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  1. That is one gorgeous ride. Very well done!
  2. Workin on three years. Just as I get the fire back it leaves again. Huh
  3. My LHS has the Petty car in stock and it's been there forever. Other than that I hav seen a NASCAR kit in stores in years.
  4. My condolences to the muscle car. Electric cars scare me.
  5. That's gorgeous. Very nice job.
  6. Gotta appreciate the Earnhardt pieces. Great work!
  7. I believe the word we are looking for is DOWNFORCE lol. Those are great.
  8. That's...original. Nice job though.
  9. I saw a Prius on the road with what I thought was a winch! You can imagine the thoughts I had. It turns the Prius was a tow car for a motorhome.
  10. Several years back when I was married, my EX's nephew decided that after I was done building a P51 mustang, he decided that he wanted to know if it could actually fly. Did I mention this was my EX's nephew. Oh how mad I was.
  11. +1 on the Elmer's white glue. It dries clear and you can clean off excess easily. It's also fun to pickoff your fingers . The kid in me shines through.
  12. I love the flat/matte black on green. Beautiful.
  13. I've looked everywhere and have not been able to find appropriate humidity levels for painting and priming a model. I know a ton of sanding and body prep needs done before anything is sprayed but I haven't found anything to do with appropriate levels. I live in central Oregon and have been having between 40-60% during the day. I only use rattle cans for both. Would this work if there is no wind? Any and all help is appreciated.
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