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  1. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    65slotcar, Thanks for the info, I'll have to decide which decals to consider when I get going !
  2. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    Yes, the exact same trailer. I had the original kit back in the day. See the Casey post above. Pete L.
  3. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    I'm pretty sure that the double axle trailer can be turned into the pictured with the Allen Grant car quite easily. Revell's Ford pick-up of that era can be used instead of the AMT pick-up. Beside the numbers and the black stripes though, I just wouldn't know where to get those Coventry Motors decals ?
  4. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    Really cool decal sheet...one small gripe though. I'd like to have seen them restore the Halibrand wheels that the Cobra kit original came with. Also, it must have taken some doing to get the rights to make the Shelby American decals... Cobraman, thanks very much for the review !!!
  5. 39 Chevy bomb

    Super job ! Opening panels seems to be a lost art these days !!!
  6. Just the one this year...

    Great work, a real beauty !!!
  7. My 11 builds for 2017

    Nice work, most inspirational !!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Vintage Revell Parts Packs -complete set

    RRR, Revell should reissue the parts packs as complete kits much like they did in the past...chassis, motor, chassis, body. What's the hard part, they've been reissuing the same '55 Chevys for well over 50 years ???
  9. "Yellow Jacket" Ford Competition Roadster

    Great job on one of my all time favorite kits AND subject matter, old Monogram kits !!!! Thanks for the great pics, very inspirational !
  10. AMT 32 Ford sedan-from double kit

    Great job on the restoration, super color choice, and what a difference those Monogram wheels/tires make ! Thanks for sharing !
  11. Monogram Sport Coupe Restoration

    Great job on one of my all time favorite Monogram kits !
  12. 'A' Mod: '29 Model A track style modified

    Great job, really cool build !!!
  13. I built Revell's '56 Chevy when I was a kid in the '60's, it was probably the first release and as I recall it seemed pretty easily built. I had their '55 and built it as a gasser with the wheel wells hogged out like the cover photo, painted it metallic burgundy with the chrome reversed wheels all around. I don't remember how ell that went together though. I always shied away from Revell's 1957 Chevy however because IMHO, I feel that the front AND rear bumpers were oversized and seemed somewhat out of scale. AMT's "57 I built as a custom "back in the day" and got 3rd place trophy (probably kid's class) at a Woolworth's Model Car Contest ! My big sister helped me spray paint it and there was black overspray everywhere ! I remember leaving everything but the body in unpainted white styrene and using the felt sticky backed paper included in the kit for the interior ! Lot's of memories in those AMT/Round 2 1957 Chevy boxes ...
  14. Sharpies for detailing?

    Fellas, Great info, I've got a slew of Sharpies but never thought of using them for model car trim !
  15. Weird “Deals” on eBay

    Fellas, It's a scam, trust me. Out of curiosity I bought one and immediately E-bay notified me that the item was no longer available and that Paypal would be returning my monies...