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  1. Great job, it really captures the era to a "T" , thanks for sharing !!!
  2. IMHO, I would take a look at the old style Monogram kits for parts, they seem to be a much larger scale than 1/24. I referring to kits such as the BLACK WIDOW, the GREEN HORNET.
  3. The chrome tree from the Impala has the "Mystery Motor" factory headers included, really cool IMHO !
  4. Glad to see the 1/32 FORD Coupe, the Chopper and the Modified Stocker, as well as the Wildcat released....the only one of this group I have/had was the Stocker. I'll be looking for all of them !
  5. Vamach 1, Thank you for you offer, but I received the covers from Gary.
  6. Folks, I'm looking for a pair of IMC Ford GT headlight covers that came in this kit.
  7. I wonder if the Pace Car/Convertible will ever be reissued...
  8. Dave, Thanks for the info on the previously welded up parts now in the Mustang kit !!!!! TY, Pete L.
  9. Has anyone ever built an older GN car using one of the Modified Stocker kits but utilizing a stock body ? A wheel and tire change would also be in order. I've been planning (years) to do a GN '69 Torino and a GN '64 FORD Galaxie using the method above. I'm a very slow builder so it could very well take some time...
  10. Great job ! If I may ask, what color/brand did you use for the body ?
  11. Mark,

     Thank you very much for your offer, however I'm looking for the stock from the kit parts.


    Pete L.

  12. Fellas, Looking for grille/bumper and rear bumpers as well as glass... Thank you
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