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  1. Beautiful work! That new and improved wind screen looks great, fabulous work Ian!
  2. Hello, my first post here. I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's, thought I'd share my current WIP. 16th scale Revellution F/C, hope you enjoy.
  3. You can get pretty good decals from John, email specialappearancedecals@yahoo.com He used to sell on EBay, but now selling direct.. I've got som, haven't used, but look great, good color.. Have fun
  4. This sounds great to me! I've just signed in and am brand new at this site, but had built drag models for some time. Have been out of it for some years now, but just might jump back in to join this 'lil challenge. Have had some ideas for some time now, and have collected some great oldies to build. Stay tuned for more.
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