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  1. Liking the looks of this, looking forward to following
  2. Thank you, it is the actual AMC color, it's quite nice
  3. Thank you, we are trying to tie in the colors to fit the Joker! Thank you, this is definitely a fun project! Thank you! Thank you!! Haha, yes, it happened I had the week off between Christmas and New Years so we hammered out some painting, not everyday was paint worthy but having a few, cant complain for December Yes, that is what I am realizing! She saw the kit at Hobby Lobby one day, I'm the bug Joker fan but hadn't given much thought to the kit, it's been fun and she is having a blast with it!
  4. Thank you, Bell is very fortunate to have her grandfather who paints cars and myself to teach her, I started spraying at an early age myself, she is getting there, one project at a time with a little help ? Hey Buddy, yes things are pretty bad here in California, I think I had me toned in early August Bell and June both had covid, very mild and have been fine as of now, just learned another family member has it, just keeps spreading...aside from all that, things are good, enjoying the bench time with Bell and my father. Bell has a good start on the Joker car, that is fun, different! Glad you are well my friend, how are your projects coming along? Appreciate the kind comments Steve and on a very similar note, I have a 20 year old (step) daughter I've raised since she was 2! Her mother and I have since divorced but we are all still family and I am "dad" to her daughter. It's great having Bell pick up interest in the real cars and models, its ignited my interest back in the hobby for sure! We'll be looking to keep our projects updated here more often, check out Bells Joker car if you get a chance. That is a fun one!!
  5. Very cool, lot of work going into your project! Look forward to seeing it come together!
  6. Thank you all for thr comments, it's a fun build! We got some paolint work done on the interior today, the interior pan we shot with the pearl green and the seats are pearl white.
  7. We will get some better pics posted later, hopefully get some work in on the interior this afternoon!
  8. What's good all, while we were waiting to get some time to paint a few last pieces for my daughter's 34 Ford Pickup, she saw the old MPC Joker car and wanted to do something with it, I've not seen too many completed but we figured we would put a nice little twist on one, will follow suite with the traditional Joker colors, but liven it up a little We used HOK Passion Purple for the lower body and HOK Limetime Pearl for the roof and decklid, overall it came out really good, working on the rest of it as well...Enjoy the pics.
  9. What's good all, finally got some solid time in on the Gremlin, got a lot of paint work done and will be working on assembly now...
  10. Thank you guys! The nomad is a friend of ours here locally, beautiful car! How is all CT, hope the things have been well, we finally got the last few pieces sprayed for the pickup over the past few days so Bell and I will be working on finishing her build! In the process she started another project, the old MPC Joker car, I have not seen too many done, this one is going to be cool, think you will like it, we will post some pics up here shortly! And thank you for the comments, Bell is a wonderful kid, brings a lot of joy to the family for sure!
  11. Good looking build, love the color!
  12. We finally got a little bench time in this afternoon, cleaned up chassis parts and got some painting in, hopefully this evening we can do some assembling! Bell been super excited to get back to the models. Her interest in models and 1:1 cars is growing by thr day
  13. Great start, looking forward to seeing this one come along
  14. Thank you CT, my family and I are clear of them being in the City here. At one point we had 3 fires within 4 to 40 miles of us, day time was like evening for a few days with smoke being so bad. I appreciate the concern my friend
  15. Beautiful build, I enjoyed watching this one come together in the WIP section, your attention to detail and making this all come together as it has, out of this world!
  16. Sometime this weekend I'll post some pics of some various flocking I've done so you can see the outcome, in my signature, take a look at the 59 Impalas link, there is a shot of the conv. interior pan showing purple flocking over purple paint, not sure if there is a clear shot of the hardtops floor, that tub was sprayed in pearl white, for the black flocking I brushed on flat black paint, then used model master clear coat, brushed that down for the flocking.
  17. Project is looking great, like the detail and all the work going into this!
  18. Looking good, I've got a few of these I'm looking forward to building soon!
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