...in fact the SCOUT and the Wild Wheels will be on that list too !
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