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  1. Thank you everyone for the kind words, hopefully this weekend we will get some updates posted on her Joker Mobile, she is having a blast with that one!
  2. Bella said to thank you guys for the kind comments. She has that “post show motivation” so we will try to keep it going and dive back into her joker mobile next. Appreciate all the comments 🙏
  3. Beautiful build, love the detail in this!
  4. How's it going everyone, Bell got through about 90% of the build to get it over to the NNL West, had a few fitting issues and things she will go back and adjust but overall, great looking model. She had a blast at the show, I'll get a few more pics up later but here are a few of her wrapping up the model and of it at the show.
  5. Little bit of more body work and cleaning/scribing etc. working on extending that body line where I removed the corvette emblem. I like to tape off the surrounding areas and keep the filler as minimal as possible
  6. speedy5963

    57 Chevy

    Good looking build!
  7. Looks killer Gary, love the paint job and build overall!!
  8. This build is looking really good, great detail!
  9. Nice! It is coming along, hopefully get some updated pics posted over the weekend
  10. Very cool build, I have yet to even start a project like this but hope to soon!
  11. Beautiful build, I'm looking forward to building one of these myself!
  12. Great look! That is the stance right there!
  13. Build is looking really good, like that color on that truck!
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