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  1. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Revell 49' Merc(s)   

    Thank you guys, appreciate the kind words!
  2. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Revell 49' Merc(s)   

    Thank you Jason, the green one unfortunately will be taken down, the gold one came out pretty good, going to take a little color sanding and polishing but should be solid
  3. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Rooster's 40 Ford   

    Really liking this, great choice in color!
  4. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Revell 49' Merc(s)   

  5. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Revell 49' Merc(s)   

    Here are some pics of the 2nd Merc now.  This one was cleaned up, sprayed first with some Custom Shop Grey Sealer/Primer, love this stuff, covers fast, pretty easy to work with and did not have much at all pop through.  I actually shot a few coats of HOK Snow White Pearl base over the grey to see how it would cover and if anything was going to pop while I was spraying some interior pieces.  All looked well, interior pieces came out great, the HOK Pearl White gives that nice pearl white Naugahyde look.  The plan was to try some HOK Candy Pagan Gold on this one.  A friend of ours had shot some of this and said it was a bit translucent, similar to the urethane would be and taking a number of coats to cover depending on your base.  What I did was started with HOK Zenith Gold base as you would use for a urethane candy and it worked out really well!  The Zenith gold laid out nicely as did the Pagan Gold.  Everything was then covered with some Matrix clear.

  6. speedy5963 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell 49' Merc(s)
    Started working on a couple of Mercs, initially I was going to build leaving the body as is and build another with some minor changes.  While painting the first one some mold lines popped and the last coat of urethane went on a little heavy in a few spots so I'll be doing some extra work and re-painting soon.  Luckily I had the second body in process, cleaning mold lines etc and was able to work on it some while having a couple of days off.  Below are some pictures from the last couple of days.  The green one started out with some grey sealer, then I laid down some HOK Planet Green base followed by HOK Organic Green Urethane.  I love spraying the urethane candies but they do go on a bit thicker than the newer basecoat candies and I was using an older gun, it sprayed very nice but I haven't used this gun probably since 1995 or so, older full sized spray gun so it puts out a lot more material than the Sata touch up guns I've been using for the past 20 years. 

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  7. speedy5963 added a post in a topic 30 Ford chopped coupe   

    great start here, look forward to following along!
  8. speedy5963 added a post in a topic 1948 Ford Coupe turned Custom Pickup   

    Very cool!
  9. speedy5963 added a post in a topic AMT 1949 Fords   

    For the 2nd attempt at this I am pretty happy, could have been a bit better and a lot worse lol:

  10. speedy5963 added a post in a topic AMT 1949 Fords   

    Few more pics as the progress is coming along, put down some black flocking for carpet and for the package tray.

  11. speedy5963 added a post in a topic AMT 1949 Fords   

    Second attempt on the seat cover/blanket.  Was not happy with the 1st

  12. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Eric Goodrich`s:: "IRON LUNG" - On the Workbench 2/8/16   

    incredible work John!
  13. speedy5963 added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited 47 Chevy Custom Update 03/31/16   

    Nice work, really like the looks of this build and how it is coming along
  14. speedy5963 added a post in a topic 68' Dodge Charger......my first build   

    Great start!
  15. speedy5963 added a post in a topic AMT 1949 Fords   

    Thank you Rob, Chris and everyone!  I've been having some fun with one of the 49's this evening.  Stole Mooneyzs (Chris') idea for a seat, the mexican blanket idea for a seat.  Credit to Chris, that is a bit of work.  Not so happy with the first attempt, will probably start another one tonight or tomorrow but for the first attempt it did not come out bad and once in the car you don't see as much of the flaws.  My wife had brought back a few of these blankets from her last visit to LA and Mexico so I was looking at the colors and patterns.  What I've done for the front end here, so years ago, I want to say probably back in 1990 or so when I was about 12 I built a 49, was a pretty basic build from the box but the front end idea came from a drawing in an old Rod n Custom magazine.  Used the front custom pan but rather than using one of the custom grills, I actually used the stock grill.  The bumper has been cut off to make it fit with the custom pan.  For the hood the choice was to either use the custom hood and round out the front to fit with the stock grill or use the stock hood, just smooth it all out, I went with option number 2, stock hood smoothed out.  Long ways to go but here is where I am for now: