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  1. Looking good, like the cooor combo and wheels!
  2. Good looking project! I love these 36 kits, can’t have enough, I’ve been purchasing them for years back to the original AMTs. I’ve only built one of the Revell kits but love it!
  3. Very nice build, like what you did and the color combo really looks good
  4. Thank you all, was going to spray it yesterday and saw few things I want to clean up a little more, should have some more work in on it today and tomorrow, start getting the flocking down and interior together and some work on the engine and chassis!
  5. Good looking build, I have a lot of ideas myself for a few these!
  6. Good morning, yes I tend to use a lot of HOK and other basecoats for chassis, engine and interior parts. Tend to purchase by the quart so it goes a long ways and with the bases being it is only mixed with reducer, what isn't used does not get wasted. I like to use the snow white pearl on a lot of 60's style custom interiors, gives that pearl white Naugahyde look.
  7. Thanks for following along guys, really just looking for a fun build out of this, not looking for anything crazy but I think it will make for a nice build, so far I'm still sitting on Gold/Yellow or Orange for color although blue has also crossed my mind. assuming all goes well with some clean up and stuff, the body will get sprayed and cleared tomorrow hopefully! I'm really considering rally wheels, I like 5 spoke mags but I've used those on a number builds, old school Craigers wouldn't be a bad choice either, we'll see.
  8. Got some more clean up and spraying today. Hit a lot of parts with HOK Jet Black. Will act as a good base as well as satin back for some chassis and interior pieces.
  9. What's good everyone, been a good minute since I've posted on here, work, pool (billiards) league picked up along with everything else and I've had zero bench time in. Bell has been bugging me to help her with her projects, then I came down with Covid which luckily I'm at the tail end of so rather than picking up with some of the older/long term projects I wanted to try and knock something out, for the most part box stock just to get some motivation going and see something get completed. Chose to go with a nice muscle car, love these Nova's and with the kits out there, I believe you can build a pretty nice one with out much modifications. I started cleaning some parts up, getting some of the basics together. The one in the picture is more or less what I'm aiming for, not sure if I'll go with a gold or an orange but as of now I'm thinking something down those lines. Hoping this will be a fun build and get me going again!
  10. Thank you! The colors do pop on the 59's! Thank you very much! Been some busy times with work and life, then came down with Covid which I'm at the tail end of so hoping to make some time to jump back on some models, Bell has been bugging me to clear some space and help her with hers too!
  11. Thank you for the comments, hopefully get back on these here soon, the orangish gold one is Kandy Pagan Gold over Nova Orange Base - House of Kolors material
  12. Thank you all for the comments, I really need to jump back on this thing, I'm not looking to do too much more than get this to hopefully come together well, the reference pics I have are the best I have and my friend was very small and has no recollection of the car so I'm just going off those pics, I believe it did have the stripes, hard to see in pics of the pic but you can slightly see them. I do want to build another one of these down the road, really clean it up into a nice street car but, we'll see if we can get through this one build! Good looking build above as well and no worries on posting pics, always welcome!
  13. Sweet build CT! Lot of plastic work in this and it looks awesome, love the stance and style as well. The color really pops with the chrome caps and whitewalls, right up my alley! Your builds are always top notch, pops, Bell and myself always enjoy watching your postings!
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