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  1. Great start, looking forward to seeing this one come along
  2. Thank you CT, my family and I are clear of them being in the City here. At one point we had 3 fires within 4 to 40 miles of us, day time was like evening for a few days with smoke being so bad. I appreciate the concern my friend
  3. Beautiful build, I enjoyed watching this one come together in the WIP section, your attention to detail and making this all come together as it has, out of this world!
  4. Sometime this weekend I'll post some pics of some various flocking I've done so you can see the outcome, in my signature, take a look at the 59 Impalas link, there is a shot of the conv. interior pan showing purple flocking over purple paint, not sure if there is a clear shot of the hardtops floor, that tub was sprayed in pearl white, for the black flocking I brushed on flat black paint, then used model master clear coat, brushed that down for the flocking.
  5. Project is looking great, like the detail and all the work going into this!
  6. Looking good, I've got a few of these I'm looking forward to building soon!
  7. The amount of detail and work is awesome, been great following this along!
  8. Very cool start! Look forward to following this one thru!
  9. Came out looking really good! Actually reminds of a similar year Dodge truck a neighbor had when I was kid, would see it everyday walking to and from school.
  10. I've had good luck with flocking, I paint a base color down similar to the flocking color, then either use a white glue reduction or bottled clear I can brush on for flocking. In this case I would have painted, either taped off and sprayed or brushed the floor pan flat black, then flocked over.
  11. Yes, it is growing on me! Yeah, hopefully it will look very similar to the 1:1 he had in the pic above in initial thread. Here is the color I got made up
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