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  1. That sounds like some truck right there and I can only imagine the ride would be a bit ruff! Bet it was very unique rolling down the road though! Nice, sounds like it will be a great project, if you have a thread on it I'll be checking it out for sure! I need to do some looking at this frame and suspension as well, get it down a little as well!
  2. Haha...yeah we had some good times messing with these models back in the day and here we are now putting out some decent builds! She is having fun with it! Bell and I were just talking about getting some bench time in tonight after dinner and homework. She is enjoying the hobby for now, hopefully it sticks!
  3. Sweet build, like the color combinations
  4. Good looking build, I've been kicking around doing one of these, think I'll tackle one, like the build out!
  5. Like the way this coming along, getting some great ideas for a pair of 49's I've been tinkering with, great work!
  6. Thank you and yes, me too! The 59's were painted and foiled back in 1998 or so when I was about 18, time to get them done!
  7. Getting a little work in on the purple convertible, working on the interior at the moment. The foiling on the seats is no joke, I had it looking decent but there was enough I didn't like so I pulled it off and resprayed the seat, will be tackling it again this weekend!
  8. Started working on an AMT 53 Ford Pickup about a week ago, have seen a lot of nice builds and always wanted to get one going. Doing all the basics right now, soaked the body and main parts in some dawn and water, scrubbed the stuff down, scribed out the doors, vent and windshield. Removed the door handles, locks and filling in the gas filling area. Also smoothed out the running boards, have them glazed with some Evercoat at the moment. Looking at the chassis and stance at the moment, started assembling the engine. My goal is build a nice 60's style cruiser out of this. I've also been posting a bit more on my Instagram, if anyone is there feel free to drop in at qstick99
  9. Thank you, we appreciate the kind comments. She is having fun, we did a little work last night on her little truck and hopefully get some more in over the weekend and post some updates!
  10. Thank you Claude, its a blast working on them with her, my son isn't as into the cars and stuff as she is, he will go look around but doesn't have much drive, figure if he comes around one day, it'll be there. She is all excited about the NNL West coming up then we are looking to attend the West Koast Kustoms car show in May down in Santa Maria. I'm working today but left her set up do clean up and get some work done on her 34, I tell her, don't rush, take you time. The clean up and prep is so much of the outcome, when I was younger I just loved painting, seeing things come to life but often rushed the clean up process. I have a few 49 Fords I actually pulled out that were started way back in 96 or so, was looking at the scribe work and other clean up..shaken my head lol. I took now and started cleaning them up and now have two solid 49's to work with, enjoy that clean up now, makes all the difference!
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