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  1. TomA added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    Agree, same to you and your John and to all the members and their families.
    Have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. TomA added a post in a topic Tale of two Chevy's   

    That's a nice pair of Chevy's Bernie! Love the colours. I must agree with the Testers One coat purple and the white being easy to use. I used them on a '49 Ford and they looked nice.
    And you say these aren't finished yet? Nice job mate.
  3. TomA added a post in a topic Real or Model #154 FINISHED!   

    I'm for REAL!
  4. TomA added a post in a topic 1960 impala Mild Custom -   

    Very nice build. Love these Chevys and yours is a lovely custom treatment.
  5. TomA added a post in a topic Olds Aero Tech   

    Nice job, looks really sweet!
    I find the pins with the ball on the top, like you get in new shirts, are softer than regular straight pins and bend well with care.
  6. TomA added a post in a topic Hello   

    Hi Andre and welcome. Looking forward to seeing the GTX. My dream has always been to own a model shop too. Got close once. I was going to buy an established, model shop....had the finance and all. Owner ended up selling to his no-hoper son for a fraction of what it was worth. He let it run down and closed it down. Bloody shame!

    Anyhow enjoy your stay.
  7. TomA added a post in a topic This is what's it's all about!!   

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! It's good to see the kids enjoying themselves and bloody great to see the girls in there as well.
    Look at the smiles on their faces ands so proud of what they have done.

    I love it!
  8. TomA added a post in a topic 26 Ford T Sedan/Sedan delivery   

    Looking good Rudy. Love the wide whites on the skinnies! These things looks so good and the top chop is about just right!
    Lime-gold with metalflake sounds good, especially sporting the surfboard! Keep it up man. Looking forward to seeing it come to life!
  9. TomA added a post in a topic First model in almost 13 years   

    Firstly welcome aboard and I hope you call it home for a while.
    That's a nice looking Pete you have put together there. Keep 'em comin' mate.
  10. TomA added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    Let's see....left school at 15 1/2 years old and joined the Royal Australian Navy. Spent 20 years serving my country in the navy as a communications technician. Left the navy and didn't stray far, as I have been employed as a Training Specialist and designer since then at the dockyard in Melbourne, Australia. We design courses for RAN personnel for the ships we build here. The latest project is the LHD that we are building in partnership with Navantia in Spain.
  11. TomA added a post in a topic '30 Ford 5-window coupe - Chopped and Channeled   

    It's coming on well Bernard. Has the right look already with the chop'n'channel....and loooove those steelies, baby moons and trim rings!
  12. TomA added a post in a topic '32 Ford Victoria Street Rod   

    Nice work Don! I like this '32 Vicky. I must admit, with the camera work, it looked lik a 1:1 job to me too. A tribute to your work with the model and the camera mate!
  13. TomA added a post in a topic Gold Rush   

    That's a beautiful Merc Tommy, bloody beautiful! Everything looks just right; the colour, the louvres in the bonnet, the wheels, the black decals, the grille, the huge exhaust tips, all of it man!
    BTW, how did you do the louvres?
    Cheers, Tom.
  14. TomA added a post in a topic What A Day !!   

    Stop it Ernie, STOP IT! I need to take a breath! Sorry brother but I am in stitches with laughter here! All at your expense. Sorry man. Hope you are okay and there is no lasting injuries. No doubt you won't be able to afford a new model or two for a while whilst you make it up to the missus fo the carpet.

    They are precious the little grandkids, aren't they? I have four grand daughters and a grandson, all between 2 and 11 years of age. I think most of them think I'm a silly old bugger but they love coming to visit the wife and I. I wouldn't change any of them for the world and I love those precious moments that you have with them. They really make me laugh at times, and I think I make them laugh also.

    Hope the dogs aren't scarred for life mate! Maybe they like being green!

    Cheers and thanks for the laugh Ernie. I hope tomorrow is a better day!
  15. TomA added a post in a topic Mint Julep   

    Nice work on this one! Old world beauty in a, what seems at first, simple package. Very clean build of a slightly different subject. Well done!